16 Jan 2012

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Posted 16 Jan 2012 16:43
Last edited 16 Jan 2012 22:45
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Come Lay Down With Me [clean]

First upload of 2012. Im actually pretty happy about how this one turned out. He has wings but I thought i might upload this version first cause I liked it better....say for the far leg This character is a Black Wolf Demon/Vampire mix (for any who ask, the crotch looks weird cause this used to be a mature picture but for this site I changed it because I really liked the face more than the privates. And yes there is a Mature version to be uploaded later.) Art (c) Killerwolf1020

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Baelfor 2 years ago 0
Can't see the image...not even after clicking on the "broken image/thumbnail" button :S
Killerwolf1020 2 years ago 0
It should be fixed now. Thank you for alerting me ^^
Baelfor 2 years ago 0
You're welcome ;3

and a bit surprsing for me...that's now the pic being showd before fixing, but surprisingly good =)

Nice work there
Killerwolf1020 2 years ago 0
GrammarshineHyena 2 years ago 0
Ooh, his face is cute! >3<
What is he, though? a wolf? Why has he three tails?
Killerwolf1020 2 years ago 0
Thankies. He is a Wolf demon, three tails because Im the artist and if i want it there it goes there.