17 Jan 2012

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Posted 17 Jan 2012 07:03
Last edited 17 Jan 2012 07:04
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Busty Babe

BEWBIES. That is all.

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Adrian Sheppard 2 years ago 0
Awww!! Beautiful kitty!:)
Yuuki Darkwater 2 years ago 0
Very sexy.
SMWolf 2 years ago 0
Very nice, and you did not just hang a pair of beach balls on her chest.
Miyuki 2 years ago 0
Why, thank you :3
Actually, this piece was supposed to center on her eyes, because I was testing out a new style for myself, and they turned out amazing! Unfortunately, the original looks better than the digital (my scanner isn't that great).
I ended up accidentally making the breasts too big, and I never bothered to fix it. X3
SMWolf 2 years ago 0
I think that you also did a great job on her eyes. I limited myself to comments about her breasts because of the title, and I should not have done so. It is an excellent piece by any standard. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork in the future.

Arnold The Wolf 2 years ago 0
I thought I saw a nipple.
Miyuki 2 years ago 0
In all honesty, I think that's a smudge and the scanner picked it up. XD
Arnold The Wolf 2 years ago 0
*gets off of her, cum dripping* Huh?