18 Jan 2012

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Posted 18 Jan 2012 05:39
Last edited 27 Feb 2012 15:37
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Insert Speech Here

#1 of Sketches

Random screenshot of Fang and Fenris debating with a Rival pack about something. I don't know what kind of dialogue will be going on here but if anyone is willing to give me some ideas go a head and give em to me. BUT keep in mind Fenris, the wolf in the back, does NOT talk. So he will not be having any dialogue

Art, characters & story (c) Killerwolf1020

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invisibleBear 2 years ago 0
Fang: "Fenris, why don't you ever say anything?"

Fenris: "..................."
Killerwolf1020 2 years ago 0
Sorry not as serious as i wanted to be, i did want an air of sarcasm in there but thanks for the suggestion
Killerwolf1020 2 years ago 0
Not really what i was looking for but thanks for trying to help ^^
invisibleBear 2 years ago 0
Fang & Fenris watch over the horizon after sunset, keeping an eye out for the enemy or dinner. A twig snap not too fasr from their location.

Fang: "Fenris, I believe we have company. Stay here while I check it out." *Leaves Fenris after getting a ok nod from Fenris*

(Let me now if you wish me to continue....)