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Zero's the Unsung Hero - Part One - Intro - Seemingly Harmless IT Technicians and a War on Red Team



Not sure why it's here really, I guess just to say that this is a parallel story to "Rooftops" by cha0s, from my fursona's point of view, and the stories will intersect, and some will be different at alot of points.  Of course, we do indeed talk to each other during the making in real life, as he is my good friend.  The main character reflects me in some extreme ways, and other in very specific ways, and still in some ways we can be polar opposites.  Anyways, I know sometimes our stories may contradict, but bear with me, it's two people and two stories.  Most accounts of an event with more than one account will contradict.  This is one of them.  But, you can read either one first and still get the story.  Hope you enjoy.


"Mr Visaris, please come to the principals office, Mr. Visaris, please come to the principals office."  Alec groaned loudly and slowly left the computer lab.  He stepped into the cold winter air to venture across campus to the principals office.  A gust of wind blew through, and the tall grey wolf brought his brown trench coat higher to his neck. "Man, cold ain't bad but wind freaking sucks," stated Alec.  Another gust and he buried his blue tipped ears in his thick black blue tipped medium length shaggy hair.  His cold steel eyes looked ahead through his glasses as they fogged, and he finally made it to his boss's office building.  "Hey Alice," he greeted the secretary with a smile, "Is Steve open? He just called me but is he in a meeting now?"  "No, he just got back from the snack machines though," said the frail lady in the desk at the entrance of the building.

"Hey Steve, the hell ya need now?" Alec asked as he entered the office.  The principal, a short and stocky human with "thinning" grey hair, was sitting at his desk with a bag of puffy cheetos and cheese over everything,.  "My keyboard won't work, can you fix it?"  "I can try," was Alec's reply as he walked behind the desk and grabbed the mouse.  He closed out the sixteen different porn sites the principal had open, and asked, "What were you doing just before it stopped?"  "I was trying to make my new webcam work, so I went to this weird thing and did some stuff and got it to work but then the keyboard stopped working." Alec sighed and went to the device manager.  He went to the keyboard section and saw that Steve uninstalled it.  "How the hell did you do that?  You can barely even open the internet on your own yet you can do this?  That's a new record man!  Congrats!"  Alec simply huffed and tried reinstalling the driver, only to realise that the password to the administrator account was changed.  He opened the on-screen keyboard and tried the old password, "Alaska is cold".  To his surprise, it didn't work.
"Steve, what's the new password?"
 "Either 26 ones or 32 ones.  Maybe more."
"Steve, why would you do that?"
"I thought one of those troublemaker kids tried blocking some porn sites to annoy me so I    changed it.  Pretty smart huh?"
"No.  It's not."
Alec logged into his own account, and installed the driver, saying "There.  Should work now."  "Thanks Alec, and oh, by the way, we're deducting you pay again.  we need it for more... important... things..."  "Found a new porn site or something?  You know what, you do this every week, hell, I work freaking all weekend because you haven't payed me once in my two years here!  Every month has been the same thing, 'We're docking you're pay again, hope you still wanna waste your life here!'  You know what?  Screw you, you lazy human."  Alec removed on of his .45's from the holster.  "Screw it all!" he screamed as he fired three shots into the screen.  "We're deducting that from your pay as well."  "I'll be back in a minute."  With that, Alec stormed out the room.  Steve ran into the bathroom because the gunshots made him have the need to empty his bladder.
Alec stormed out to his black 1970's Ford F-350 with 30 inch tires, custom suspension and a P-51 Mustang plane engine resting in the hood. He started the engine and pulled over to the back of the principals office.  He backed up one hundred yards and floored it.  In under three seconds, the engine put him at almost two thousand horsepower, and for his truck, that meant seventy miles an hour.  He smashed into the wall obliterating Steve's office.  As he crushed the desk, papers flew everywhere, and a resignation form landed on his windshield.  Alec stepped out the truck grabbing the paper.  He filled it out in it's entirety, and in the spaces he couldn't fill in, he wrote "Screw Principal Steve."  The principal stepped out the bathroom at the sound of the collapsing wall and screamed, "Why the hell would you do that?  You could have kil-", shouted Steve, but he was cut off as Alec raised the form and a stapler and stapled his his form to his old boss's forehead.  "Good luck and godspeed finding someone to fit you needs," Alec simply stated as he jumped in his truck.  Standing there dumbfounded, Steve could only think of saying, "Alice!  Call the maintenance crew.  Oh yeah, and get the nurse for me will ya?"


On the way home, Alec passed by a large building with a lone fox standing on top.  What's he doing?  Alec though to himself.  The fox walked back, ran and jumped of the building.  "Oh my God, he's gon-"  but Alec was cut short as the fox spread his wings and took flight, annoying several people below him.  "Oh wow.  Let's see where's he going," Alec said to himself as he followed the mysterious fox.  After a few turns down a street,he lost him in an alley and went and parked his truck.  He leaped out and ran right to the alley he lost him in.  To his horror, the fox was standing in front of a young lioness, and surrounded by three armed humans.  Oh God, He needs help, Alec thought to himself as he reached for his two .45's beneath his trench coat.  Left them in the truck!  Crap!  And with that, he took off back to the parking lot he left his truck in and grabbed his .45's of the passenger seat.  About halfway back to the alley he noticed an ambulance sirens a'blarin rushing ahead of him.  Oh my god.  I hope they're alright.  As he arrived on scene, he saw the three men from earlier  being loaded into the ambulance.  Holy crap.  This guy's amazing.  He noticed the lioness start to speak.  "Who- who are you?" she asked the fox, trembling.  "Call me cha0s," he said. "My real name's Laertes, but I hardly ever use it anymore."  "That's not what I meant," the lioness replied.  "To the oppressed, I'm a guardian. To the oppressors, I'm a scourge. A vigilante, if you will. I protect people, though I've been having some trouble protecting myself these past few months." he explained.


"Del! The hell are ya mate? Were getting killed out here!" shouted the British fella Rubik, "We need you and your sniper!" "Shut up Rubik! I'm coming!"
Alec and his Halo 3 clan were in the middle of a clan war against a group of twelve enemies on VIP.  The opposing clan had around 100 members total, using their best 12. Yet, Alec's had a total of four, and were winning by 15 points.  Three of the members, Alec, Rubik, and MAG all caught each other trying to hack each other at the same time, giving them a sort of respect for each other.  Of course, MAG was the lead shotgunner of the group, and the only one who thinks EVA armor looks good and thus wields it proudly, yet has problems being serious sometimes, and normally is an easy kill from behind with any sort of one hit kill weapon.  Rubik normally had a Gravity Hammer and an Energy sword, being the team's melee specialist, and also being the only one with Hyabusa Katana. He says he can do a Rubik's cube blindfolded in 45 seconds, but until he gets a kinect camera, there's no proof as he lives in Sweden.  He normally is pinned down by a sniper, or vehicles.  Alec's job was obviously sniper, and his loadout consisted of a sniper rifle, handgun,Full scout armor, and normally a bubble shield, as of which he pokes out his gun far enough  to fire with but not get shot.  He's normally killed by anything explosive, but mainly trip mines in a small dark hallway.  The fourth member of the group, Automator, was found when MAG was trying a new mod in a matchmaking game and Automator tunneled into MAG's Xbox and deleted the mod files leaving a note about how he saved MAG from being banned.  Automator sports full EOD (of which Alec is incredibly jealous), and is the explosives expert of the group.  He always has either a brute shot and a rocket launcher, or a missile pod, and is only killed by someone who shoots faster than him.
"Nice one MAG, Del, cover me while I run to the Mongoose?"
"Sure, no problem."
"BANSHEE! Automator, have a missile pod yet?"
"Nope, better."  As he said that, a Hornet flew straight up in the air and fired round after round and rocket after rocket at the Banshee, and in no time at all it was taken down.  "Nice one mate," Rubik had a hint of gratitude because if the Banshee wouldn't have been taken out, he might have lost his five game no death streak.  As Alec fired the last shout at the enemy's VIP, the Announcer declared, "Blue Team victory!" and Alec and friends gave a victorious yell.  "Hell yeah!  Nice job guys, I'm off to bed, it's 3 a.m. and I have work tomorrow," and with that, MAGreloadNEVER logged off.  "Yeah guys, Pretty late here too, night," then RuBiK00M4St4 logged out as well.  "Ready Automator?"  "As I'll ever be."  And with that, the last two on in the clan went off to beat legendary in one night without dieing, which was their life dream.  Of course, considering Automator lived in Siberia, he had a blackout and Alec went to bed.

Unable to forget the day's events in the alley, and the words of the fox burning his mind, he pondered.  Sounds like a wanna be hero...  But he fought of those three guys probably unarmed.  So he's obviously not a wanna be.  I'll think better in the morning. And with that final thought, off to bed he went.

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Jackyll 2 years ago 0
also, id say a good soundtrack for this would start with NOFX idiots have taken over followed by Harvey danger's Flagpole sitta