23 Jan 2012

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Posted 23 Jan 2012 19:02
Last edited 30 Jan 2012 00:52
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LMTK Chp. 1 by AnonEmis

#1 of LMTK by AnonEmis

Hey guys, this is my first story on SoFurry! Let me know if you enjoyed the first chapter and if there are things I could improve on. (Politely of course.) But I want to thank all of you for reading! hugs all of you I'm looking forward to writing more for you guys.
Bye Now.

Disclaimer: All of the pokemon in this story are property of Nintendo and Game Freak. I do not own nor am I distributing them. Other than that, the story is my property and I am the creator.

Letting My Trainer Know


           I was falling. I could see nothing but the cliff face I fell off of and the freezing lake below me. The world around me was a blur of colour and wind. I heard nothing but the merciless wind in my ears and the shouts of distant and faint voices. As I tumbled to the water, I closed my eyes preparing for the end.


           I awoke in a flash. Nearly falling off the bed in my hurry, I looked around. I was in my Trainer's bedroom, lying on the bed next to him. Luckily, my outburst didn't wake him up. I was thinking about my dream and realized that was real and happened just hours ago.

          "I should probably gather my thoughts to calm me down." I thought to myself.

          Alright, my name is Ty. I'm a male Typhlosion and my trainers' starter Pokémon. I consider myself a tough guy because I did win my trainer countless Gym Badges and Leagues. I wouldn't hesitate to scorch anyone that threatened me, my trainer, or my teammates. Another thing about me that isn't exactly usual for a Typhlosion, I am hopelessly in love with my trainer.

          His name is Han. He's an nineteen year old with the deepest brown eyes and handsomest face I've ever seen. He's one of the best trainers around, beating multiple leagues all over the world and conquered all the Gyms in Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. But to me and my Pokémon teammates, he's family. When we traveled, he never abused us when we lost and trained along with us until we became the best.


          I had never told anyone my feelings for him to anyone except the imaginary audience in my head. Pokémon-Human relationships are illegal in most regions and the fact that we're both guys does not help. Plus, I can barely keep up my reputation as a powerful fighter when I'm around Han because I always start getting really effeminate around him. But I had a crush on him ever since I became a Quilava and that supposedly harmless crush turned into full blown love when I evolved into a Typhlosion. I've always wanted to tell him my feelings someday. Then, I looked to my right to see my trainer sleeping soundly. I smiled a little at what my trainer and I shared just a while ago. I couldn't help replaying the events that got me here in my head.

          This Morning:

          We were spending some R&R at this lake/hot springs where Han had a villa. The lake had only recently thawed out so the only one of us swimming was Swampert (I'll never understand water types). The other Pokémon: Togekiss, Leafeon, and Alakazam were in the hot tub relaxing. Han was changing in the villa and would be out soon. I was on a rock cliff overlooking the lake lost in thought.

           "Hey, whatta you doing up here?"

           I turned at the voice. It was Salamence, my rival and buddy.

          "Nothing, just thinking", I replied.

          "Oh really?" Salamence said with a smirk, "Well, since Han is still changing, I thought you'd like to spar a bit old man."

          "Old man? Someone's a little overconfident, bring it!" I said, returning the smirk.

          We squared off on the cliff. Suddenly, Sal launched himself at me, wings flared and maw roaring. I quickly sidestepped him and brought my fist to his jaw.


          "That's what you get for being cocky." I said teasingly.

          "We'll see who's cocky", he retorted.

          Salamence then charged again at me. I was prepared for the amateur move, but then, he broke off and flew over me. He spun, using his tail as a weapon, sweeping my legs out from under me. I hit the ground. HARD.

          "Oof!" All the air in my lungs had escaped as I lay flat on the rocky ground.

          I could see Salamence smiling, thinking he won, but before he could gloat, I suddenly got up and leapt in the air. I landed on Salamence's back with all my weight and pinned him down by the neck. He tried to get up, but I had him pinned.

          "I think it's time to tap out, Sal." I said triumphantly.

          "Not on your life, gramps." Salamence snarled. He then started to flap his large wings in my face, buffeting me but it was useless.

          "What the hell are you guys doing?"

          Salamence and I both turned to see the source of the voice. It was Han! He was walking on the beach towards the cliff with curious expression on his face. What he was wearing though, caught my attention. Han was wearing only his swim trunks and an open shirt that showed off his toned body. Oh wow, seeing him in that outfit caused me to blush a little. I actually never saw my trainer's bare chest, and if Salamence and the other Pokémon weren't watching, I would have swooned. At this point Salamence tried to stand up, but I was too busy ogling my trainer, so I lost my balance and unthinkably, I toppled over the cliff and began a free-fall towards the icy lake.

          Han saw all of this, and his expression quickly changed to fear.

          "Oh crap, Ty fell off!" Han exclaimed, "Swampert! Salamence! Catch Ty!"

          Everything happened in slow motion as I saw Salamence diving downwards attempting to catch me and below, Swampert swimming swiftly to try the same. But neither was fast enough, because the next thing I knew, my face hit cold, unforgiving water. I was in a nightmare. Fire types can tolerate hot baths, but freezing lakes scare the sh*t out of me. I started thrashing about wildly, blind and running out of air. I tried to yell for help, but all I got was a torrent of water in my lungs. I struggled for what seemed to be an eternity, and thankfully, after using up all my energy, blacked out.


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Nexxus Shadowfang 2 years ago 0
Nothings beter when a male pokemon loves his trainer
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
I know, glad you like it too ^-^
arune 2 years ago 0
ok, be sure to reread your stories at least twice, cause i found several grammar errors and typos, and those can be a bit distracting to some people who are tryin to get into the story, like myself :) the best way to find errors is by havin someone else read over it for ya, if ya can. this chapter is pretty short, but it is your first story here, so that's really not an issue. and thank you SO much for not havin Ty and Han have sex on the first chapter. i find it quite annoying when the author doesn't have a decent amount of plot that leads up to the smexy action when the story is supposed to be a series :D so, great first chapter! ^_^
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
Wow, thank you for the pointers and compliments. (: I do know that the story is short, but as you said, this is my first upload so I'm not exactly the picture of perfect. As for the typing errors and typos, I do proofread the stories myself and through Word spellcheck before I upload to SF. But I'd be REALLY thankful if you would pm me all the errors I made because I often make really stupid mistakes. (: But overall, I'm glad you told me this and I hope you enjoy all the other chapters. ^-^
arune 2 years ago 0
i'm glad i could help, even if only little bit :) and i'd be happy to send ya that PM, no problem =3
fox_metro 2 years ago 0
You had me a at swooned. It really is a wOrd that should be used more.
Salaav Onitrex 2 years ago 0
Personally, I'm not for M/M, but this story does seem to draw me in a bit. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the first Pokemon I ever fully trained happened to be a Typhlosion, and that I've always thought them to be simply awesome.

Anyways... The story had mostly good flow, in that only a few parts seemed rushed.

"I've always wanted to tell him my feelings someday. Then, I looked to my right to see my trainer sleeping soundly."

This would've felt smoother to me if this had been a split for two paragraphs. Ty is thinking about something, then transitioning to action, so a break would've been nice.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this. The change between the present and the flashback was efficiently executed. I may not be a world-class writer, but I do pride myself in being an avid reader, and able to recognize great things. ^.^