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Werewulf part 19

#19 of Werewulf

So here we go again, im posting and preping you for stuff that has to do with sadness and me hoping you like it all the same. :) respond as always please! haha and Welcome all to the new site!



 Chapter 19


Kyle stared at it with a cold contempt, his eyes glaring with near murderous intent.  No single word could sum up the entirety of what he felt in that moment and those just previous.  There was a deep piercing sadness, one that made him feel weak and frightened.  That fear gave birth to hate, a searing rage that could not find a single outlet, it was a raging yet lasting flame that would last for a long time to come.  All that didn't touch on the numbness, physical and mental, despite all that he felt he simply stopped paying attention to much else, no matter what anyone said it didn't matter.  A TV personality could have made him a millionaire and it wouldn't have made him blink.


Well, save the chair, its wheels personifying his weakness, his incapacity, his future and current struggles, the worthlessness he felt, the contempt that would be aimed his way, the pity, the looks.  His life now, his past one didn't matter anymore.  He could no longer do anything that mattered to him.


There was no way to help his mother, no way to defend her, no way to even try and stop Scott.  There were no walks in the woods, there was no feeling of grass under his feet, no snow angels, no more running bases.  He couldn't get to his room unassisted, he couldn't get in bed without help or serious effort, he couldn't bathe on his own, and he couldn't even dress himself.


Nothing.  He was nothing now.  Everything Kyle Lane had once stood for, figuratively and literally, was no longer him.  He used to be a protector, a silent sufferer, a wanderer.  He was now a burden, the centre of attention, and trapped.  He couldn't guard anyone from anything.  He couldn't do anything without help.  He couldn't even run away anymore.


"It's called paraplegia," the doctor had said like he was talking to a lost child, "The injury done to your spine from the bullet was minor, so it was isolated to your legs and not your entire body."


 It was a weird way to try and make him feel better. 'Hey, it could be worse.'


"Obviously this means big changes for you Kyle."  He spoke like they were friends on a first name basis, "There is the mobility aspect of course, but you were fortunate enough to only be effected from the waist down, you can still climb in and out of the chair on your own, you can still..." But Kyle was only half paying attention.  He was focused on other people, many other people, all of them on a true first name basis with him.


Alice...sweet sweet Alice.  Alice with the temporary lust that would be long gone now, Kyle had been pushing his luck before, but now he was definitely never going to date her again.  She was nowhere to be seen, she didn't care enough to show.  Quinn said she was at the station with Finn.


Finn...crazy psychotic, unbalanced Finn.  The reason for all this, the one who shot him, and the bully who went too far for a girl he was bound to have again anyways.  He deserved that deserter...she was sweet, but she went right for Finn as soon as the two guys had been in trouble her choice was clear.


Quinn...poor Quinn, one of the few he felt sorry for.  She was somehow blaming herself; Kyle knew he couldn't let that happen.  Despite what Quinn might think it was no secret to Kyle that he was important to her, Kyle didn't want this freak incident to push her back to her old ways.  She hated herself then and that kind of hate was hard to fix.


His mother...Kyle didn't even want to think about it.  The abandonment.  She was still with Scott in his room, she probably didn't even know yet.  That was the worst, Kyle literally became a paraplegic overnight and THAT didn't even tickle her motherly instincts.  She was at the same hospital and she wasn't the least bit curious how he was.  As many tears would attest to, Kyle was crushed; she was everything to him, and he was next to nothing to her, not even a curiosity.


Duke...The greatest friend Kyle could ever ask for.  He was still there, in the room, claiming to be a brother so security didn't kick him out, his face to focused and frustrated for many people to question him.  He confronted the doctor on many points, he offered little words to Kyle, and he stayed.  Loyal to the end like a noble hound.  He was the sole comfort in the storm, a lantern in an all-consuming darkness, the only thing outside his own head that Kyle that affected him at the moment.


Him and the chair...the light and the dark, hope and evil.


The doctor continued with some of the generalities of what he would experience, and that it was too early to tell if his condition was average or spastic, the later containing unpredicted and only slight spasms of the 'affected areas.'  Kyle hated the Doctor, he said affected like he was reading a book.  His legs didn't affect him anymore, they were lost.  His word choice pissed Kyle off even more.  Nothing he could say would make Kyle think any differently of him.


The doctor thankfully informed Kyle someone else would be in shortly and would have more information, and left.  It was Duke, Kyle, and the chair.  Three beings of drastically different entities.  The Loyal dog, the Lost boy and the Leeching monster.  One of them steel, two of them flesh, all three of them powerful in their own way.


The room was quiet now save for the heartbeat monitor's soft recognition that the shell of Kyle was still breathing.  The space was small, Duke only a few feet away in a small chair looking focused and fierce, his eyes mimicking the contempt of the other flesh being, glaring at the cold metallic offence in the room.  Kyle hardly noticed when Duke moved the chair closer, and hardly registered that Duke was speaking.  This was such a shock, at no point in the last seventeen years of life did he have any hint that he would be paralyzed, any reason to believe he wouldn't walk to get his diploma, any legitimate moment where he thought that Finn would steal his legs from him.


"Kyle..." Duke tried again, finally getting his friend to look up, he was a mess, his eyes red form the initial storm of tears, his arms hanging unmoved over his bed sheets.  He was so empty it hurt Duke, pulled at his heart and not in an anger producing way, but a sympathy making one.  Kyle's depression did NOT make Duke want to kill Danny, (Danny had made that a goal himself...) no Kyle's emptiness made Duke want to hold his little buddy, squeeze him tight, tell him it was going to be alright, make him smile again, hear him laugh, kiss him... Duke fought back primal urges to just get in bed with Kyle and keep him safe from anything else.  He had failed once and this had happened, he couldn't fail again, nothing more was to EVER hurt Kyle.


But still, the entirety of the situation was finally weighing in his head.  Kyle could break at any moment, mentally being the worst of it, but this hospital trip truly reminded him how fragile Kyle currently was as a human.  Then there was his mother, Kyle wouldn't have left her before, but how he felt now that she totally abandoned him was a mystery.  It sucked because the Kyle Duke knew would look past it as a silent sufferer, he still loved his mom no matter what, that's just the kind of guy he was, so caring and loyal.


Then there was Danny and Duke's family.  Danny had dug his own grave, but somewhere deep deep deeeeeep down Duke still managed to feel a bit of pity, Duke had completely abandoned him.  Like it or not Duke was responsible for either fixing him up, or putting him down.  Psychotic revenge schemes were making the former less and less of an option.


Duke's family was also on a time limit.  By principle, a pack never stayed in one place very long; the longest he and his family was ever in one place as a wolf was a month and a half due to a big celebration and parade the next month they didn't feel like missing.  And Anthony now of course had to make the little bargain.  It might as well be said that his family would adopt Kyle, but now it was just up to the change.  Duke wanted Kyle to know what he was getting into and he had to inform him and give him the choice soon because even Kyle was showing signs of breaking before all these incidents.


"Kyle...please look at me bud..." Duke breathed, putting a hand on top of Kyle's.  The bigger boy was just happy Kyle listened, his face one on the verge of tears, but his voice one of a defeated man.


"Yes?" he asked flatly. "What do you want Duke?"


The werewolf flinched a bit; it was hard seeing his potential mate pushed so low.  Kyle usually had a certain pride about him, a self-worth.  Here was a way he usually spoke that said that he didn't care what people thought, his voice now whispered to flies that anything would crush him into a million pieces.


"I...uh...was just going to tell you that if you need anything, ANYTHING, I'm here okay?"  Duke managed, really wanting to say so much more but not sure how Kyle's state of mind would handle it.  Minutes after you discover your injury made you paraplegic probably wasn't the best time to have someone you didn't know you might be attracted to convey his love for you.


Duke's eyes widened a bit when Kyle managed a small, but present grin.  It was sad, but it was trying to be happy and even got a chuckle.  The entire thing would look sad and depressing to anyone, but it was a step up from total shock.  "Evidently," Kyle managed, "You're the only one that stuck around Duke."


Duke swallowed, dying to keep any conversation going, "Others would be here if they could."


"Right...only my immediate family can be in here.  So you're my older brother right?"  Kyle asked, his eyes drifting back to the chair and the smile vanishing.  "This sucks..." he added, continuing before Duke could respond, "I can't even walk with you into the woods anymore.  My haven is pointless if I can't even get on the swings..."


"You can still sit on the swings..."


"I can't pump my legs."


"I'll push you."


Duke watched streams of tears fall down Kyle's rapidly saddening face; little crying heaves broke free from his throat like a tiger from its cage.  Still, despite the sight Duke knew he couldn't ask Kyle to stop crying.  If anyone on earth deserved to cry right now it was Kyle.  Before he knew what he was doing Duke pulled Kyle into a large hug.  Both of them were shocked it happened, but Duke pressed on, if he recalled it, it would just be awkward, but the stiff form in his embrace melted into it and cried loudly into his shoulder.


The racking sobs filled Dukes ears; crocodile tears covered his shoulder along with a little snot.  It was something words couldn't do, even if the pen was mightier than the sword, actions spoke louder than words, Duke didn't just say he would do anything for the boy, he showed him.


"My mother doesn't even care!"  Kyle burst, loud coughs breaking the flow of cries.  The heart beat monitor accelerated in the background, "Ow...Damn it I can't even cry without being in pain..." Kyle added, his chest and back in agony with all the motion and hysterics.


Duke just held him closer, careful of his wounds, but not willing to let go.  It was agonizing for him to hear Kyle go through all this.  He wanted to do so much more but he couldn't.  He was worthless again, helpless save for a single hug.  He could not fix a spine with medical tools, he could only sit there and put Kyle through minute pain for a bit of comfort.


Kyle pulled Duke's form closer, it was a better feeling then he ever remembered.  Duke was a solid base he could fall onto, a good friend that would never leave, necessary physical contact.  Kyle loved it more then he would normally think he should, but with his world spun around there was no reason to question his feelings, but he still did.  Despite his numb legs, his fight or flight sequence was mentally stuck on flight.  He just wanted it all to go away, all of it but Duke.


Kyle pulled away from the hug a little; looking Duke in the eyes with his tear soaked ones.  They were calm and pained and scared, concerned for Kyle, something not many people were at the moment.  And it hurt Kyle more to see him that way.  This was Duke, the greatest thing that ever happened to him.


"Kyle I'll do everything I can to make this okay," Duke started, "I'll do anything for you bud."


That was all Kyle could take, there was a metal switch in his head that made everything clear.  The boy pulled Duke closer, and before he knew it, pressed their lips together.


Duke flinched back, eyes wide not expecting the action in the least.  Not that he was complaining one bit, in moments he kissed back, not sure how far to go, but being edged further when Kyle's tongue immediately sought passage into the foreign cavern.  The larger boy could only oblige, he could not deny Kyle's urges when they so coincided with his own.


But something was wrong; something itched at the back of Duke's mind as to the probability of this dream like happening.  Something was just off and it was ruining his mojo, "Don't leave me."  Kyle breathed between lip locks, his form hunched over and into its larger counterpart. "Ever..."


Duke had to actively try and clear his head and figure this out.  Kyle being shy about a kiss was one thing...this... it couldn't be, not already!  Duke panicked and grabbed Kyle by the shoulders, looking to his eyes, which was hard to do when he was closing them in preparation for a second kiss.  "Kyle just look at me a moment okay?"  Duke instructed, getting a pouting face, but opened eyes.


They were so passive, so gone.  Duke cursed himself and tried ever so delicately to peer into Kyle's head, his mind met no resistance.  Duke's own breathing increased and he backed away a moment, "What's wrong Duke?"  Kyle asked with a genuinely concerned voice.


Kyle wasn't there anymore, what was left after Kyle's mental breakdown was a complacent, obedient little Omega who no longer wanted to fight.  When Kyle surrendered to his sadness he'd surrendered to the pheromones.


Duke panicked and sat up, not sure how to react, not sure if he could act if he even thought of anything.  No no no no no... Kyle couldn't be gone, he was a fighter, it was impossible!  This had to be fixable, Kyle was always a special case, and this HAD to be fixable.


"Kyle I know what you're feeling right now okay?"  Duke told him, hold the smaller boys shoulders closer, "But you have to push through it, running away is never the answer, THIS isn't the answer."


Kyle looked frustrated and angry, "I'm not running away from anything." He stated, "I'm embracing what you obviously feel too."


"You wouldn't do this if you had a clear head Kyle," Duke told him, "You know that, you can't just use the only comfort available, you have to fight for more happiness."


"How am I supposed to fight anymore without my God damn legs?!"  Kyle shouted actual fighting anger in his voice, "Jesus it's like you just WANT my moment!"


"Kyle it's not that believe me," Duke assured, "I want this moment to last but it's not right." Kyle seemed a bit surprised for some reason, like Duke SAYING he would lie to kiss again was a confirmation Kyle hadn't been dreaming.


"Why not?"


"Because of everything you just lost." Duke said with a heavy heart, "I can't be your only crutch, as much as I would like to be that will strain anything we might have in the future."  It hurt Duke to say it, it hurt so much. "Kyle you are a fighter okay?  Don't you forget it, and you still have some fighting left to do."


Kyle started tearing up again, "I can't..."


"You can I know you can, you have been fighting all your life, just a few more and you never have to fight again okay?  Never fight anyone but me anyway because let's face it I'm a bit of an ass sometimes."  He admitted to himself, "And Anthony...but that's not the point, Kyle, you only have a few more fights left and they will be very different fights."


The crippled boy sat still listening, never interrupting.  He was clearly stressed, clearly scared, so weak and small it was ridiculous.


"First fight, you go to school."  The boy looked taken aback, like the idea never occurred to him,  "The school is wheelchair accessible and only one floor so you'll be fine.  You look all those people in the eyes, you tell Alice what you think, and you have an average day with Quinn."


"What about you?"


Duke sighed, "It's your fight I can't be there that day, it has to be a long day away from me okay?  The second fight..."


"But I want you there."  Kyle whined.


"That's the point Kyle...please understand you need to do this so you're still the same bad ass fighter Kyle I...uhh...grew to like so much."   Duke said, not wanting to use the word love in fear of the obsession of Omegas, Duke needed a Beta.  Duke needed the old Kyle.  "Fight number two, You go home and you MAKE your parents take care of you.  Your mom will be a real mother, Scott will NOT give you shit, and you bask in the glow of yourself."


Kyle noticeably flinched, looking down at his hands which balled up, "I don't want anything from her..."


"You know that's not true," Duke stated simply, moving on because really it wasn't a big deal.  Kyle knew he still loved his mom, thick and thin he loved her.  At least enough to care for her and if not, he would want her attention to re-kindle that love.  No mother was that apart from her baby.


"What's the third fight..." Kyle asked, "You said three right?"


"I said a few, but yeah, there's only three."  Duke swallowed hard, "Third fight, you get to your haven the next morning and I get you on those swings."


Kyle flinched again, looking up at his crazy friend, "No way."


"Yes, the very next morning," Kyle started making noises pretending not to hear but Duke shouted louder so he could, "You wheel over to the swings and we show you how limited you really are!  You are still Kyle!"  Duke was getting annoyed of the 'no no no no no' Kyle was doing and pulled the boys hands from his ears, "You're still the Kyle I fell for Damn it!"  He shouted, the boy stopping and looking straight at his eyes, fear in his, seeming comfort.  "You can do this..."


It was crazy, Kyle hated the very thought of all of it.  IT all terrified him, but in a way it made sense.  Slowly he gave into the idea, and with that a headache formed in the back of his skull.  "Great, now I have a headache," he stated simply, lying back in the bed.  For reasons Kyle didn't know, Duke breathed a sigh of relief and started to leave, "Where are you going?"


Duke stopped and very painfully spoke.  "You need to do this alone.  I told you I can't be your crutch okay?" he paused, "I'll see you when you get out..." he said with a heavy heart and shut the door.  Kyle was left with only the heartbeat monitor now.  Fighting back the urge to scream, he went back to staring at the metallic monster.

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Shirochi Snowpaw 2 years ago 2
And meanwhile a person named Shirochi Snowpaw kidnaps Anthony and makes him a wolfy slave

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Hammerfist 2 years ago 0
Ha! Perfect! There are many great things about this chapter. Kyle's feelings are great(I mean that from a clinical perspective, not that I enjoy his pain or anything), the fact that he and Duke have made the first step towards being an "item" is awesome, the mental lapse and recovery (I was worried there for a minute) was expected but still shocking, the gauntlet Kyle has to run in the coming days gives me something to look forward to (I'll be interested to see how you write that), and future hurdles, both foreseen and unforeseen have me itching for the next chapter. Awesome work!
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
haha well thank you :) im glad i can still keep your attention while never leaving one room lol and wanting more no less!
MrFox 2 years ago 0
Hmm, this is getting very interesting...
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
where oh where will it go next? glad you seem to like it!
Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago 0
ok this is to creepy, there is no way you dont know this bloke!! other then being gay and a werewolf Duke is just like the bloke i know!

as always your writing is both wonderful and captivating very well done mate!
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
lol no idea i swear...i think. lol thank you for commenting! glad you enjoyed!
Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago 0
the name John O'Grady sound familiar?
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Nope, duke is just eerily similar i guess lol
Steel Phoenix 2 years ago 0
very well writen in getting the feelings across
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
why thank you, i tried really hard to try and get that beginning flowing well :) im relieve it paid off! haha
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Very nice follow up, as opposed to being angry last chapter I'm starting to see how this will play out. Loved this one you did an amazing job, the pheromones had me concerned for a bit but it seems things may still work out. 5/5
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
hehe you never know whats gunna happen with me at he head of the metaphoric ship ;) haha this is good, this comment means my characters are relatable and real and make you the readers feel something.
trailstoride 2 years ago 0
You captured the feeling of dispair that Kyle feels very well. Fantastic chapter! I still hold out hope that 1) Kyles paralysis is temporary despite what the doctor says 2) Duke turns him, and in the process he heals.

And Danny. Putting him down is the only choice, despite how evil it seems. How this happens I can't foresee, but I hope it Duke is ok afterwards.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
oh im so happy you think so, i worked quite a bit to sit myself down and write all those feelings lol, all the comparisons and stuff in the beginning. :) as for Danny, i guess we'll wait and see :)
Kausn_Husky 2 years ago 0
Great chapter as usual! :D I was a little scared when Kyle kinda gave up, and i hope he recovers from it. Only time will tell, though. :P Oh, and the paralysis wasn't a good thing either, but things happen. :P
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
haha yeah theres not much good news at the moment unfortunatly, and the only good part was swiftly put into negative light :/ i hope it gets more cheery soon too believe me!
The OTHER Guy 2 years ago 0
FINALLY! THEY KISSED!!! Now, and yes, I HAVE to do this, when are they going to have sex?
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
lol cant say. cant even say if that'll happen. ;)
Aquasian 2 years ago 0
Oh my god. I am baffled. It's like Duke has stopped being an ass for the moment :D Hooray. It seems like closure is coming up soon and I love how Duke was able to stop his primal instincts and bring Kyle back. Whether or not that was inherently good is debatable, however I look forward to how this plays out. I can't wait to see what the newly revived Kyle can do. Facing adversity despite being crippled. Oh boy. I can't wait! Keep up the good work. You did an excellent job explaining the scene and the way you showed rather than told really made this a memorable part of your story. Two of my favorite quotes in this section was: "Loyal to the end like a noble hound. He was the sole comfort in the storm, a lantern in an all-consuming darkness, the only thing outside his own head that Kyle that affected him at the moment." AND "It was Duke, Kyle, and the chair. Three beings of drastically different entities. The Loyal dog, the Lost boy and the Leeching monster. One of them steel, two of them flesh, all three of them powerful in their own way." I love how powerful these two descriptions were. Keep up the good work!
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
lol in thos erare moments he is a bit more tolerable huh? haha and thank you icon_redface.gif not gunna lie, worked quite a bit on those comparisons, glad they worked and are appreciated. :) thanks for commenting all the time! *bear hugs*
Catperson 2 years ago 0
This story is getting depressing, I want things to work out :(
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
believe me so do i, its kinda writing itself at the moment tho so i dont even know whats gunna happen until i write it! haha
Stu 2 years ago 0
cannot wait to see the next progression.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
why thank you, i hope you like it!
AAcid 2 years ago 0
Interesting piece. It answered a lot of the issues that were left lingering after the last chapter, although I'm really starting to dislike Kyle's mother. I understand the idea of battered spouse syndrome, but she's gone past that. Part of me wants her to starve herself in Scott's room because she's forgetting to eat and get PC'd.

Pardon the anger, but I had to deal with someone who had these (work related), and I can't help myself issues and after waking up at 0300 for complete bull, you get more than a little peeved.

As I said, I really do hope that Kyle pushes back and really don't like the pity party he's having right now. Warranted, yes, but that doesn't mean I need to like it.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
haha all fair and all call for. i would NEVER say any of these characters are perfect, they all have flaws, id like to think unique personalities, and redeeming or damning qualities. :) its kinda cool to see you having the conflicting "He deserves it but STILL" thing for Kyle and for all these ideas to be had about the mom :) thanks for commenting! its really nice to see im doing what i like to read in other stories at least a little well :D
AAcid 2 years ago 0
My only thing is that I can't find anything redeeming for the "mother." Duke's at least repentent, Anthony has an arguably justified (even if only in his head if my suspicions are correct) reason for his actions, and Duke's parents at least realize he exists. Kyle's parents seem out of Oliver Twist. The abusive stepfather is a common enough stereotype, but my favorite stories re the ones that throw in the twists to the stereotypes (redneck elves...gangsta gnomes...etc)
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
loved loved loved it hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllllllllllll to you my frainde and i will give you something you are going to love a 1000/1000 good job my frainde i not give this to some one if i not like it but i loved it the sadness the love the hate the darkness and the light of hope love and to come joy i love your storie from chapter 1 to this one. good job and good luck keep them comeing and howl me back soon if you need halp on your storie give me a howl i will halp one in need if needed all one is to do is ask........
Silverblade18 2 years ago 0
Wow, good job hun. Still love it. * Hugs tightly and noses *
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Haha thank you! *hugs* :3
Silverblade18 2 years ago 0
No problem! ^^
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
Well done. Not only do you make us despise you by making Kyle go over the edge but you also make us love you again by bringing him back from the edge. Also Kyle definitely needs this. The time away for the detox is so important. Also it will prove to Kyle that being a paraplegic is not all crippling. It makes things difficult and you can't walk any more or do stuff with your legs but you are not incapable. You can still do a lot of things. you might even get back to a mobile state with some leg braces and crutches.

I thought you did a wonderful job on conveying the paralyzed condition. You really grasped the emotions of the situation I thought. And it was brilliant.

Also the tender moment between them. The embrace that spoke beyond what words can. Such a thing is very real, sometimes that physical touch means volumes.

I look forward to the next instalation

Fruanc J.H.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Well im glad you enjoyed it and i managed to make such a...delicate situation realistic and still somehow enjoyable to read :) alots going to happen now! Haha as if that wasnt obvious lol
Gritou 2 years ago 0
Another powerful chapter!

Kyle's feelings are really well described, I spend the whole time shaking while reading this chapter and seeing him break was almost to much... But maybe it's because it's barely 50° in my house...
And yeay! They finally kissed! I'm glad it happened, and I find reassuring that Duke prefer to back off a bit so that Kyle can recover and confront...everything that just happened...

So yeah, great job Crownedclown! I'm sure I had more to say when I read it yesterday but yeah, congratulation you keep amaze me with each chapter!
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
:) well im overjoyed if the shaking thing has ANYTHING to do with my story haha to make a reader feel so much would be...great. haha im happy you still liked it despite its depressing nature
Perrin Wolfbrother 2 years ago 0
Damn it , this chapter made me midly depressed, which is gret because it means you did a great job in expressing Kyle's feelings !

Somehow I think that Kyle's realization has little to nothing to do with the pheromones, a blind could have seen the reason why Duke was there; the boy becoming an Omega is due to all the shit he is in at the momnet, without his capacity to fight he lost his Beta traits and that made Duke think he had broken him . The fact that he maneged to reverse to his old self is a proof of that being more depression and self-pitying than being pheromone-induced submissive.

That said, Duke has finally grew up as his "Three More Fights" plan shows, which is the perfect therapy for Kyle at the moment, and his pitying of Danny is also a sign of his growth; him wanting to Kyle to be his former self and not leaving him because of his condition it's the final proof of how much he care for him too.

To the three fights I add "cheering up Quinn", though Kyle had already done that partly, I can't stand her blaming herself for all of this ! As a side note, Kyle calling Duke "hound" and "dog" is a really nice touch :-)

Have (again)a nice day !
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Im honored i could nanage to make u the reader feel so much with my work :) means im doing SOMETHING right haha. But yes, pheremones or not kyle is still neing crushed by this situation more than chemicals have ever seemed to effect him but equally this situation seems to have alteded duke as well (if in a much more constructive way) haha i hope to continue to be worth the watch! Have a nice day to u too good sir
RuthofPern 2 years ago 0
Another excellent chapter...but then you know that as I finished editing it for you on Friday. WTF Sofurry thought when they took the site down for the whole weeked I don't know...therefore delaying all your readers rants at you!!!

Look forward to the next one hitting me in the box soon!
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Haha well of course, who doesnt take down a site at the most used time? ;) haha not a shot at the modetators lol just teasibg haha but thank you uncle! And expect more soon (ish) haha
Shirochi Snowpaw 2 years ago 2
And meanwhile a person named Shirochi Snowpaw kidnaps Anthony and makes him a wolfy slave
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
So thats where he went...
Shirochi Snowpaw 2 years ago 0
sorry I couldn't resist his cuteness >.
Smithie424 2 years ago 0
god i hate it when you leave it on a terrible cliffhanger like that... i'm gonna be frustrated even more waiting for the next one.
But Great story I've watched them since the first and i think there pretty amazing
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Hehe im terrible :3 glad u still like the story enough to read, thanks for dealing with me! Haha
JWolfman 2 years ago 0
Great, Kyle's got a headache and so do I *being sarcastic ^^*. So much to take in and to think about where it could all be going XD! I can't wait for more!
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Well im honored my story is worth extensive afterthought :) happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting! Haha
NykVerien 2 years ago 0
Just when i thought you couldnt get any better you totally go through the roof! Amazing! I love the emotion in it.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Haha thank you so much! And never read my stuff expecting totally predictable cliche ;) haha
Pandosaurus 2 years ago 0
I am so glad that your writing in a supernatural world, and that it's very likely that Kyle will get his legs back. And if he doesn't, well, I'm sorry Nick, but I'm gonna have to kill you.

Also, awesome next chapter. Very intensely emotional. I have a feeling things are going to be going quickly from here.
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Lol great my casual hobby is putting my life at risk haha and yeah things seem to gave picked up pace dont they?
Kevin_J 2 years ago 0
A good new chapter. Interesting to see what will happen next. 5/5, fave
Crownedclown13 2 years ago 0
Haha well thank you good sir :) im just as interested in where this is going! Haha
FruancJH 2 years ago 0
Yes lot's will happen the going to school thing and forcing mom and Scott to take care of him could take up one chapter in and of itself or each subject could take up it's own chapter. And then there's getting to Duke at the end of it all. Some where in there Danny is going to step in to finish the job. that much is certain. It will either be at school or it will be on the way to meet Duke those are the two times where there is the most opportunity for it to happen. Do it at school and Danny can see that Kyle is much stronger than he appears even with a disadvantage. This will give Danny pause to worry, that he might not have Duke to himself after all. Or he can be an over confident prick and look down on him and try and discourage or brake him mentally. At which point Quinn might come in a beat his ass, after all she's not altogether mentally stable and since she holds Kyle in such high regard that could be a source to resist Danny's mind stuff. Then there's the fact that Danny is mentally broken himself. the only thing that he has to hang onto is Duke and if he can't have that then he'll brake go ballistic or crazy. These are just suggestions by the way.

I suppose he could show up at Kyle's house to do a number on him or show him who's in charge or something of the like. Try and brake Kyle's will perhaps with pheromones and mind control, but then there is that Raging anger at his situation that doesn't plan on fading any time soon. If he were to learn that Danny did this to him then he might just go into a rage face mental death trap mode. He could wind up forcing himself into Danny's mind and showing him how broken he himself is, forcing him to retreat.

Then there's the matter of Scott to take into consideration he might tail Kyle with the intent of killing Duke since he's convinced that Duke is the one who imprisoned him and knowing his type he'd like revenge. Oh and then there is the possibility of a councilor face off with our dear Mr. Wilson he could very well be in Danny's pocket too. Then there's Alice and Finn had better be stuck behind bars because he's a piece of shit and belongs there and if he can get out after crippling some one... what is he like eighteen or twenty one? He seems like the type who could of been held back a few times especially in the first or second grade. I just really want him to be screwed by the political system for what he did.

Then there is getting to Duke. Scott is a factor Danny is a really big factor and then there's getting out of the house and up the hill. He'll have to follow the road so he doesn't pitch himself into a ditch because as far as I'm aware wheal chairs don't do so well with off-roading. He could also have the problem of Duke not being there.

From what I can gather Duke is planning on turning Kyle, the detox time is so he'll be his normal self by the time he get's there so that his mind is intact which I think is really what Duke loves about him and how he's a fighter and stuff like that. I also suspect that you will have the change correct his spinal damage. You seem like the happily ever after type. But maybe it should only be when he is a werewolf that he is healed. That feels like it would be more realistic.

Well I hope this helps to some extent.


Fruanc J.H.
chaosblackwing 2 years ago 0
Arg, yet another cliffhanger, it's like you're trying to make sure to end each chapter with one...

Anyway, another great chapter, the moment when Kyle seemed to slip away was certainly shocking, glad to see it didn't last. His upcoming 'fights' should be quite interesting, though out of all of them confronting his mom and Scott are going to be the hardest I'm sure.

In any case, quite looking forward to the following chapters, as always.
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I'm utterly impressed by this chapter, for many points.