25 Jan 2012

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Posted 25 Jan 2012 03:15
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Camera: NIKON D90
Date: 2012:01:11 13:35:46
Shutter: 1/8
Aperture: f/6.3
Focal Length: 24mm
ISO: 1000

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Black and Yellow

#9 of Various Squeaky

Gettin' squeaky in my gas mask, fire boots, and latex!

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Immelmann 2 years ago 0
So it's an interesting outfit - latex clothes that aren't a body suit. Where'd you get em? Do you prefer them over a sort of latex wetsuit type thing?
icefoxx 2 years ago 0
All depends what kind of mood I'm in. A latex bodysuit is awesome because it's like a second skin and it covers the whole body. Latex clothes like the outfit pictured above are fun to wear too! I even have jogging pants and a hoodie just for casual wearing around the house. ^_^

I get most of my latex gear from (NSFW). Not all of it comes from there, but most of it does! Everything I'm wearing in this picture except for the boots and the gasmask came from there.
Immelmann 2 years ago 0
Nifty, thanks. You must have a nice job for all this U:
icefoxx 2 years ago 0
Not really! xD I've just been collecting gear for quite a while now. ^^;