25 Jan 2012

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Posted 25 Jan 2012 22:25
Last edited 25 Jan 2012 22:43
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My pet Juuichi

so i made my first fan pic of morenatsu, and i didn't base it on anything. yay im getting better. XD . this is drago's pet who is juuichi from morenatsu, and sorry for the bad image, printers broken and i don't see my family getting a new one anytime soon. *NOTE* i don't own any morenatsu characters.*

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Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
I snot like it....... I love it.
DireBlackWings 2 years ago 0
thnkx for the love. :3
Gront Fox 1 year ago 0
I-its incredible.
a true work of art
DireBlackWings 1 year ago 0
Thank you very much:3