27 Jan 2012

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A Cautionary Tale

Just a little something for my English class. Not much, but i liked the way it turned out. We basically had to write our own little myth. Just something fun. We had to write the prologue in poem form. XD Enjoy :)

My name is Kausn; I am Five foot Ten,

I have blue fur, and I writing this in pen.

I am writing this story to warn you,

So you don't do what I do.

I used to be an average Joe,

Playing music at many shows.

I used to be an average man,

Now I have paws instead of hands.

I still walk on legs but now I have fur,

And it is all because of her.

From my backside flows a tail,

It's attached to me like a nail.

I am now considered an anthro,

It's time for my story to shine through.



                The day my life changed started out as any other day. I had woken up late as usual, rushing around to grab all my gear and be out the door as soon as possible. I had litterly just walked out the door with my guitar in hand when my cell phone rang. I sighed heavily, stopping to answer it as I approached my car door.


"Kausn, you have two hours before the show. Get down here to do a sound check."

"Calm down, I'm on my way." I hung up the phone in disgust, as I already knew I was late. There was no need for my manager to rub it in. I got in the car, tossing my guitar in the back seat. The engine roared to life and I took off down the road, trying to get to the fair site so I wouldn't get beaten by all of my band members. When I finally appeared, I saw the chaos that lay out before me. People were running around everywhere, trying desperately to get everything in order. I strolled out of the car, making my way up to the stage. I ignored all the glaring looks I received from people as I put my guitar case down and looked up, surveying where my audience will sit. As I was looking around, I noticed an elderly woman already sitting in one of the seats. I left the stage, walking over in her general direction. As I approached her, she turned towards me and gave me a smile. I smiled back at her as I reached her, interested in what she was doing here so early.

"Hello mam."

"Well hello there, Mr. Johnston. What brings you to talk to an elderly woman like me?"

"I was just wondering what you were doing here so early. The concert doesn't start for another two hours. That and you seemed nice, so I figured why not come over and talk to a potential fan?" She smiled at that last sentence.

"You are quite loyal to your fans, aren't you? You seem like just the right candidate." She then proceeded to pull something out of her purse. Before I could react, I felt a powdery substance hit my face. I coughed, but not before I inhaled some of this strange powder. I backed away from the lady, and when I looked back at her, she was smiling. Not a crazy, psychopath smile, but a genuinely warm, caring smile.

"Soon, Mr. Johnston, you will display who you really are. You will be the person you always wanted to be, even if you don't know it." I was still confused from the powder, and before I could ask her what she meant, she was gone. I looked around for twenty minutes, trying to find any evidence of her. Alas, none could be found. I slowly walked back to the stage, dreading the yelling I was about to get from my manager. Suddenly, I felt a slight itching sensation on my skin. I started to itch, but the more I scratched, the worse the itching got. I was scratching furiously by the time I got to the stage, and I felt slightly sick to my stomach. What did that lady do to me? I decided it would be best to go lie down. I walked to a camper that was sitting just left of the stage. I entered it to find the entire space empty. The room was spinning around, and I felt my legs give out from below me. Luckily, I was standing in front of a bed, so the comfy cushions caught my fall. The last thing I remembered before I blacked out was a sharp pain in my tailbone area.

                When I awoke, my mind instantly went back to the old lady. What did she do to me? I stood up, but as soon as I did, I knew something was wrong. Out of my peripherals, I saw something blue swooshing around. I turned around, only to notice that the blue thing stayed in my peripherals. I stopped, the realization hitting me. That couldn't be, could it? I bent just my back to peer around my body, and sure enough, sticking about of my backside was a tail. My eyes traveled up the tail to the rest of my body. The first thing I noticed was the massive amounts of blue fur all over my body. This can't be real. I ran over to the mirror, and my suspicions were proven to be correct. Instead of where my human form stood before, stood the figure of a husky. I just stood there, looking back at the ice blue eyes that were apparently my own. My entire body was covered in white fur, with blue markings strewn about. I saw my tail swing out behind me, which was half blue and half white. Instead of hands, I had paws, but they were still hands as well, with opposable thumbs and fingers, but with pads and claws on the tip of them. With my legs, I looked like a regular husky standing on its hind legs, but my knees still moved as if they were a regular humans. My ears were standing up at the top of my head, fully alert and ready to hear anything. My face was that of a husky's, with a muzzle and a nose at the end of that. I was literally mostly animal, with some human mixed in there. I almost collapsed on my bed, but for some really strange reason, I wasn't upset or freaked out. Then I recalled what the woman had told me.

"Soon, Mr. Johnston, you will display who you really are. You will be the person you always wanted to be, even if you don't know it." I had wondered what that meant at the time, but now it was all so clear. I had always had a fascination with dogs and husky's in particular, and now I have become a giant, fluffy, walking dog. I wagged my tail, and laughed at how funny I looked. I decided I had better go and introduce the guys to my new form. I walked out of the trailer, and headed toward the stage. As I approached the stage, I wondered why I was so content with this. It didn't bother me in the slightest. In fact, I had somehow felt happier than I had in a while. I guess it just goes to show, not everyone is what they seem.

                That night, the concert went by fantastically. The concert went mostly without a hitch, and people adjusted to seeing a giant blue husky instead of my human form on stage. At the end of the night, I had more autographs, more fans than I ever had before. In the mess of media, fans and photos, I was able to spot one particular person. She walked by me, and put her hand on my shoulder. I turned to face the elderly woman from earlier, and I was greeted with the warmest smile I had ever seen.

"I knew you would accept it with grace."

"But how, why me? Why did you choose me?" She smiled even wider.

"Because, you are a great person. I've been watching you for a while. You seemed like a genuinely caring person. We need more of those people in this world."

"But why did you change me into this?" I gestured down at my body.

"Because it's what you wanted, deep down. You wanted to become closer to your inner animal. Remember, people aren't always who they say they are. Your true form is now on the surface." With that, she took her hand off my shoulder and walked away. I tried to follow her, and I made it to the back of the fair grounds. When she reached the end, I saw a glimmering light, and I shielded my eyes with my furry arm. When the light died down and I looked again, in place of the old woman was a young, beautiful woman. She smiled at me, and waved back. Then she was gone in a cloud of dust. I stood there in my new form for about ten minutes, trying to plan out what I was going to do with my new life. My last thought as I was heading back to the fairgrounds was one that had been stuck in my mind all day. People aren't what they seem. Their inner person is just waiting to burst out, and I'm lucky enough that mine did. It means I can show my true form to the entire world. World, here I come!


chromowolf 2 years ago 0
Awesomelicious. Tell me when you find the magic powder. :)
Kausn_Husky 2 years ago 0
Oh, i think you know where. ;)
chromowolf 2 years ago 0
Oh but I don't. ;)
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Nice and to the point with an underlying message I often think about. Very nice work as always, an enjoyable tide-me-over until the next chapter of your story.
FarmWolf 2 years ago 0
Very cool!

Hope you get an A.
Kausn_Husky 2 years ago 0
haha Mine was the only one that got a comment from the teacher. "Very Creative."
Phant Dragor 2 years ago 0
Fox thief 1 year ago 0
i loved it and that was for an english class huh inspiration is now running through my veins for my own poem or prologue thank you