27 Jan 2012

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Posted 27 Jan 2012 07:05
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Date: 2012:01:27 00:06:56

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Miele Italiano Di Pollo Carbonara

This Dish is titled "Miele Italiano Di Pollo Carbonara" And was inspired by Fox Amoore on FA and his music specifically "Waltz Of Spirits."

Recipe: Feeds 2

Miele Italiano Di Pollo Carbonara

2 Medium Sized Chicken breasts THAWED
2 Cups Uncooked String pasta (i use macaroni because i am out of string pasta)
2 TBS Minced Garlic (fresh)
2 TBS Oregano
2 TBS Thyme
2 TSP Basil
2 TSP Sage
1 TSP Sweet Red Pepper (dehydrated)
24 Oz Tomato Sauce
1 Diced Tomato
1 Can Tomato Paste
Honey As needed to coat chicken

1: Prep a 2 quart Pot filled half way with water
2: Mix Together All seasonings, and mix until seasonings are evenly distributed.
3: Heat Sauce in what ever medium you want (crock pots for 2-4 hours work best)
4: Once water is boiling Add Noodles needed to prevent sticking.
5: Slice the thawed chicken Into 1/2 - 1 inch long strips and cook in a pan on med high heat until fully cooked and browned.
5: Once all Parts are cooked . Soft Noodles, Browned Chicken, and Properly heated Sauce. Coat the chicken strips in honey and place on top of a bed of pasta. Place strips of sauce to each persons taste on top of the pasta and chicken.
6: Serve and Enjoy!

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KajitoraTaotsu 2 years ago 0
sounds great! But I do have a question, does anything go onto the pasta itself or am I just not looking correctly at this? X3
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago 0
Not really. I did use some Generic seasoning in the boiling water to boil it faster but that is about it. You can add what you wish to the noodle. They take on the flavor of the food placed on them.
NightHowl 2 years ago 0
that look amazing

(licks lips and notices)

crap ... now im hungry LOL.
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago 0
Well then try it out.