weird dragon
27 Jan 2012

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Posted 27 Jan 2012 07:44
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so yeah....

depression, ranting moodyness out cast,alone

So lately i havent been on this sight let alone submitting any thing i been in a very depressed  mood and also being in a restless mood school is starting wich i cant wait to start and to get out of my house, lately i been feeling so much negative stress its not me its my whole family at each others necks its a new year but im having a feeling its ging to be crappy one already, i been feeling like i have no place in my house hold, like some kind of freak and out cast, i dont know i have some personal demons to work out so its getting in the way of my drawing the only thing i can do is to not let take over due to my anger and disabillity...... 

Carolynn Shewolf 2 years ago 0
Sounds to me like you need to detach your self for a while, enter another life, A second life ;) Seriously, find something that commands 100% of your attention and use it as escapism.
weird dragon 2 years ago 1
pretty much, but it doesnt really help i tried it and it hit me ten fold when i came back to reliaty (bull shit family) ya know >.> they look at me as some kind of spaz
geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
You can let it eat at you, or you can try to realize that they might be wrong about you. They are your family, but they may have their own reasons for feeling one way, and you may need to be treated a different way. Sometimes families don't support each other because they don't know how. it's bullshit, - but sometimes they just can't --cause they just don't know better, or know how. Try to give up caring so much about how they look at you, and start focusing on YOU knowing that YOU are OK, and Treat yourself with respect in your own mind. Anger will be an acid that eats you up from the inside. Let it go, pretend you are a screen -- and let the water just go in one side of you and out the other. Don't let it affect you. let it go. It's hard but you can do it. Cause you're strong.
weird dragon 2 years ago 1
thank you
geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
So don't run away to an artificial reality, don't fight them on the level that they are on, -- A bush is dry, it needs water, the leaves are dull, and turning brown. It needs water, and someone says oh, hey, it needs the leaves sprayed green so they look good. Another says oh, the leaves are dull -- they need waxing. NO IT NEEDS WATER-- Give it some water! but they don't know about plants, they do the best they can, -- but it is not what's needed. listen to Dasher Cheetah's advice - it's all over the site. or write him. He's been there, he has good advice. Just Do NOT stop believing in yourself. And it gets better. You'll be fine, if you don't stop trying to get out and get on your own. doesn't have to be today, or this year, but do it.
weird dragon 2 years ago 1
i think thats my problem i want to move out im ready and going thourgh that phase im leaving the nest its just not happening fast enough for me but i gotta be patient......
geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
You wrote: I dont know i have some personal demons to work out so its getting in the way of my drawing the only thing i can do is to not let take over due to my anger and disabillity...... "
I used to have a hot-hot temper. And this is what I had to learn to get over that; Anger is easy, anger is fast. And anger is most often used to BLOCK having to deal with the feelings that are the REAL issue at hand.
If a man is too tired and feels guilty for not spending time with his wife, --> and she points this out to him; either he can feel bad, AND have to apologize to her, AND try to fix it --OR-- he can just fly into a rage --> rage blocks feelings, feelings that hurt, and NOW he doesn't have to feel bad about not spending time with her, NOW he doesn't have to try and fix it, NOW he can blame her for upsetting him, and go and get drunk and not feel anything. It is ALL not because he is a bad man,-- but because he is at the moment unprepared to deal with all that. (and now instead of two problems -- he has three - add in the hangover). You see?
If you DON'T cast your family as the bad guys- but realize that it hurts to leave them, and honor the hurt, but move out anyway - when you can do it financially, then it will hurt, you will feel the hurt -- get over the hurt, and then you will be out, and independant, and it won't hurt any more. You'll be happy, and your family won't be alienated! Win and Win-Win. Yea! Furrsons winning, and their families, too! Yea! Be you - your family loves you, but they don't always have what you need formost in their minds. Go, be you, and do it well, and they will cheer from the sidelines.
Gadarian 2 years ago 0
well, you could try meditating or somthing at the end of the day, useing it to just push out all the stress you feel, it could help out alittle, and can get rid of stress. and im sure there are people you can talk to to just, help you vent :)
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
thank you i do meditate when i get the time pluse i listen to music wich really helps
Gadarian 2 years ago 0
good :)
weird dragon 2 years ago 0
Gadarian 2 years ago 0
~nods~well, i hope you feel better, and things work themselves out soon, corina ^-^
weird dragon 2 years ago 0