28 Jan 2012

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Posted 28 Jan 2012 03:28
Last edited 07 Feb 2012 02:23
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LMTK Chp. 3 by AnonEmis

#3 of LMTK by AnonEmis

Here it is, the third chapter to my story! ^-^ Please leave a comment letting me know if you enjoyed the chapter or if you can point out something I could improve on. Another thing, the story is almost over and I was thinking of putting out some character bios for Han and his team as we haven't really seen some characters' personalities. I'd like to hear whether or not you guys would want to see it.

Letting My Trainer Know


An uncomfortable silence fell across the room.

          "Wait, what?" I finally choked out. My mind was in overdrive. If my friends found out that I was in love with my trainer, they'd probably never talk to me again because generally, inter-species relationships were frowned upon.

          "Don't play innocent with me, Typlosion." Togekiss said calmly, "You're in love with Han."

          "I do love Han, but as a close friend. He's like family to me. So what's it to you?" I growled my back ready to ignite in flames. I wanted to stop this from going any further.

          Another awkward silence followed after. I immediately regretted responding so harshly and defensively because Togekiss looked a little hurt, while Alakazam appeared deep in thought.

          This time, it was Alakazam that spoke. "There's no need to start a fight, we're not against you loving him, and we just thought you should know that we support you."

          I stared at the Psi Pokémon, shocked. Alakazam was usually very quiet, even when battling. To hear the Pokémon be so understanding and verbal all of a sudden caught me off guard. Before I could say anything to Alakazam, Togekiss suddenly went over to the bed and gently placed a wing on my shoulder.


"Yup, we completely understand Ty." Togekiss said. Then she added:

          "Plus, I think it's soooo cute when you suddenly start getting shy and blushing when Han talks to you!" She practically squealed with delight, forgetting my initial retort.

          "B-but I'm not in love with him." I muttered half-heartedly, both relieved and confused at both Pokémon's reactions.

          "There's no use lying to us, with all the signs and body language you've been giving out, the whole team knows you have a crush on Han." Alakazam said with a hint of amusement.

          I stiffened. "You have to be joking." There goes my reputation.

"To be honest, blushing when you're around him and making secret lovey-dovey eyes towards him when his back is turned is very noticeable. In fact, Leafeon and Swampert plan on teasing you about it when you confess to Han." The psychic Pokémon continued.

          "They're so immature", Togekiss sighed disapprovingly, "however, they all support you Ty, and we are family after all."

          "I guess you got me." I finally admitted, very  embarrassed but relieved. "But I don't think I want to confess to Han yet." (Or ever. I thought to myself.)

          "What!? But why not?" Togekiss exclaimed, "You got to make a move soon, it's not healthy to hold a crush on someone for so long without telling them!"

          "I know that, but you know that a relationship between Trainer and Pokémon isn't very widely accepted. Han would lose his good reputation and maybe lose his trainer status." I said dejectedly. My heart sinking as I thought about it more.

          Alakazam then stated placidly, "You don't have to tell the whole world, it can be your guys' secret. Besides, you don't want to miss your chance and spend the rest of your life in regrets and what-ifs."

          Togekiss nodded in agreement. "And who knows, maybe he likes you back and you'll be happy together, and if it doesn't work out, you and Han are both mature people, and already have a close bond. Things won't change between you two. You're partners after all." The Jubilee Pokémon said in a motherly tone.

          I couldn't believe Togekiss' and Alakazam's kind words. It was a relief to know that my friends were behind me 100% on me wanting a relationship with Han. I was going to say thank you, but I simply nodded, temporally at a loss for words. They both smiled and proceeded to leave.  I suddenly got curious over Alakazam suddenly being so vocal.

          "Hey Alakazam", I called.

          The Psi Pokémon walked back into the room, slightly bemused.

          "Yes Ty?"

          "I was wondering, why do you all of a sudden care about my relationship problems?"

          The psychic-type was going to say something, but seemed to think twice. Deciding on something else.

          "Well," she said, "I think it's cute and romantic too" Half-heartedly giggling. She then left. Leaving me alone with my thoughts.

          Hours passed and I finally could move again. But each time I tried to get out of bed, the Pokémon watching over me kept forcing me to stay in bed, much to my anger.

          "Oh no you don't." Swampert said determinedly, pinning me to the bed with his powerful arms.

          "I swear, if you don't let me up from this bed, I will kick your ass. I snarled.

          "Will you please calm down Ty?" Leafeon exasperated, "You're still injured and Nurse Joy said no moving until tomorrow."

          "ONE LAST CHANCE. LET ME GOOOOoooo..." Was all I could say before Leafeon's Grasswhistle attack put me to sleep.

          Next Day:

          I finally woke up and looked out the window to see that it was still morning.

          "What in the world?" I thought to myself.

          "You were asleep for a while." A voice said mildly.

          I turned around, already knowing the voice

          "Hello Salamence."

          Salamence simply nodded and was silent. Then he spoke in a voice barely above a whisper.

          "I was really worried. I'm sorry for not being fast enough to catch you."

          My eyes widened. Salamence was one of the most fearsome and powerful Pokémon I've ever met. But the dragon in front of me was different this time. He seemed like a child ashamed at a silly mistake.

          "I thought we already talked about this Sal, it wasn't your fault." I flatly stated while putting a paw on his wing. "I just lost focus when Han called us and lost my balance. But thanks for trying to save me."

          Salamence looked away but soon brought his face close to mine. "Well, thank you Ty, and I also wanted to say..." He paused to make eye contact with my eyes.

          I was sort of unnerved by his look. In his eyes I saw guilt, worry, and what I could have sworn to have been adoration.

          Salamence opened his mouth to continue, but at that moment, Togekiss walked in.

"You can take a break now Sal, it's my turn to take care of Ty." She said happily.

          The dragon looked embarrassed and frustrated at the same time. But Salamence nodded stiffly and began to leave.

"G-get well s-soon Ty." He muttered as he walked out of the bedroom.

Togekiss watched Salamence leave. "What was that all about?"

samfur 2 years ago 0
Character bios, especially for Ty, Han, and Sal, are a great idea. itll give the story a lot more meaning, though its good enough to stand on it's own if you decide not to.
arune 2 years ago 0
ooohhhhh!! hidden feelings? a possibly love triangle?! i must know!! ^_^ and i second what avatar?user=165036&character=0&clevel=0 samfur said about the bios :)
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
you'll find out soon enough. ^-^ ........................Maybe.
arune 2 years ago 0
i better find out!! or else...! *shakes fist* >:3
sorath 2 years ago 0
Awesome story so far and I can't wait more. I also agree with samfur and arune.
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
thanks for the kind words, more's on the way ^-^
sorath 2 years ago 0
No problem at all and I'm glad to hear that. P.S. I'm watching you.
Salaav Onitrex 2 years ago 0
Interesting, is there a love triangle beginning to form? ^.^

This chapter seemed to be a little more fluid than previous installments. Again, there was a feeling that you were a little rushed, but it was only slightly present. I can definitely see your experience bar leveling up. ^.^