28 Jan 2012

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Posted 28 Jan 2012 06:35
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Another way/Changing paths Chapter 11: No love…

#11 of Another way/Changing paths...

The first story I've posted since the move have to say I like it for the most part.

Another way/Changing paths

Chapter 11: No love...


(Brandon's POV)

'I don't know what the hell Kelly problem is...' I thought to myself as I made into the forest.

I needed to get away from her, as I had never come so close to hitting a girl in my life. She was acting far too dramatic for no reason. All I said was that it would be nice to live alone and not having someone bugging me all the time. Though I don't think I could live without my brother, but the thought was mainly for my father.

If I'm not mistaken I should be on 'Route 3' and not too far away from the Center where our room is. I just need some time to be alone. This is very troublesome, too stressful to be a simple rendezvous.

I mean Brian and I, are going to so many changes, I don't even recognize the brothers we use to be anymore. I thought having Kelly with me would make me a better trainer/man, but it seems that the joke was on me.

I reached up and rubbed the side of my face on the dulling pain where I had been slapped by Kelly. A slight sting of pain would force my hand away from the cheek.

Kelly should know that I was only joking. I mean I really don't want to be alone, just want to get away from things for a while. Be away from the burdens of having my father's watchful eyes on me...

Shaking my head to help clear it some of the thoughts. Then a sudden heavy heartedness of sadness came to bear down on me. Blinding tears started falling down my face, and I couldn't understand why...I then fell to my knees from the weakness of my legs.

Wiping my face I looked up to see a small being, it was hiding in the shadows, too hard to see from the distant that I was kneeling. Even if it is a Pokémon or human I need to watch myself and be careful. Though the 'thing' seems to be rather small to be a person, I'm not going to take any chances.

Coming to my feet and wiping my face the thought of Kelly seem to have vanished from my mind. The thought of how to get back safely was all that occupied my brain.

I began to slowly take baby steps backwards, doing my best not to make any sudden moves. I didn't know what kind of creature it was. As I continued to back up I stuck my right hand into my back belt and grabbed a Pokéball and slowly expanded it.

I knew it contained my Mienfoo he is the perfect choice just in case things get out of hand. Right now in these woods using Ruption would be disasters due to him being a fire type and all. And Swipe won't obey me without having Ruption out.

I wasn't going to call Foo out until I saw that I was under attack. Hopefully it shouldn't come to that.

As I continued I felt that I was making some progress, though it was as if it was looking at me the whole time. And if that was the case I was not going to take my eyes off it either.

Taking one baby step after another put quite a distance between me and whatever it was. If only I had a Pokédex I wouldn't be having this problem, if I knew what it was there would probably be no need to be nervous of it.

While all of that was still in my mind, I lost focus of what I was doing and tripped a small root. Now stumbling backwards, my back hit a tree. A sharp pain shot up my spine, gritting my teeth to stop myself from yelping. I closed my eyes to think about something else.

When I opened my eyes again I saw that I was walking down the street, and someone was pulling on my arm. Blinking my eyes quickly I saw that it was Kelly pulling my arm down the street. She was smiling and laughing, while saying things I couldn't understand.

I could see that I wasn't wearing the same clothes that I had on, but it still felt like I was in the same body. I couldn't think of any reason as to why this was happening, but it was, and there was no way for me to fight it for now just let it happen.

At that time is when I realized that I was looking through Brian's eyes! Though I couldn't hear anything it didn't take hearing to understand that Kelly was much happier now. I wonder if Brian had something to do with it.

Shaking my head trying to clear the thought away, because of the situation I was in I tried to regain focus on where I was. But my vision didn't seem to want to return to me. It was as if though I wanted to stay there with Kelly seeing her happy.

It's meaningless though if I can't be there with her. Something about Kelly just attracted me to her like a fly to a bug zapper light. She seems so happy with Brian right now; it'll be a crime if I were to interrupt them.

I know I was angry at her, but I forgive her for what she did...She's a sensible woman so I'm sure there must have been some sort of reason as to why she did it. Maybe I said something wrong to her, maybe I just need to apologize for no reason, that'll probably set things straight again.

Shaking my head roughly, I fully cleared myself of the vision and my sight returned back to my current situation. Now with a new drive to return, I felt a burst of inner strength and bravery rush through me. I jumped to my feet using the tree behind me as leverage. I needed to see her and my brother again and I couldn't let something small such as a slap to the face stop that. I want her to be as happy with me as she is with Brian, I want to be by her side as I want her to be by mine.

Then I was suddenly forced back down by an unseen force. My legs didn't respond when I tried to force them to move. It was as if though gravity had locked around me.

"So...this is what 'love' is?" A small chirpy voice croaked from behind me.

"L-Love..." I muttered stuttering the words of the emotions I didn't want to admit aloud.

I could feel an over bearing presence from behind me, but with hold that was still placed on my body I couldn't move. I felt helpless I couldn't even reach down to grab a Pokéball. Only thing I was only capable of doing was breathing...rather rapidly at that.

Over my right shoulder I could feel something small yet very warm being placed on it.

"W-w-who are you?" I demanded trying my best to hide the scariness out of my voice, but was failing to do so.

"Someone whose interest you've peeked."

"What...what are you talking about 'interest I've peeked'?" I said now trying to force myself to look over towards the voice. "Show yourself to me atleast. I won't harm you if that's why you have me like this."

"Like I'll believe that coming from you, I just read you like a book and Interesting one you have issues." It squeaked tauntingly at me.

Now at this time I was beginning to become very angry. Using every bit of muscle in my neck I was slightly able to move my head over to where the voice was coming from. The only thing I was able to see was bright blue marble of what seem to be an eye.

"That's impressive human, not to many things can move in my psychic grip. Tell you what, I'll keep a close eye on you and if you prove to be more interesting...I'll let you gaze upon me."

"Why the hell should I care? Just let me go and I'll forget this ever happen." I said now becoming frustrated, but remembering what position I was in.

"You keep getting more and more interesting, that special ability of yours, your emotions, and ambition is something I haven't seen any creature for as long as I walked these lands. Humans are the worst kinds of beings of them all to. Just a bunch of empty promises and no drive just only to look after themselves. You're a bunch of creatures that as far as I see aren't doing anything but taking up space and wasting Pokémon lives and time." I could hear anger in its voice now and its grip become tighter on my shoulder.

I began to sweat feeling as if though my life could be in danger.

"But now just by looking into your mind I can see how I could be wrong." It removed its hand off of me; its voice became more and more distant as it spoke. "I want you to prove me wrong show me what you can make a difference and not become a generic human, you and that ability of yours."

The grip that was holding me was released as I snapped my head over my shoulder to see what it was, but then it was gone.

'I wonder what the hell that was.' That's when it hit me, it must have been that creature standing in the distant before I tripped and fell.

"Well I'm still alive, thanks to that little scare more alive than I've been in a while. Guess there's no point in crying over spilled milk just I need to keep going." I said standing and stretching.

Making my way back out of the forest and into the city, I saw that it was much darker now. The only thing on my mind was seeing Kelly again was my top objective.

I then stopped and snickered to myself at the ironic situation. The only reason I left from the city was to get away from Kelly, now she's the reason I want to go back.

Twenty minutes had passed by the time I had made it back to the city. A few of the building lights were shining bright and illuminated the city brilliantly.

Seeing this brought a passing wind of calm over my body to where I almost forgot what happened to me in the forest. Though whatever that thing was seem to want to use examine me as if I were some sort of science project. Well it's in for quite the surprise if that's the case I'll really give it something look at...

I need to tell Brian about what happened and to be on the lookout. If that thing decides to attack one of us again atleast I would know that we'll be prepared.

As I began to approach the Pokémon Center I could the entrance door swing open with three guys exiting from the building. I remember the older looking men from earlier, from when I was on my way to the gym to see Kelly battle for her badge.

"Shit that took forever." One of the men sighed to himself.

"Sam let this be a lesson to you and us." The man walking on the left said.

"And what's that Bob?" Sam asked.

"For you, just stop battling and for us stop encouraging you to do so..."

"Hehe." The third man on the right chuckled.

"Again the two of you can KISS MY ASS!" Sam then held to the top of his voice. He then stopped and allowed both of his friends pass him. They both stopped and looked at each other and shrugged. "Just to prove both of you assholes that I still have the fire inside me. I'll challenge the next person I see and win!"

Sighing to myself I shook my head and did my best to ease around them, but it was in vain because we were the only people walking the street.


"Dammit..." I muttered to myself though I really wasn't looking in their direction it wouldn't take a genius to tell me that he was talking to me. "What is it?" I said not really in the mood for a battle.

"Sam don't do this, two of your Pokémon just got out of the Center." His friend Bob said placing a hand on his friend shoulder. "And I don't think battling the girl's boyfriend will solve anything."

"Shut it you bastard and just watch me shine!"

"Sir I'm not really in the mood for this tonight..." I said in a way to shrug him off.

He then reached onto his belt pocket and pulled out a Pokéball and held it up towards me a menacing grin on his face. "Well that's too bad, looks like your date is going to have to wait."

"Huh what are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb, I just saw you heading in the Pokémon Center motel rooms with that pink headed witch." He said with a slight slur in his voice. Something was telling me that this guy was drunk.

"If you just saw me inside how the hell did I get out here then?" I retorted trying to confuse him. I already knew that he was referring to Brian and Kelly heading towards the center. One thing I had saw it in my vision earlier when that thing was restraining me. Another is that people that don't know that Brian and I are twin often get us confused.

"Yeah now that I think about it I saw you in there as well and I didn't see you leave. How did you get out here?" It was the third friend who's name I can't remember, who spoke this time.

Taking both hands I placed them in front of my face and began to wiggle my fingers in a waving motion and said, "Oooo...I did it with my magical powers. Now if you guys don't mind I'd like to go to bed now."

"Oh he's a wise guy." Bob said to Sam. "He needs to have his ass kicked before bed time."

"Hehe and I'll be the one to give it to him." Sam said with a loud grunt.

"Dammit..." I muttered to myself again.

Sam then took his Pokéball and lightly tossed it into the air. Through the burst of energy it rained down light that formed a large water type Pokémon. If I'm not mistaken it's called a Swampert a very powerful beast who let out a mighty roar. I could see that this Swampert had some fighting experience with it because it carried a large scar over its left eye. Looking closely at the large Pokémon I could see that it had many battle wounds all over its body.

'Now I'm in trouble.' I thought to myself now going over what all moves I could make without losing or losing to badly. 'If I were to use Foo, he'd be quick and powerful, but something tells me that thing can endure a lot of punishment.' My thoughts then went to my Pawniard Swipe. 'He could possibly be a good match for this thing, but he doesn't have that much experience when it comes to battling and taking orders.'

Shaking my head I then sighed, because I was only left with one option, and that was my Typhlosion Ruption. He has a solid defense and can deal some fairly good damage. Especially since he was trained to work with Diamond; he would always be on the defense while she remained on offense.

Retrieving his Pokéball I then held it up towards the moonlight and admired the reflection off the ball.

"Hurry up kid we don't have all night." The third friend yelled.

Expanding the ball I tossed it into the air. It too opened and poured out its energy revealing my Typhlosion.

With a mighty roar from both Pokémon, I could feel a sort of uneasiness about this fight. I mean I knew that I was at a heavy disadvantage, see that he was using a water/ground type Pokémon, but there was something else not right about all this. It was as if though I was being watched.

"This'll be a one on one battle, no substitutions, and no surrendering. Each opponent will keep fighting until the others Pokémon is completely KO'd." Sam said with a smug smile on his face. "So big mistake for you to pull that "Fire place" of a Pokémon."

"Whatever let's do this gramps so I can get some sleep."

 "Little punk." He muttered within his teeth loudly. "Alright Swamper hand him an ass whooping that he'll never forget!"

Once he yelled that his Swampert charged at Ruption like a Zubat out of hell. Wailing loudly as it made its way nearer.

Ruption was able to brace himself for the intense impact of the raging, hulking, mound of muscle. Nearly taking him off his feet, Ruption then decided to launch a flamethrower point blank into its face. But he was too late and the Swampert immediately fired a hydro pump at Ruption muzzle at point-blank range.

The blast had enough power within it to completely carry Ruption off his feet and sent flying backwards towards me. Upon landing on the ground he quickly scrabbled to his feet, but remained in a defensive stance.

Taking a deep breath he unleashed a powerful flame that completely engulfed his opponent. By the time flames let up there was smoldering breeze that sweep pass me. Looking at Ruption to see how he was faring after that attack, he was breathing rapidly. I think taking water attack combine with the sudden burst of flames may have taken a lot out of him.

Once the smoke cleared my eyes had widen with surprise. I saw Sam's Swampert standing in the center of the area where Ruption had launched his flame attack, but he wasn't even burned. The monster didn't even make a defensive stance to take the blast. He had a smoke emanating from his body, but other than that he was completely fine.

"Ok Swamper let's end this, Hydro Cannon!"

With that command the Swampert took a deep breath and placed both arms on the ground to brace for the attack.

I knew with the kind of water pressure that it was building up Ruption would not be able to maintain consciousness. For this asshole I would even like for him to go into his Flash Fire mode, but he'd take far too much damage before that would even take effect.

Only one thing I could think about that would probably get me out of this jam and that was to fight fire with to speak that is.

"Ruption! Use Flamethrower one hundred percent!" I yelled trying to spark a kindle of hope inside him.

Ruption did the same as the Swampert and took a deep breath. The Flames on his back flared up about double the height of his body. I could see that he was putting his all into this attack and I for couldn't ask for more win or fail, I'm so proud of him.

The Swampert unleashed his water blast, which by the way had to have been the largest waves of water I've seen come out of a Pokémon thus far.

"Ruption let's go!" I barked.

Ruption then opened his mouth as wide as he could. Seeing his entire body tremble with strain caused me to shake a bit as well.

There came the largest flame I've ever seen come from Ruption as if a giant flaming monster was living inside him and stuck its hand out his throat and reached out. The brightness of the flames illuminated the entire block that we were standing on. It was so bright I had to shield my face with my arm. The heat itself was very intense I could feel every nerve in my body tingle, but I wasn't going to leave his side because of it.

I could hear the collision from both of the massive attacks. Since Ruption wasn't lying by my feet I could tell that they must be at a stalemate. That Swampert has the advantage of type and strength right now, because he didn't do much in the beginning of the battle. I can only hope that Ruption dig deep and is able to push his opponent back.

But I realized that it wasn't the case and that Ruption was starting to go empty. The flames on his back were starting to get lower and lower. Then there was very little to no flame at all and I was able to remove my arm from my face and look at directly what he was fighting against.

There was a tidal wave of water that loomed over Ruption like a giant sea creature attacking a boat. All Ruption was able to do was guard himself against the massive attack. Though by this time I just realized it wasn't just him, but myself included was in danger.

I closed my eyes and listened closely as Ruption roars as he tried his best in a vain attempt to hold the wave back with his paws. The wave completely washed over him and came crashing down on top of me. I'm lucky that it was late out and nobody is out on the streets or else this could have been messier than it is now.

The wave carry us both further away from the Center and with me face first into a street lamp. Grabbing my face from the pain I could feel my nose starting to bleed. The water finally receded enough to where I could stand on my feet. Either the world was spinning fast or it was my head, but soon I snapped my vision to focus to where Ruption had landed.

Ruption was a full two meters with the water monster making its way over to him, it was breathing heavily and had a look of rage in its eyes that would frighten most. It slowly made its way over to him, taking what looked to be one painful step at a time.

Ruption seemed to be conscious barely, and was looking at his opponent approached. He had a nervous look in his eye; I could tell that he was at his limit and couldn't go any further.

The three men were laughing the entire time all this was taking place, but that didn't matter to me the only thing that filled my concern was Ruption.

Quickly standing up I sprinted as fast as I could, I was able to beat that monster to him. I was over him near his back checking him up and down for anything have broken. That's when I saw the Swampert was only a few feet away and still approaching, and that's when I realized that I was wrong in guessing that he was just mad...he was coming to finish the job.

Two scenarios ran through my mind in a fraction on a second. First one being: I could call him back into his Pokéball and say that I surrender, but knowing Ruption he'd never forgive me. The second was that: me possible being killed trying to guard my Pokémon.

To be honest I like to consider myself a hero! Leaping over Ruption I dropped into a defensive stance ready to take anything this beast had to dish out.

"Hey kid are you crazy! You're going to get yourself killed!" a voice what sounded to be Sam calling out to me.

"Then call him back!" I snapped back.

"Can't do that he won't stop till his opponents are KO'd."

Now the Swampert was looking down at me with the mean expression. Using its right arm it tried to shove me out of the way. I then slapped its arm off of me to show my defiance. It then grew even angrier at me and tried to strong arm knock me out of the way.

Using every ounce of strength in my body I manage to stop him from knocking me out of the way. I then smiled at him now having the blood from my nose drip into my mouth.

This time it grew even more furious and raised both arms above its head. I then did the same I could tell that this was going to hurt like hell if I survive that is.

It came down slamming hard I then closed my eyes tightly and a vision of Brian came flooding in. I could see Kelly leaning over me shaking me violently and yelling loudly. I also saw a light blue blur zip from the corner of my eye. Kelly then turned to face it and raced after it.

My vision came back to myself; I could feel an almost unbearable weight bearing down on me. From that blow earlier I know that this thing should be able to crush me easily. I then opened my eyes to see that I was holding its arms up with my hands, but I could see that there was an extra pair of hands helping me.

Tilting my head backwards I saw that Ruption was standing behind me holding the beast up with me. Though we both were shaking from the shear pressure that it was now applying. Ruption was too weak to keep this up for long and I couldn't hold it by myself.

I could now feel my legs giving out from underneath me and if I fall I'm more than sure Ruption would not be able hold it. It would be even more troublesome if the damn thing started trying to pound down on us.

"What the hell is that?" I heard someone say unclear of whose voice that could be.

"Is that a Glaceon?"

"Yeah I think it is...but what the hell is it doing out here?"

I looked down to the ground to see that it was Diamond and she was standing next to the Swampert. The first thing that ran through my mind is, 'why the hell is this demon here right now? Aren't I catching enough hell as is?'

Then suddenly something much unexpected happened, using her left paw she reached up and placed it gently on the Swampert's leg. The damn thing almost instantaneously froze over.

Ruption and I immediately let go so we wouldn't have gotten frozen as well. Ruption then fell over to his side eyes barely able to stay open. I then followed him, but I only fell to my knees from complete physical exhaustion.

I could see Diamond silently approach him; she quietly laid her head down on top of his. I could hear a grunt escape his throat, but looking at how she is acting towards him I doubt he'll complain too much.

"Hey it's that witch again! That must be her Pokémon." One of the men yelled.

I then saw a red beam engulf the now frozen Swampert. I let out a sigh of relief, to my most immediate troubles disappearing. But then it soon got replaced by a new one, once I saw that it was Kelly who they were talking about.

"Hey didn't you see that you've won? Why are you still battling him, not only that you're hurting him as well." She said sternly.

"Hmph!" Sam grunted. "That little punk needed a lesson in manners. And that just doesn't go for him..." He said referring to Kelly.

"Look here I beat you today fair and square; it was because of your own out-of-focus self that you've lost. So if anyone here needs manners it's you!" She snapped back.

"Whatever let's go guys I'm getting sick of this girl." He said walking away with his friends right behind him.

Kelly then turned to face me; she had a mad/worried facial expression. I just wanted to leap up and kiss her for saving my ass, but that would energy that I didn't have at the moment.

"You play the role of hero well." I said barely as an audible grunt.

She rolled her eyes and got down on her knees and hugged me tightly. "You're an idiot you know that..."

"Yeah I know...and I'm sorry..." I remembered to tell her.

"It's ok...Oh yeah! Brian's hurt!"

darkdragon33 2 years ago 1
What an interesting turn of events. Poor Brandon and Ruption tots beat up.
Pod155 2 years ago 0
Thank you! Standing up for what's right and your friends isn't always rainbows and sunshine, but at the end of the day you feel good about what you did.

Glad you enjoyed it it gets even more crazier next time!