28 Jan 2012

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Posted 28 Jan 2012 11:28
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Sybil 'Cibbie' Heritance.
Age: 21
Height: 5'9''
Species: Archethal, Goldenpelt. Polarii Cybernetic Augmentations

Sybil Heritance is the youngest child and only daughter of Judas and Lulubelle Heritance, and is therefore the only princess of the Heritance family line. Her life as a girl was reasonably normal for any royal child, and she spent much of it with her only brother, Brenton. She didn't have many companions beyond her brother through her youth, and she spent much of her time after his drafting into the military alone, reading or enjoying her personal preference of pastime, fishing. She often would be scolded by her mother for being caught in the act of fishing, as it was not what she considered a 'ladylike activity', though she never payed any attention to these rants.

At the age of twenty, her people came under siege from the Polaris, a race of cybernetic creatures that convert their opponents into their ranks through extensive technological implants. Though technologically sound, the war was not progressing well, dozens of colonies fell within the first day alone, and within a few months only the Archethal home world, Nu'richè, was all that stood. She had been in hiding with her brother, father, and mother when the final siege struck. It is unknown if she, or the rest of her family, put up much of a fight, but records show that, after the Polaris left, there were only animals left on the planet.

Since then she has managed to be freed of the extensive mind control of the Polaris construct, and has eked out a life within the Earth Treaty Alliance, an alliance of planets within the same few hundred light-years of space from each other that her father signed their proud race into. She has also been accepted into the Dozen, a group of individuals using powerful abilities, seemingly magical in design, as Twelve, or Kinship. The most powerful of their abilities are called 'Trump', and usually triple the output of their individual powers. While many of the others have potent energy based powers, hers is almost entirely melee in focus. The Vengeance, a 'berserker' like state she enters should a friend, loved one or fellow Dozen be seriously physically or mentally harmed. Her strength is increased almost tenfold, and her very body becomes almost immune to attack while Vengeance is in control; bullets bounce off of her, energy based weaponry including energy blades, cannot scratch her, the attacks of other Dozen have no effect whatsoever regardless of whose it is, and explosions don't faze her. With Polaris prosthetics -her left arm below the elbow and right leg below the knee,- a commanding personality that is starting to blossom and a kind heart, she's fast becoming a powerful weapon for the Dozen.

Her story can be found here:

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