28 Jan 2012

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Posted 28 Jan 2012 16:29
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Of Foxes and Ferrets Chapter 1: Strange Awakenings

This is a short little story that I wrote, based ever so vaguely off of a dream that I had one night. It's my first real work that I'm posting, and I honestly don't even think that it's very good. But, an author/artist's worst critic is themselves, so...

There may be a chapter 2, if I get enough feedback for it, or even if I just feel like writing again in the near future. I mean, I did kinda leave it on a bit of a cliffhanger.

            I awoke with a groan, and immediately clutched at my head... I had the absolute worst fucking migraine. It took me several long seconds to get my bearings, and start to look around... I was sitting on the floor, in the middle of a bathroom stall, with my head propped up against the side of the wall of the stall. Where in the hell was I? Well, aside from the bathroom of somewhere. Obviously I was hungover from... some party I don't remember. What time was it? I slowly, sloowly pulled myself up to my feet.. Only to suddenly feel nauseous, and have to bend back over that toilet that sat there in front of me. A few seconds later, I was trying to stand back up again, grabbing at some toilet paper to wipe my muzzle clean. The toilet paper went into the toilet, and I stumbled out of the bathroom stall.. Only to freeze in place at the sight of the mirror in front of me.


            What was looking back in the mirror... Wasn't me. Instead of the silver, slightly effeminate ferret that I am.. used to be.. There was a orange vixen, clad in a black skirt and baby blue t-shirt that barely clung to her chest. I lifted my paw up.. and so did the vixen. I stepped closer to the mirror, and so did she. I reached up, to touch my face.. Her face.. I knew I'd been feeling... different... but I assumed that had just been the obscene amount of liquor I'd drunk last night. My hand moved to the mirror, touching the reflection in the mirror... My first instinct was to scream, but the rational part of my brain said that would likely bring about a LOT of unwanted attention. I pulled my hand back from the mirror... I was trembling. Shakily, I stepped over to the stalls, and began pushing them open..


            The stalls were all empty... Except the one beside where I'd woken up. Laying in the middle of that stall... was... me. Or what used to be me. My hands clamped over my muzzle, otherwise I'd have really let out a scream. The ferret laying on the ground was just starting to stir... Obviously we'd both had quite a lot to drink last night. He grabbed at his head for a few seconds before burying his head in the porcelain. I was shocked... It was me, moving... And who was I? My mind suddenly flashed so a lot of those stories I'd read.. Swapping bodies with a complete stranger, different species, different gender... But those were just fictional, right? Nothing that could possibly happen in real life. I rubbed at my face a few more seconds, and I could feel my ears folding down against my head.


            The ferret let out another groan, and he started to pull himself up to his feet. I was just barely able to pull my head out of my hands before he turned around... and his eyes met mine. His eyes went wide as dinner plates, and he stumbled backwards, barely catching himself on the wall behind him. At first, I'd thought he figured it out way sooner than I did, but thinking back on it, he might've just been startled by the sight of a vixen standing in the middle of the door to the stall. That could be quite shocking, especially after waking up after such a rough night like we had. He clapped his hands over his muzzle, much like I had... and all I could do was stand there and stare at him like a deer stuck in the headlights.


            He was the first to speak. "I... you.." was all he could spit out...


            All I could really do was nod... and after a second or two, simply replied, "Yeah, seems that way..."


            "H-how?" he asked, voice shaking, and all I could do was shrug. I offered a still-trembling paw to him, to help him back up. The sight of my now-orange-and-white hand was still slightly disturbing. He stared at it for a few seconds, before pushing himself up off the wall, and pushed me back out into the middle of the bathroom by my shoulders. He seemed to be grabbing hold of the situation a lot better than me, at least.


            He stopped out there, taking a step backwards to look me over... And then he looks over into the mirror, giving himself a good look over. And for the first time, I was able to give myself.. or at least my old body, a good and proper look over as well. No mirrors this time.. He was about five foot ten, covered from head to to in a silvery grey fur.. Well, except for the tips of his ears and his tailtip. Those were an inky black, as if someone had taken an inkwell and dipped his ears and tail into it. His eyes were a dark, steel-grey, settled down behind his black-nose-tipped muzzle. He was very lithe, effeminate looking. The tight black tee shirt he wore clung to his torso was proof of that. His waist curved in, before curving out to rather wide hips. And probably the reason we were both in the same bathroom.. hanging off of those hips was a red plaid skirt. In fact, the only reason I even know that he was a male was because, well, he was me. And I was very distinctly male... well, before this. And he found this out by quite blatantly lifting up his skirt and groping at the big bulge in the front of his panties. He stayed quiet throughout, though.


            My eyes finally turned back to the mirror, about the same time that his turned to me. I seemed to be a few inches shorter than the ferret... me... About five foot six. I had very bright green eyes, almost shockingly green. I had the normal coloration of a fox, orange and black and white. Moving downwards a little, I had a decent sized B-cup,  and a very curvy body. Behind me flicked that obligatory big, fluffy tail, attached to my wide hips.. I couldn't help but turn around and check out my rump. It wasn't exactly a ghetto-booty, but I wasn't really flat either..


            Behind me, I could hear the ferret clear his throat. "..Are you done checking out my ass, now?" he asked, a very faint hint of annoyance in his voice..


            "Sorry.." I murmured, turning around to face what used to be me. "..Though.. isn't it technically my ass, now?" I asked. Even in this situation, the smart-ass in me was coming out.


            "Yeah, yeah, we can argue the semantics later.. For now... let's figure out what the fuck happened." he snapped back... Normally, I would've felt a little hurt by that, but considering the circumstances, it seemed a perfectly reasonable reaction.


            "Y-yeah.. I mean.. It seems.. kinda obvious that we've.. you know.. swapped bodies.." I murmered, ears folding back against my head.


            "No shit, Sherlock. I mean.. I.." The ferret lets out a huff, before suddenly gripping at his head again. The sight of him in pain was enough to set off my own headache again. I groaned out, fingers coming up to rub at my temples.


            "..Before we break out into a full-blown argument, how about we deal with our hangovers first?" I meekly suggested. "We can head back to my place.. I've got some extra strength tylenol there.."


            "Yeah, sounds like a plan.." he replies, eyes clenched shut and rubbing at the bridge of his muzzle. "...Where's my purse? It's got my keys in it..." he murmurs to himself, looking around the bathroom with squinted eyes. He steps over to the stall where I'd woken up and snatches up a little black and blue leather bag.


            I couldn't help but grin at the sight of the ferret slinging the purse over his shoulder... "It suits you.." I teased.


            "Hey, you're the queer little gay-boy that came out to the bar wearing a skirt," he spat back at me.


            "Chill out, it was a joke.." I whimpered softly, biting down on my bottom lip. The ferret tore the purse off of his shoulder, and shoved it at me.


            "You carry it. I was the one that came in with it last night... It'd look a little strange if I.. you.." he gripped at his head again, shaking it back and forth a little. "Just.. you carry it."


            "No worries, I know what you were getting at.." I answered, taking the purse and slipping my arm through the straps. Once it was settled on my shoulder, I turned towards the door of the bathroom.. I stepped towards it, still with no clue where we even were or what time it was... Well, obviously it was a bar, but which bar? What part of town? I bit down on my bottom lip, and pushed the door open, stepping out into the other room. We were at some kind of a dance club.. And it had to be just past last call. The music had stopped and the lights were on. I still didn't remember much.. But at least the room looked familiar enough that I knew the lights had been off last night. The ferret and I just quietly made our way across the room and slipped outside... Thankfully, the only thing that might have given us away was the little ding as we walked out the door.


            "Over here, is where I think I parked.." the ferret murmurs, walking over to the left of us. There was only one car parked over here.. A baby blue Prius. I couldn't help but roll my eyes a little, but I followed along behind him.. Once we got to the car, he stood by the driver's side door, and seemed to be staring at me.. After a second, I remembered that I had her purse. I "oh"d, and pulled it off my shoulder, to dig around in it for a few seconds. Various types of make-up, a wallet, a few pieces of candy, a phone.. Finally I heard the jingle of keys, grabbed them and tossed them over to the ferret. He unlocked the car, and we got in.. I sat there, almost uncomfortably, with his purse in my lap. The car started up, and I turned to him.


            "...I barely remember last night. Did.. we meet before we wound up in the bathroom?" I asked, cautiously.


            "..Not that I recall. But.. I can't really say I'm in any better of a position than you. I only remember bits and pieces."


            "But, you remembered at least where we were, and where your car was.."


            "..Like I said, bits and pieces. My name's Brandy." Her replies were short, almost snappy... But once again, I couldn't really blame her. What had happened was something only stories were made of.


            "And.. I'm Jason. I suppose.. we should be calling each other by our... bodies names...?" That question just sounded bizarre. But Brandy nodded, and even smiled a little bit.


            "I suppose so, Brandy. This is so... surreal. I mean, all of it. Just.." He shrugs a little, finally starting the car and pulling out. "My place isn't that far from here... We'll be able to get some tylenol and water in us soon. Speaking of, I should have a bottle in the glovebox there, pull it out and give it here."


            I nodded, and did as she'd asked.. She opened it, and drank down a good half of it in one looong swig. Then she held the still open bottle to me. I cautiously took it, and took a good swig.. Though nowhere near as much as the ferret had. I stopped to take a breath, before taking another couple of sips. We sat mostly in silence, but really, what are you supposed to say to some random vixen you literally just met? Especially when they're currently inhabiting your body?


            Apparently, the silence was a little bothersome to Brandy-now-Jason, because he reached down to turn the radio on. I didn't protest, the music was a nice break in the silence. It wasn't exactly my style of music, but I wasn't really in a position to complain. Hell, I wasn't in a position to do much of anything. The reality of the situation was starting to sink in, I think... My mind was racing, and honestly making my head throb. How had this happened? What about work? Family? I couldn't help but chew on my bottom lip a bit more. I was really deep in thought, apparently, because before I knew it, we were pulling into a parking spot and Brandy had turned the car off. I blinked, and looked around... We were at some kind of apartment complex, four stories tall. It seemed like we were in the middle of town. We didn't live in a big city, so I was actually somewhat impressed. We had to be close to downtown. I opened the door, and slung the purse over my shoulder again, as the ferret was doing the same, minus the purse. He pulled the keys out, holding one up specifically.


            "This is the front door key. If someone saw me.. you.. unlocking my door, it'd be kinda suspicious.." I simply nodded, taking the key from her and simply holding it down by my side. "Third floor, second door on the left," he continues, giving me a little push. I nodded, and started moving my feet. My headache was coming back in full force, and my free hand came up to rub along my temples once more. I walked into the building, with Brandy following behind me. The doberman doorman perks up at the two of us walking in.


            "Hey there, Brandy. Rough night?" he asks. I deduced that his name was Eric from the name tag on his vest.


            "You have no idea.." I murmured back, keeping my head low and moving forward. Eric moved over and put a hand on my shoulder.


            "You need any help? It's always really dead this late at night, I'm sure I could slip off for a few minutes to make sure you're okay." It was obvious he was just trying to get up to my.. Brandy's room.


            I shook my head, pulling away from that hand on my shoulder. "Nah.. My and my friend.. Jill here are just gonna head up to my room and hit the hay. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" I said, looking over my shoulder to a slightly-disappointed looking doberman... And a smirking ferret. Instead of waiting for a response, I just grabbed the ferret's shoulder, and headed for the stares. I didn't want to have to wait for the elevator. Once we were up one flight, Brandy burst out laughing.


            "Oh, wow.. I'm sorry, I forgot all about Eric.. He's been trying to get in my pants ever since I moved in here a few years ago."


            "Heh.. It's fine.. I just really want to get some meds and water in me and get to bed.." Brandy nodded, and we stayed quiet for the rest of the walk upstairs. Down the hall, and second door on the left. I pushed the key into the lock, turned it, and the two of use slipped inside. As soon as the door closed behind us, Brandy started tugging his shirt off, tossing it onto a chair in the living room, turning on a lamp on the end table. I looked around a little...


            It was a quaint little place. Living room, kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom. All of the essentials. The living room had a couch, a small LCD TV, bookcase, your average little living room. The ferret slipped into the bathroom, as I wandered over to just plop onto the couch, hand on my head. Brandy came out a few seconds later, stepping into the kitchenette, to get a glass of water. I could barely see her taking her pills, before slipping over to give me two little capsules and the glass of water. I popped them into my muzzle, took a sip of water and swallowed them down.


            "Blankets are in the hallway closet, if you need one. I'm going to get to bed as well. You're fine with sleeping out here on the couch?" he asks... And then strangely, he rubs my head between my ears a little. I couldn't help but be taken a little aback by that. After a second, I nodded.


            "Yeah, that's fine.. We can work out what the hell we're gonna do in the morning.." I replied, slowly standing up. I moved over into the hallway, and grabbed a fairly thin blanket out of the closet. Brandy slipped into her room.


            "I'll see you in the morning, then!"


            I nodded to her, and moved back to the couch. I tugged the shirt off, and then felt around my waist for the fastener to the skirt... It was a simple zipper in the back. I unzipped it, and pushed it down, before sitting down on the couch. I couldn't help but look over myself again.. Brandy had picked out a pair of really sexy underthinks. Light blue, like her shirt, with the faintest little hints of lace around the edges... Before I let myself get carried away though, I shook those thoughts from my head and laid down. I reached up to turn the lamp off, and closed my eyes...

JessFoxx 2 years ago 1
I hope you write the next chapter; I really want to know what's going on.
mercurywolf 2 years ago 1
I hope you do too, its great so far! Nice to see a clean body swap on here. :)
Jason_Ferret 2 years ago 0
I can't promise it will /stay/ clean, heh. I'm working on the second chapter now, however. It'll be a bit longer than this chapter, so expect it in a few days.
mercurywolf 2 years ago 0
Oh well if it doesn't, its still a good story. :D
kanapoftheshattered 2 years ago 0
I am in agreement with a next chapter.
TyVulpintaur 2 years ago 0
More! More! More! *150 foot tall foxtaur tailwags*
TyVulpintaur 1 year ago 0
ph15 1 year ago 0
I love this story! MOAR! O3O
Rhysion 1 year ago 0
That's one hell of a cliffhanger. It feels so incomplete...

I do hope you're able to keep writing more to this, as I'm quite interested in finding out what happened and what the two of them are going to do next, both figuring things out and having a little fun while they're at it.