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28 Jan 2012

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Posted 28 Jan 2012 19:16
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Wolf Hugging

#14 of Wolfdogs

so now the people of SoFurry know what i look like! lol. this is me hugging Takoda, a wolf at Howling Woods Farm, a wolf and wolfdog rescue in NJ

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kitarl 2 years ago 0
and yer both cute, *notes ring* and I hope he keeps you very happy
Lonewolf Artz 2 years ago 1
i barely ever see him. but yea, being around real wolves makes me happy. i just wish i could spend more time with them
White Whiskers 2 years ago 0
OMG! that is sooooo awesome! XD
RaphiexEvilAngel 2 years ago 0
Dammit I envy ye x3
Thorin_Pheonix 2 years ago 0
There is a wolf and wolf-dog rescue here in Colorado too! it's called Mission wolf. I was able to go in the run and hug a wolf too =) It really is an amazing experience to be around real wolves. and to hear their amazing howls also!
Of The Wilds 2 years ago 0
That's awesome! Beautiful wolf. I got to pet one a few times, animal rescue group brought some to Oklacon, I think it was.
Makeria Stein 2 years ago 0
DAMN! i jut moved from NJ like yesturday.......i wanted to hugs to wolves tooo *sadness* he looks so cute to... ;_;
Lonewolf Artz 2 years ago 0
i just moved from NJ a few days ago.... im sad i couldnt stay longer
Makeria Stein 2 years ago 0
Sadness indeed, but I'm sure the wolves were glad to have gotten to see you ^^
CW3Chill 2 years ago 0
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fuzzy :D
Fire brns 2 years ago 0
D'AAAAW, Adorable. Um .. er .. the wolf, I mean.
MonsieurFoxy 2 years ago 0
Oh man. So do they eventually go home with people as new owners, or do they stay there permanently? (Always wanted a wolfdog. They're so damn smart.)
Lonewolf Artz 2 years ago 0
some are adopted out. but as you can imagine, the application is very strict. they want to make sure they don't end up back at the rescue.
MonsieurFoxy 2 years ago 0
I'm assuming they require you to have a house, with at least a backyard for them to run in. Possibly non-urban?
I'm genuinely interested in getting one. PM me with application info?
Panda801 2 months ago 0