29 Jan 2012

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Posted 29 Jan 2012 22:49
Last edited 01 Feb 2012 18:49
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Trust Among Otters Illustration

"A happy loser..." I smile and my own paws settle along his waist as he kisses me again. This time our tongues are fierce against each other as we tilt our heads and deepen our increasingly passionate accord. One of his webbed paws travels achingly slow downward until he awards a firm squeeze to my sheath, causing me to gasp into his muzzle, which in turn fuels our kiss even more. I reciprocate the squeeze with one of my own paws on his luscious, almost perfect rump, and the entire time I can just imagine my cock embedded deep inside its lovely tightness.

Once we manage to tear our muzzles apart, we both gaze at each other with a lustful, wanton look. Soon, he begins stroking my growing erection under water, causing me to moan slightly, but to my surprise, he lets go just before I start getting into it.


And here's the beautiful illustration by Tsaiwolf for my story, Trust Among Otters, which you can read here -

I always thought Tsaiwolf drew the best otters, hands down, especially after I saw his Thermometer Donation drive. Seriously, his otters are gorgeous, and it's VERY hard to get these creatures right. But he did a wonderful job, as I knew he would. It's incredible. :D And yeah, technically, Kemen's jerking Devon off AFTER they break the kiss, but I don't care, this is perfect. :3

Trust Among Otters was recently published in Tales of the Neon Phoenix, along with it's sequel, A Slippery Catch, and Fox News.

Again, feel free to give the story a look! -

Characters and story © Rahne Kallon
Artwork © Tsaiwolf

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Toumal 2 years ago 0
Otters are love ^_^
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Wow this is a perfect balance of sexy and romantic all in one :D
darkwolfe23 2 years ago 0
Very nice
Rags 2 years ago 0
Great picture. Very well done.

Also, in the past it wouldn't hurt to put the artist's name as a tag. I did it for you, though.
Rahne 2 years ago 0
I already included the artist's name in the submission info. No need to add it for me. :)
Leon Wolfric 2 years ago 0
This is hot and cute at the same time. Love the art and the story, thank you for putting the link in the description. This is going in my faves ^.^
Rahne 2 years ago 0
Thanks! Glad you liked them. :D
Leon Wolfric 2 years ago 0
You are very welcome
Zelnyair 2 years ago 0
I like how they are cradling each other's necks- I think that's pretty nice.
WeregarurumonLover69 2 years ago 0
this is like the best artist for otters ^^