29 Jan 2012

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Posted 29 Jan 2012 23:28
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Husky on a Hill

Weeelllll! Looky here!? Seems that the F & F Inc. is back with another collaboration of the furry variety! Heheh, can you guess, from the title, what this oh so shirtless fellow is?! Starts with an H! Heh.

The work is just like usual! The drawing or uuuh character is done by me I think is how it goes and the lining/ line art and such is done by Little_Fuzzy as well as the background and coloring! And the grass too! Gah! Heheh, anyway, hope all who view enjoy it and rate, comment or fav if you so desire! Just make sure you do it on...

... This account! Heheh, no buts!

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