30 Jan 2012

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Posted 30 Jan 2012 23:19
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Hey guys, Anon here (Obviously). I just wanted to give an update and some thanks to the furs who've been watching me and giving comments/ratings and all that. Although I joined SF only a week and a half ago, my stories have been getting such good feedback and ratings that I feel so freaking euphoric! ^-^ I'm so lucky to be a part of a supportve community full of great people and I wanted to say thank you. As for the update, LMTK (Letting My Trainer Know) is almost over and the last chapter is in the works. I'm planning to do bios for all the characters after the last chapter so it doesn't feel like it's interuppting anything. I want to start writing some stand-alone stories as well as a sequel for LMTK focusing on Han and I wanted to know your opinions. Again, thank you for supporting a noobish writer and I hope you'll keep enjoying my content. (: