01 Feb 2012

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Posted 01 Feb 2012 00:10
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Well this pic took about 6hours to make and was fun all the way through. I just love intense battles scenes like this. I decided to add in Claire and Fran on this one since I havent used them for anything official in a while, and plus bears are cool like that. As for the scene itself, I found a pic online and used this right here as the base for the picture. Not sure who drew it but they've got a great sense of design when it comes to scene work. Put em side by side and see if they look alright.

As always there are some errors in the pic but the render took about an hour and some change to finish so i just left them out or tried to hide em with some for of editing. I put the pic in a 1600x900 state since I wanted to use it as wallpaper on my computer.

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Dances With Death 2 years ago 0
there's something about a well armed female that ...i dunno..stirs me the right way. as long as she's not aiming at me o.O
Blx24 2 years ago 0
I agree, theres just a unspoken confidence for a women who can handle a weapon and still maintain a sense of control. Just sexy.