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Ocean Depths part 13

#13 of Ocean Depths

OD part 13

By Roofles


"Becky, I'll be taking the day off. You think you guys can hold down the fort while I handle a few things, here?" Carlson pressed Lucas against his door kissing his neck and chest, rubbing his paws up his side and into the crook of his back pulling him close as he grinded against him.

"Sure, we got this." The stout's voice on the other line said. "Say hi to Carlson for me," she added slyly before hanging up abruptly before Lucas could reply.

The day was young, the sun was out and the birds were singing, and the birds and bees were out to play. The otter pressed the man against his apartment door, fumbling with the keys as he gnawed on Lucas's neck. Kissing and licking as the key went in and the door opened up the two falling inside. The otter on top of him, a paw sliding under his shirt rubbing his chest, as he stared down at him with half clouded eyes breathing heavily. Those blunt claws trailing down again, groping him roughly.

Lucas rolled his head back looking at the apartment upside down as his neck became a morsel to the otter licking it. Webbed feet were inches from his face, much to his confusion. Looking up the burgundy dress, he could see a rather disgruntled looking female otter staring down at the two.

"Carlson!" She shouted making Lucas jump. The otter on him looking up at her rather annoyed that something else had gotten in his way again.

The now rather disgruntled looking otter, climbed off of him leaving him on the ground. Taking a step over Lucas, Carlson pushed a finger against her chest. "Jessica. I told you to NEVER use the spare key to get in here unless it's an emergency." He jabbed the finger against her chest roughly staring her down.

Lucas got up, nearly being hit by the tail that thumped next to him. He got to his feet, adjusting himself and clearing his throat. "Carlson, I should get goin'."

"One sec, Lucas. This won't take long." The otter turned towards him long enough to show his pleading eyes before turning back to her.

Jessica looked at him up and down judging his worth before scoffing. "This is more important than your son?" Lucas defiantly didn't like the way she said 'this'. Yet it was the last part he focused on his jaw slightly dropping.

"Son?" Lucas blinked several times his voice catching in his throat.

"Justin's here?" Carlson eyes lit up looking past her. "It's not Thursday though. Why's he here? Is everything alright?" The otter tried to get past her but she stood her ground.

"He's fine. If you actually answered your cell phone you'd know that." She glared pushing a finger against him roughly. "Something's come up. You'll have to take him for the time being." She scowled at Lucas. "And try to keep your...antics to a minimum while he here."

"Jessica." Carlson nearly bit her head off as he hissed between clenched teeth keeping his voice down. "He is not some kind of possession to just be past off. He's your son! You can't just toss him around when he's inconvenient to you!"

"He's also yours. So take him. I'll be back in a week to grab him." Jessica pushed past him, Lucas having to jump out of the way before being run over in her wake. "Saturday or Sunday. Maybe later. I'll be back." She said before slamming the door.

The frames of the apartment shook before all going silent. Lucas wasn't sure if he should leave or say something. Carlson leaned against the wall, looking into the nearby room glad to see that it was empty and that their conversation had just been between the grown-ups. He sighed sliding down the wall and looking up at ceiling lost in thought.

"Carl," Lucas scratched the back of his neck unsure if he should take his leave or not.

"It's ok, you can go." The otter said forcible standing back to his feet a bit uneasy, not even looking at him.

"Could I meet him? Or would that be a bit... weird," Lucas asked offhandedly trying to keep the mood light. Unsure what else to say. He surprised himself after he asked.

Carlson looked at him a bit stunned. "Only if you want too..."

"If you don't want me to you can just say." Lucas said quickly.

"No its fine, it's just not what I expected." The large otter shook his head, clearing his thoughts before turning back to him.

"You're telling me." Lucas looked at the ground, an awkward silence followed.

"Down the hall, to the left. In the den." Carlson said walking over and giving him a tight hug. "His names Justin, I'll be right in. I got to make a few calls first to see what the fuck's going on." His muzzle brushed his neck, letting out a warm breath. "Thanks." He mumbled before breaking off, going about his business. Flipping through the notes next the phone and calling up a number from one of them.

Lucas wasn't sure what he was feeling as he headed down that hall. Things just weren't going the way either of them planned. One of those loveably hateable things about life that makes things interesting, he thought letting out a drawn out sigh. He rolled his shoulder trying to break the tension that had been building up. He took a steady breath as he pushed the door opened.

Bags had been stacked rather poorly next to the large bed, cloths spilling out of one of them on the already messy floor. He could spy the empty beer cans, and stale pizza from the previous night the two had been together, which only made this whole thing more awkward as his eyes drifted towards the otter on the bed. He had to be in his teens at least. Either Carlson was a lot older than he thought or the two must've had them at an incredible young age. The boy was playing the x-box staring at the screen, not even noticing the man that walked in.

Lucas wrapped his knuckles on the door. "Hey, you don't mind if I join you?" He asked not moving any closer as if afraid he would show a few traits from his mother.

The otter looked over; the sparkling deep blue sapphires of his father could easily be seen on his face. His fur was reddish, rusty amongst the darker brown like his mother. The curly hair was obviously his fathers though. The otter looked him up and down before turning back to his game.

"Grab a controller. This games only fun with co-op."  He said after a second, Lucas standing there unsure what to do.

Lucas took a seat on the edge of the bed after kicking off his shoes. The webbed hand handed him the extra controller, a corded one with tape wrapped around the end of it. It was obviously an older model that had seen much use in its day. The game was simple enough; it didn't take long for him to get the hang of it. He used to play these shooting games all the time during his collage days, and no matter what his friends said once you played one you kind of played them all, he figured blasting the head off an alien.

As the alien's head exploded on screen and a cut scene began to play the otter looked at him. "So what are you to my dad?"

Lucas could feel his face growing hot but tried his best to keep his cool. "Neighbor, friend. Drinking pal." He said trying to keep his tone light and simple, regretting the last part as he noticed several of the cans next to the otter.

The otter nodded turning back to the tv. "I can smell you on the sheets you know." Lucas didn't expect that, blushing a lot more. He took a second to clear his throat trying to come up with a good response to that. "It's not a surprise. How long have you been dating my dad?"

The otter didn't seem to mind as he shuffled his hair a bit, still looking at the screen. He was casual, lax. Didn't even seemed to be minded by the fact or bothered with him sitting next to him on the bed his dad and him used a few nights ago...

"Not long." Lucas didn't bother trying to sugar coat the subject anymore, though he wouldn't ruin the poor kid. "I slept over have we drank ourselves silly."

"I'm surprised." Justin said looking at him. "Mum said Dad was with another Hume. But I figured you'd have run at the sight of me like the other one did."

"What? I can't handle the fact he has a kid? Give me some more credit than that." Lucas forced a laugh still uncomfortable about the whole thing. "Besides he had a life before he met me anyways."

Justin shrugged. "The other one was a bitch anyways." Lucas laughed a bit as the otter turned back to the screen. "At least you got some balls."

"Thanks....I think." Lucas tossed a grenade sending body parts everywhere. "You don't mind, do you?"

"The fact my Dad's fucking a man? Or a hume?" The otter said bluntly looking at the screen, quickly taking the lead score as he took down one of the enemy tanks.

"Well I meant me being here actually."

"Games better on co-op." The otter replied simply.

Carlson knocked on the door before coming in jumping on the bed behind them, pulling the other otter into a rough hug. "Hey! It's good to see you again, squirt." Justin continued to play looking at the screen as Carlson rubbed his head fur. "Nice surprise seeing you here."

"Yeah. Mum's a bitch." Justin said as flatly as ever.

"What? You don't like hanging out with your old man?" Carlson laughed kissing his head before letting him go. He pushed Lucas playfully with a hind paw. "This is Lucas."

"We're acquainted." Justin said drolly.

"Well, I'll get out of your guys hair." Carlson said picking up the place a bit as he headed out. He kissed Lucas on the forehead before taking his leave.  "I'll put your stuff in the side room and get the place cleaned up. We'll go out to eat tonight," he hefted a bag onto his shoulder picking up another with his other hand holding a bunch of empty cans already. "If you want Lucas can come along or it can be just us."

"Sure." Justin only said. He set down the controller as another pointlessly long cut scene took the screen. "He's cool."

"Glad you approve." Lucas rolled his eyes getting up and helping Carlson out. "Be right back." He said as he followed Carlson with the last bag and a few pieces of stale pizza.

The otter dropped the bags onto the couch in the other room. He stretched his ears almost touching the low ceiling before slumping back down. He tossed the cans in a white trash bag to the side and began cleaning up the room so it would be live able. The last time his kid ended up on his doorstep it had been three months sense his mother turned up again, demanding her child after having no contact with either of them as she dropped off the face of the earth.

Lucas dropped the pizza in the trash by the door before putting the bag down next to the couch. "Nice kid."

Carlson slipped past him closing the door before going back to cleaning. "He's a good kid. Just... he has it rough, with his mother in all. Going from house to house, even living with her must be hell. It's no way for a kid to live." He trailed off staring at the ground.

Lucas helped the otter with what he could, watching the man. He went back to smiling as he trotted about picking up various pieces of trash, organizing the shelves and picking up stray objects off the ground. Truly making the place homely. Lucas was glad he stayed around, able to see him like this. It was clear that his son meant a lot to him, unlike his own life. He wondered what it would have been like to have a father like that, an otter would be weird though he had to admit. To have as a father...why was he thinking about this?

"What?" Carlson asked, those sapphire blues staring over at him.

"Nothing," Lucas smile taking a seat on the edge of the couch shaking his head. "He's a good kid, huh?" He repeated unsure what else to say in the matter.

"Couldn't ask for another." Carlson joked but the look on Lucas face made him wave him off. "I don't have anymore. It was a mistake. My biggest mistake. But because of It I got the best thing in my life."

Lucas laughed a bit looking around the room. "Just thought I'd ask, don't want any more surprises."

"Sorry, I was going to tell you. Eventually..." The otter mumbled scratching his chin. He lumbered over moving a few bags before taking a seat next to him. "It's not something you tell your date on the first" He laughed a bit nervously, scratching the back of his neck that nervous twitch he had.

"Plus your friends were there." Lucas pushed his shoulder. The otter blushed much to Lucas's surprise, the inside of those beady ears turning reddish in hew.

"That wasn't a date." He protested. Lucas laughed a bit at the way his voice whined a higher pitch than normal. He leaned over, kissing the side of his muzzle.

"It wasn't that bad for a date...Well we shouldn't leave him alone for too long." Lucas began about to head out when a sly paw wrapped around his waist pulling him into the otter's lap.

"He can wait a few more minutes." The otter practically purred rubbing his muzzle against his face and neck, giving it soft kisses.

Carlson pushed several bags onto the floor as he laid Lucas back, laying across him. That black nose bumping his, the chin fur brushing against his chin, the whiskers sweeping along his cheek, his lips pressing against his. He pulled back, exhaling a warm breath as he pressed down against him, staring with eyes of longing at the man under him.

He traced his cheek with a paw as he bumped noses again. "Thanks for staying," he mumbled, the inside of his ear turning redder again as he blushed.

Lucas closed his eyes, his arms draped around him. "It was my pleasure." He sighed as he felt the warmth radiate from the body on him. That slight tinged of musk was in the air. The otter grinded against him, a paw sliding under his head as he kissed him again, open maw. Lucas kissed back their tongues touching. The warm heavy body laid on him. Lucas trailed his hands through that thick fur along his sides. Sliding his hands through that thick coat, pushing against his chest, rubbing the nipple's under his pelt along the way.

"Carl," Lucas smiled kissing him as he leaned back as the otter pushed against him. "Tonight. Your sons in the other room, but," he cupped a hand against that muzzle that looked down at him. "We always got my apartment."

Carlson smiled leaning down to bump noses again. "What are we waiting for?" He joked, teasingly licking his cheek and hugging him tightly, his back curving as he held him. He breathed again against him. Lucas realized he was inhaling his scent this whole time, with each breath he let out he'd take another at a different spot. His neck, under his ear, his chest and in due time working his way down before taking a rather large breath near his groin as he continued sniffing him.

Lucas fidgeted as he felt that warm breath wash over it as Carlson nosed his shirt up, licking his belly. He nuzzled against it, Lucas scratching the back of his fur as he exhaled again, slurping up his happy trail. He shifted his weight, that rudder like tail hanging over the edge as he curved down and bump his groin with his nose again, looking up with puppy dog eyes.

"Caaarrrl," Lucas groaned pushing the otter back with a foot. The otter caught it neatly, stripping the sock and kissing the big toe. "You dork," he laughed trying to pull his leg free but the otter held on tightly. Carlson pulled his legs up to either side his stomach, grinding against him a bit as he laid back down bumping noses.

"The things I want to do to you," Carlson growled playfully his eyes sparkling in the moment, pushing his wet nose against his exposed neck, inhaling again. "You just make me crazy when you're around." His blunt claws scratching up the couch as he humped against him roughly with a growl.

Lucas wrapped his legs around him. "And the things I'd let you do," he teased exhaling against his ear. "But," he pushed against the otter, "you got to get off me, heh."

"No wanna," Carlson whined his arms wrapping around him, hugging him tightly again.

"You got to," Lucas pushed a bit harder, caught by surprised as the otter humped again.

Carlson sighed, giving up, resting his forehead against his. His long lithe body stretching out again, sliding partially off the edge of the couch. "Tonight, I'm paying you a visit." He nuzzled his face resting against the back of the couch, holding him tightly in his arms still grinding against him.

Shamfirah 2 years ago 0
like it
JWolfman 2 years ago 1
I'm liking this series a lot ^^, the setting and the characters are amazing, I look forward to reading more.
Reserved Rodent 2 years ago 0
Interesting additional background for Carlson. Nice to see Lucas handle things so well. And the kid seems to be pretty well together.
Leo Moto 2 years ago 0
nice unique plot devolopment,very enjoyable
SkippOtter 2 years ago 0
I love the foreplay between those two, they're so adorable. Also, the plot thickens!
TheGoldenUnicorn 2 years ago 0
Very nice plot point. And the chemistry between the two is palpable.

I see now where Lucas will have a common cause with Carlson to help him get over his reticense about their relationship. Nothing like a common foe (Jessica) to cement relations; or a kid that accepts his Dad's boyfriend to make Lucas truly feel like part of the family.

Continually good reading, Roof. Faved and Fived.

Nexxus Shadowfang 2 years ago 0
nice touch, kids are always fun to drop in the mix.

So he going to pay him a visit tonight , nice.