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02 Feb 2012

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The Kingdom of Achoel: Character List

#1 of Kingdom of Achoel

So what this is.... well it is another story I have rumbling around in my head. The way the others were are great for writing most of the time, but when I want to get really adventurous I can work on this story ^.^

The general gist of this story is about a....nah, that'll spoil the surprise ;)
it takes place in a medieval-esque time frame. There is obviously going to be magic in it. There are going to be some modern things, such as.... gotch ya ;)

So the drill is the same as always, please leave a comment and vote...and maybe, just maybe.... I'll get back to work on one of my stories. Real life (college, plays, sleep) permitting ;P

Names for the story of the Kingdom of Achoel:


Wolf-anthro's - Susuv (su - suv)

They come in a variety of colors, although the most common are grey and brown. They resemble humans with the exception of their fur, slightly elongated muzzle(six inches) and of course their tails. They are not know for being specialized in any particular skill, Magic, Fighting, or the Arts. It is this lack of specialization that makes them the 'power of many powers.' They are the most common species of anthro.

Lizard-anthro's - Ekifir (ek - eh - ef - ir)

Their scaly skin, and shortish stature (5 foot average) tend to have them stand out amongst their furred brethren. Despite rumors they are descended from dragons, the only traits that gives it credence are their scales and the ability to grasp Magic with ease. They are often given bad names by the few amongst them that abuse this affinity for magic.


Lynx-anthro's - Neko (ne - ko)

A cat-like race that often has black or grey fur. They have six sensitive whiskers on their strangely flat face. A keen sense of smell, unsurpassed night-vision, and the fact that even the least of them boast the ability to walk silently often make them choice thieves. Unfortunately, this reputation gives their many caravans a bad reputation. It is vey rare to see a Neko practice Magic, although not unheard of.


Eagle-anthro's - Washi (va - sha - e) 

This species is the only race that takes a large leap from the norm. They are covered in, most often, gold-colored feathers. Their face is covered in a much softer down-like feather, with almost universal deep golden eyes. They have the ability to fly, by spreading the long flight feathers on their arms. Because of this, they most often serve as messengers during battle, or the relaying of important information.


Bear-anthro's - Uthio (u - te  - o)

These large creatures are the most easily noticed. It is not uncommon for them to stand over 7 feet tall. Commonly, their fur is brown or black. For all their size and strength, they are a rather gentle folk and are know for producing not only the greatest soldiers of the kingdom but also some of the finest crafts.



Warriors of Achoel (often universally called the Paladins):

     Grand Master of the Paladins - The leader of the order. Currently Lord Ylther.

     Master Paladin - There are five of them, the Grand Master is chosen from their ranks.

     Paladin - The rank before Master. It is a position of respect and honor.

     Knight - Designates a rank. After two or three years of being a squire, warriors are granted this title.

Knight-Champion - A group composed almost exclusively of Uthio's. They wear heavy armor, often magic-enhanced. They wield large bastard-swords and carry massive full body shields, that cover their body from head to toe.

Knight-Avenger - A Paladin that wields more aggressive tactics and magics, such as the war-hammer and bastard sword.

Knight-Defender - On equal rank with the avengers, these warriors specialize in more defensive magics and fighting styles, such as the sword and shield.

     Squire - The lowest rank of Paladins, and also the most common of the order. This rank has not decided whether to be aggressive or defensive in a fight.


Note about the Warriors of Achoel: Any Paladins with the rank of Knight or higher is also of the Apprentice rank or higher in the Order of Magics.


The Order of Magics:

     Arch-Mage - The leader of the order. Currently Er'air of the Mountains.

     Master - There is one for each school of magic, Fire/ Water/ Air/ Earth/ Spirit.

     Expert - After two years, minimum, of studying Magic at the Academy. Invokers are given this rank, which is a step before Master.

     Invoker - Generally this is the rank Mages often try to achieve. Many of this rnak are the leaders of local Order halls.

     Mage - Designates a rank. After one year, and the passing of the trials, those who have entered the academy are granted this rank.

Mage-Soul - A mage who specializes in the Spirt school, which deals with healing. More commonly know as Priests or Healers.

Mage-Fire - deals with the art of Fire which is usually destructive, but can have other uses. As it is the easiest to manipulate, most enter this School.

Mage-Water - This school is one of the most versatile, with a skilled practitioner able to use destructive or healing spells.

Mage-Earth - Dealing with the Earth requires a patience for results. It is not so much a school as it is an enhancer for the other schools.

Mage-Air - With practice, Air can be used to channel any of the other schools. This also makes it one of the hardest to master.

Mage-Maji- A mage who studies all, or many, of the schools of magic. Often times, members of the Paladins take to studying this class.

     Apprentice - Has just entered the Academy. Stays an apprentice until a minimum of one year passes.

     Novice - Any person that can cast basic spells, but may not plan on entering the Academy.


Note about the Order of Magics: Most people in the Kingdom of Achoel fall under the Novice rank. Many people can cast very basic spells, but to attempt any high-level spells will bring the attention of the Order.


 Major Characters:

Queen Asethan, Lady of the Snow and Waves -- A snow-white Susuv. She is 19 years of age and has just taken the throne of the Kingdom of Achoel. Her father was a well-respected king, know for his shrewd diplomatic skills. Great things are expected of her, but until she turns 21, the title is for ceremonious purposes only. She is already well loved by both the common soul and the Nobles. While not the greatest warrior, in terms of either blades or magic, she is still respected by many soldiers and mages for her natural affinity. Until Asethan turns 21 the Grand Master, the Arch-Mage, and the Lord Host share the duties of ruling. They only have to consult her, although unofficially she already makes most of the decisions.


Lord Ylther, Grand Master of the Paladins -- A black Susuv, with grey fur. He is well into his 50's, and has seen the kingdom through many a-war.  He often is seen with his gold-plated armor, although usually it is only the chest-plate and leggings. His face, though scared from his many battles, always hold warmth and compassion. He is a premier warrior in terms of using the mighty war-hammer. Like all of his order, he has a variety of minor magics at his disposal.


Arch-Mage Er'air, Lord of Magic -- A brown scaled Ekifir. He is over 70 years old, and has been Arch-Mage for 40 of those years, making him one of the youngest ever. He is rarely seen without his long, flowing robes and his draconic black-wood staff. His hunched frame is off-putting and people often underestimate him. There is a reason he is Arch-Mage, as he is a master of multiple Elemental schools.


Lady Sariar, Lord Host of the Army -- She is a Washi. Around 40 years old, she has led the army and navy to numerous victories under the now-dead king. She commissioned the creation of a special set of armor for the Washi under her command, as well as a much needed modernization of both tactics and material. While this move has put her at odds with some of the more conservative factions of the military opposed this idea, even going so far as to try and have her killed.


Ranger Master Ran'ee, Lion of the Woods -- He is a jet-black Neko. He is the leader of an elite group of soldiers that operate outside of normal conditions. He and his forces report to Lady Sariar and Queen Asethan only. They are skilled assassins and saboteurs.


Sir Riard, Paladin -- He is a grey Susuv. He is 22 years old, making him the youngest Paladin ever to reach the rank of Paladin. He wields a hilt-and-a-half blade and does not use a shield. He respects the position of the queen, and does not notice how she acts around him at times.

Terraphage 2 years ago 0
You're not going to tell me ANYTHING about this? Not even a little teaser? A hook? A trailer-phrase? Any kind of mysterious intro phrase to hook me? C'mon!
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
I have a great ending for the story. But I am debating how to start it :/

Whether to start with the end. Start with a massive battle (leaning to this one). Or start out slow and steady.

As for a...teaser is the right word I think.... here you go......

'"Magic might flow through everything, and anyone might learn its basic components. There are few who can tap its deeper secrets. Even fewer can even hope to understand its mysteries......' an old Ekifir said, pacing in front of his class. In his withered right hand he held a staff of black-wood carved with the image of a dragons head that he used to lean on with each step. Behind him his flowing navy-blue robes billowed out, his jet-black leggings visible underneath. On his brown-scaled head rested a traditional wizard's hat, bent at the top. His fiery-red eyes seemed to know more than even a being of his age should know.

The class was composed of seven students, all staring with rapt attention at the speaker. Most were writing notes in their leather-bound books, their pencils scratching even while they stared at the teacher. 'You have been given an opportunity that few achieve.' He stopped, turning to give a hard look to each one in turn, 'there is little doubt you will fail eventually. In is expected.' He gave an inward smile at the look of confusion on the faces of the students. 'When you fail. THAT my dear students is when you shall be judged.'

He looked to a smokey-grey Susuv that had been standing to the side and nodded sagely. The Susuv gave a wolfish smile and turned to the class, clearing his throat. In a clear, pleasant voice, 'The tests are to begin in a few moments. Please follow me.' With that he walked out the large oak door in the back of the classroom. The students, quickly gathering their materials, scales and fur rustling in their hurry, made to follow him out."

..... how is that for a teaser? now, to figure out where this will go.....
yes, I did write this in the comment box after reading your questions ^.^
took me about ten minutes....


In case your wondering, Chapter 3 of the "Steelheart" series is coming along nicely. Hit a small snag in how to describe a particular scene -_- not fun.

as for "Jayden".... wow, I only have 120 words in chapter 2 -_- that is hardly worth mentioning.... going to work on that a bit....

kk, I going to, in this order: Work on one of my stories, sleep, go to Statistics (college), work more on my stories, do homework, go to English II, go to Study of World Religions, go home, after that is debatable.

posting before this gets longer.....

DAMN IT...... fail XD
Drakkin 2 years ago 0
Wow. Love the detail.