04 Feb 2012

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Posted 04 Feb 2012 00:32
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Bigger than me, bigger then my shadow

I know everybody knows that feeling

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Top comments:

Toumal 2 years ago 2
The trick is to climb on top of that pile and spread your arms as if you're flying ^^

All comments:

Toumal 2 years ago 2
The trick is to climb on top of that pile and spread your arms as if you're flying ^^

EosFoxx 2 years ago 0
hehe :) yeah "I am the owner of the world" was it titanic? *g* Lately I manage the keep that pile tiny :> I am very glad about it
Leetah43 2 years ago 0
i'm sorry to say that the pile of work looked like some kind of trussed up Alligator when i first saw the thumbnail..

but other than that.. yea i know that feeling been there a few times myself
geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
OMG, I had my glasses off when I first saw the thumb-nail on the home page, and I thought "How clever, problems often occur when you invite someone dangerous into your house- and then don't know how to get them out" Lol, I'm glad I wasn't the only one.
'Course after I read the comments I realized I wasn't the only one.......
Smexy Oryx 2 years ago 0
Wow, that is actually a really good way of showing the word, overwhelming! Its sad, but that's part of life. It can feel like that. Damn shame eh?
Cederwyn Whitefurr 2 years ago 0
Awww, thats so sweet, the poor fox feeling buried under a mountain of expectations, work and other commitments - he's not alone there, I'm sure we've all been snowed under like that - the answer is, will he find a way to get on top of it all?
BDog 2 years ago 0
I think everybody who knows what responsibility is feeled the same way once. Its not bad, you just need to take a few more holidays to enjoy doing nothing, and then you'll gonna miss your job)
geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
Toumal has the right idea, only, only, if you squint at it, it looks just like an Alligator all tied-up - wayyyy toooo tight. Great art, and I know how he feels. Some of that is school books for me.
trudogzz 2 years ago 0
Lol. When i seen the pile of things i thought it was a giant penis from the thumb nail. That's funny. XD