04 Feb 2012

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Posted 04 Feb 2012 02:44
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Sentido da vida.

[...] a girl came to me asking me what is the meaning of life, after I stated that I know what it is. I told her that life don't have a purpose. We are here without an objective, except those objectives we make to ourselves. We aren't tools, but the human being likes to treat everything as a tool. What haves a purpose is useful. Things that have no purpose should be discarded. But then we notice that life doesn't have a purpose, but we can't get rid of that. So, we must attribute a purpose to our lives. We usually come to the conclusion that we, as humans, are social beings, so doing good things to people, in a way that they can improve their lives, their self-esteem, health and all seems to match with our social tendence. So, we have lawyers, we have teachers, we have doctors and these people who work for the community, because every person matters and keeping people happy as much as possible is a bit of help to improve humanity, so it can advance and understand this universe better, finding new informations, finding more knowledge and then improve itself to the level of the person, so that every single human can receive benefits from these findings, from this new knowledge. Unfortunately, the girl misunderstood what I said and supposed that I was telling her that the purpose of life is getting a job. I don't blame her. But you don't need a job to make people's lives better. Just cheering up someone who is sad, helping someone to figure out what they are doing wrong, provide relief for their sadness, forgive and forget, give advice, all these things you can do. But then, we are taught to be successful in life, which usually means to work to sustain yourself. Then people feel uneasy at some point of their lives; they work, they can sustain themselves, but why? You are doing it because people told you so? What are you doing for the community? These people then find themselves useless, because they can't improve their lives, they can't contribute with the world and their incredible ability to reflect, to think, to make decisions and to help is wasted. What they are doing to the world? Maybe nothing. They can do something for themselves, but they aren't alone in the world. Don't they have friends? Don't they want to pay these friends for being nice to them? Could you live without them? After thinking about it, I decided to be teacher, more specific, a philosophy teacher. I want to build people, so they won't need to be fixed. It's hard, it's unfair and stressing, but I prefer to do it and receive a misery (welcome to Brazil) than working only to sustain myself and do nothing for my neighborn. Until I get my degree, I try to help my friends with their problems, listening to them and advising them. I love to see them smile, love when they thank me for making them happy, for making them understand themselves and I can look back to January and feel satisfied for pulling someone out from depression, to make someone understand himself and accept who he is. I can look back and see that I'm doing it right and that my existence is justified. Indeed, life flies fast, but I think I'm making good use of it. When you get the feeling, you feel like nothing can take you down, even the worst day possible can't shake the happyness from your heart. I'm sorry fro that girl, because she never replied my note, when I told this to her. [...] Of course, we, as humans, fail half of the times. But, if we are helping people, they might help back. [...]

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