04 Feb 2012

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Posted 04 Feb 2012 15:18
Last edited 05 Feb 2012 22:10
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Part one of my new story, enjoy :)

Please comment, rate or fav =D


It was one of those days that you know will be a good one, the air feels cleaner, the sun shines a bit brighter and you tend to have a small bounce in your step. The red fox in this story is named Sammy, he's gay and he's known this for the last couple of months, maybe a year. But last night was the night where he announced on Furbook that he was gay and most of the people on his school seen it! It also got a lot of likes and some comments, all of which were supportive. So why wouldn't a fox be happy going to school the next day?..

He got out of the car after a very nervous car ride to the school, giving a short "See ya!" to his Father and quickly paced up to the front doors of the school. Took a deep breath, and finally pushed them open, into a new world that he knew nothing about, an openly gay fox in highschool.

He managed to get to his locker with only a few glances from people more than likely talking about him and his newly found 'interests'. He gathered all the stuff he needed for the day and headed for his first class, gym, great.

He could tell some of the guys really didn't want to have to get changed in front of Sammy, but he didn't let that get to him.

After a few games of soccer they all came back to the locker room. Sammy stripped and as he was putting his school uniform back on, a note dropped to the floor from some of his clothes, the fox couldn't remember stashing any notes anywhere so this must be from one of his classmates.

He didn't want to read the note there in front of everyone and most likely the writer of it, so he just stuffed in his pocket and went off to his next class. Luckily, he sat by himself in the back of the classroom for this class so he had privacy to read the note. He un-crumpled the note and read:

'Sammy, I heard that you like dudes now. Congrats on finding the courage to come out, I was just wondering if we could talk maybe after school today? I'll be waiting in my car after last class. Take care, Marc.'

"Marc?!" Sammy thought to himself. "It couldn't be the same Marc as I think it is? The hottest Lion in the school? No, it couldn't be him. I see him with girlfriends all the time, although he could be bi?"

The fox tried not to let the note distract him from the rest of his classes but that seemed impossible. Every class dragged on for what seemed like hours. Especially science, where the short otter teacher just read out notes to everyone for the entire class, he never did like that teacher. At lunch, he wanted to sit by himself in the canteen so he could be alone with his thoughts but when his best friend came over to him he couldn't exactly tell him to go away without sounding rude. And he also knew exactly what he wanted to talk about...

" Hey Sammy!" Andy said in his usual happy, lively tone before pulling out his chair. He sat down directly across from him and put his elbows on the steel table top, rested his muzzle in his paws and stared straight ahead at Sammy with his cheesy smile. Andy is a fox like him, only he's about a foot taller than Sammy's 5 foot 5 and Andy has black fur all over, apart from the tip of his tail, which is white.

"I guess you heard?" Sammy smiled back.

"I think everyone heard." Andy answered, keeping his posture and tone of voice. Andy is straight, for definite. He never shuts up about the bitches he's slept with. Although Sammy must admit he does enjoy listening to them, even though he knows most of them aren't true.

"And you don't mind?"

"Of course not, chicks love gay guys, which will come in useful the next time we're out." He laughed.

This whole coming out thing has went so well for the fox that he starts thinking that something bad has to happen soon to even everything out.

After all the waiting he heard the final bell signalling the end of the day. He was expecting himself to sprint out into the carpark but he found himself holding back. Then the nerves got to him and he started having second thoughts, running worst case scenarios in his head. He didn't tell Andy about the note, he would probably just think it was a joke.

Which is sort of what Sammy thought himself.

He eventually built up the courage to walk into the carpark by imagining himself in Marc's arms. The carpark of the school is pretty big but he knows where Marc usually parks because Sammy can see him pull into the spot when he gets out of his dads car every morning.

His tail was twitching and his palms were sweaty when he saw Marc, leaning against his car. "Too late to run away now." Sammy thought as he approached him.

"Hey Sam." Marc said in his deep rusty voice as the fox walked up to him.

"Uh, em, h-hey Marc." He replied.

"C'mon." Marc said and motioned Sammy to get in his car.

He got in and Marc pulled off. Sammy thought the car ride to school this morning was nervous but this one's on a whole new level. Neither of them spoke, just listened to the radio for most of the journey, his car was smelled nice and was pretty clean.  Eventually Sammy urged himself to speak up. "So eh, where are we going?"

"Oh, just somewhere private." He shot back. And that was the last of the conversation for the entire car ride.

Sammy knew where he was when the car finally came to a stop. It was a large patch of grass behind an old abandoned factory that nobody every goes to, Sammy was pretty shocked that Marc knew about the place.

"Get out." Marc said, his voice a little more dominant now.

Sammy didn't ask why, he just got out as he was told. He was getting pretty scared now because he had absolutely no idea what was about to happen.

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Top comments:

Cbc0408 2 years ago 3
Hey, where are the second and the third parts o3o

All comments:

jb83 2 years ago 0
good story so far cant wait for the next chapter
FurrFreak 2 years ago 0
I like it. The only thing I noticed is that there is one part in the middle where it switched to first person.

" Although I must admit I do enjoy listening to them, even though I know most of them aren't true."

Other than that it's great, can't wait for the next part :)
FoxyShoes 2 years ago 0
Oh crap, I never noticed that hehe that's a problem I always have with writing, thanks :)
Bergan 2 years ago 1
...Why do I have the feeling this will take a turn for the worse?
SnowTiger 2 years ago 1
What a prediciment, I hope theLion is friendly to the lil Fox. I certainly hope so.
bolfistan 2 years ago 0
Finally another story from you... ;)
It was great, I liked it - good job!
FoxyShoes 2 years ago 0
Thanks and yeah so sorry for the wait :P I started and stopped a few storied and never posted them but I decided I would try make this one work xD
bolfistan 2 years ago 0
No problem at all, I'm just glad to see a new story from you =)
Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago 0
going to be an interesting story
HuskieWolf SouthPaw 2 years ago 0
Great work babe ^^ i loved it <3 :]
Boltpup 2 years ago 0
Ooh, I like this. Can't wait to read more. :)
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago 0
cant wait for more :3
Chuuey 2 years ago 0
Nice story. I know I shouldn't say this but..... HE'S GONNA RAPE YOU.
geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
Fear, that's why we feel it will turn out bad for Sammy. That and the victims are so often blamed for the bullying.
DavidFolfy 2 years ago 0
hmm a few errors here and there, but interesting beginning. I think this could go 2 ways. Marc tries to make a move on him, or Marc beats him half to death. We shall see :3
FrezzyFrezzbutt 2 years ago 0
Excellent! :3 I love it, and the fox has a great personality! ^^
Timmythewolf 2 years ago 0
Really good. I admire the way the fox comes out. You describe the characters really well.
Cbc0408 2 years ago 3
Hey, where are the second and the third parts o3o
Hraefn 1 year ago 0
Another great writer I hath stumbled upon. ;3