04 Feb 2012

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Posted 04 Feb 2012 21:38
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Canince Card Deck package!

Had the time to make some nice photos of the Canine Cards.

Fjordwolf brought the 30 artists together.
I did the package ( can be seen here ) the backside of the cards ( will soon be uploaded to my gallery) and the website design ;)

It's a limited tasty erotic canine furry card deck.
They are limited to 250 and I don't think anymore are left.
If you want to try to order one of these limited playing card decks pls write to.

(To all artists that have paritcipated: You did a wonderfull job!
it was great to be in the team with you.
If you want to advertise the card deck you are allowed to use/repost this photo anywhere you like (just link back to this entry as well if there might be problems)

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