05 Feb 2012

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Posted 05 Feb 2012 05:05
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Refreshing.. isnt it

Well? Doesn't it?

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Heuvadoches 2 years ago 0
WONDERFUL point of view. Perspective is spot on!
invisibleBear 2 years ago 0
Ryan-masterpaladin-Lewis 2 years ago 0
Wow, that's a heavenly sight
TigerZero 2 years ago 0
Purrrs. He's beautiful. I would love to run my paws over him exploring the muscles.

Nice coloring. Body proportions look natural even at this teasing perspective view.
Toumal 2 years ago 0
It's definitely rub-able.
Candy Andy 2 years ago 0
This is really good. Is this one of those perspective tricks? If not, wow.
sithious 1 year ago 0
Definatly a view I could gawk at all day long~
Shame_King 1 year ago 0
tea bag - face fuck in comming
BunnyBoiAndy 3 months ago 0
Mmm. Hehe.