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CH1 Nightly Worries

#1 of The Day Doesnt Last

CH:1 Nightly Worries:
Captain Bryce Wraith speeds towards his office with information on an alliance that could decide the fate of the rest of the country. Knowing the gravity of the information, Bryce meets with his Co-Captain to inform her of the situation and his plans of escape from the mountain citadel of Pinnacle...

Authors Note

To be considered a prologue of sorts, this will be the starting point of my new story, "The Day Doesn't Last". The first lengthy chapter will probably come sometime next week around the same time, depending on how quickly I can finish my school reports. As a note, this chapter does not contain any furry content of any kind. This is merley a nessecary plot chapter that I thought would be a good hook. Next chapter will be much more furry. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and if you enjoy or have any advice/critiscism please feel free to voice them :)

               In the realm of Agia, the Lupine, anthropomorphic wolves, keep firm in the belief that humans are a lowly life-form only fit for domestication. However, most of the slaves that serve these wolf masters would agree that life is much easier and carefree under their reign. Breeze would easily fit into this majority. Under Commander Ri'ka's wing he has lived a life of servitude ever since he was born. A life of serenity. However, when Ri'ka takes charge of an energetic, mischievous young human pirate, Breeze's life will change forever. The Day Doesn't Last...


Nightly Worries

                The dark, stone walls of the hallway seemed darker than the blackest of nights as Bryce walked quickly down its length. Even though his face was as emotionless as ever, Bryce was already forming his escape plan as a guardsman nodded at his passing. Soon he'll be trying to kill me, Bryce thought darkly, nodding back at the man. Bryce swiveled towards a window that let the cold night air through.  Observing the angle of the moon, Bryce figured he had only a few moments before Catrain would meet him in his study. Catrain... Bryce softly winced thinking of her reaction when she heard of his recent findings and his plans of escape. It would not be like having a bath in a hot springs to say the least.

                When the dark oak door of his study came into view at the end of the hallway, Bryce quickened his step, eager to get inside the relative safe-haven he had created for himself. To think in a few moments the room he always used to escape to was now going to turn into one he had to escape from. Bryce's gloved hand pushed open the door, an eerie creak following the movement. Blonde, long hair was his first guess at who was sitting on his cluttered desk. As was to be expected, the shield-maiden in front of him was in her signature shining armor with angel wings protruding from its shoulders. Bryce started to say something, but was cut off by his subordinate.

                "I hope you realize I'm off duty for the night," Catrain stated in a strong yet feminine voice that Bryce had grown overly fond to over the years they had spent together. Bryce moved to an empty chair seated in front of a corner bookcase.

                "And I was under the impression you were never 'off duty'," Her dazzling eyes squinted in obvious annoyance. Bryce almost regretted waking her with his carrier pidgeon.

                "Captain, what is it that you want?" Always to the point, Bryce noted, remembering why he enjoyed Catrain's company over anyone else's.

                "There has been a... complication in my investigation." Catrain's eyes widened for a brief second of intrigue before settling back to their almost-glare position. Bryce hoped she would catch all the hints he had been sending her from the moment she received the letter. There was no telling what could be listening...

                With a soft nod in understanding Catrain spoke, "There are none here." With that, Bryce relaxed his unknowingly ridged posture.

                "The council is working with the Imperium." Catrain's near silent gasp was enough to emphasize the severity of the situation...

Nexxus Shadowfang 2 years ago 1
hum, who would not waNT TO LIVE UNDER NICE WOLVES.

Black Ninja 1 year ago 0
I want to continue the series but for some reason, chapter 2 is not listed for me, could you post a link or something?
Faust327 1 year ago 0
Black Ninja 1 year ago 0
Thanks! :)