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Posted 05 Feb 2012 17:57
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SoFurry Development Journal 5th February 2012

SoFurry 2.0 has been online for almost 14 days now. So how has the launch been? Let me show you a little screenshot from our CDN management console:

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SoFurry 2.0 gets twice the amount of hits and almost twice the traffic of the old site. At the same time we've lowered the amount of data transferred with every page by up to 30 percent. And to make things even better, sever load has dropped to half the usual load. At twice the influx of visitors. SoFurry 2.0 is now very fast and smooth to browse. Searches happen in an instant. But more on that later.

User response has been amazing. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support. This is what fuels our desire to fulfill and exceed your expectations. Thank you, and tell your friends about the SF!

Ok, on with the new stuff!

Ad management


Not technically a new feature, but this is what our advertisers see and use to manage their own ads. No more poking Toumal to get your banner changed. And if you're interested in advertising check out

Folder management
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Finally there's a proper way to manage your folders. Note that deleting a folder does not delete the contents, but merely moves them back out of the folder.

New search
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At the heart of the new SoFurry experience is the new search engine! It's super-fast and powerful, supports multiple tags (separate with comma) and exclusion (add a ! in front of the tag)... and SoFurry is still the only furry site with a fully species-aware search that knows that dogs are a member of the canine family.

New bbcode parser
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Finally proper support for multiple nested quotes, youtube, and so much more. This is the most complete support of BBcode on SoFurry yet!

Preview hover
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Preview hovers now show the artist name and title. Useful and looks kinda nice.

Journals need no tags
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Yes. That.

Chat development:
The chat has entered the private beta phase. It basically works, but there's some wonkyness with the userlist updates and the timeout detection. It's a new technology so please bear with us while we work out the kinks!

AUP changes:
Everyone's updating their AUP these days, so we thought we'd make ours a bit easier and relax our rules on human-only submissions. We're still a furry site, but we can't and won't define every single case of where something is "too human" or "not furry enough" - so in order to preserve our sanity and make the experience on sofurry more pleasant for our artists, we're going to drop that rule. However, human-only submissions must carry the "human-only" tag so our users can filter them out if desired, and we require artists to understand that this is a furry site, and upload accordingly. In short, as long as you don't upload nothing but human stuff, you'll be fine.

Design changes:
We are readying a design refresh that makes the new site easier on the eyes, and that simplifies our main menu a lot. Watch out for screenshots really soon! (And just to make one thing clear: We've been working on this since before our launch. You'll understand when you see the screenshots ;) )

Secret new feature:
Want to know when the next art stream starts? When the next con is due? When your friends have birthdays? SoFurry will tell you (if you want it to), very soon!

Here's the full changelog, check out all the new stuff and customization options!

FEATURE) Added setting for initially active watchlist tab
FEATURE) Watchlist counter now visible on main menu
FEATURE) Added "nuke this tab" function
FEATURE) Added folder management (delete folder, rename folder, etc) to the folder browser.
FEATURE) Implemented new super-fast search!
FEATURE) Added setting to always display full-sized images in artwork and photos
FEATURE) Implemented chat userlist + miniprofiles
FEATURE) Chat now supports status changes
FEATURE) Chat rooms now show how many messages you missed, and if you've been
FEATURE) Profiles can now be hidden from searchengines like Google via your profile privacy settings!

IMPROVEMENT) Issue report system now notifies all members of a role when a new issue is sorted
IMPROVEMENT) Improved watchlist insertion performance
IMPROVEMENT) Rewritten storage backend for future content sharding support!
IMPROVEMENT) Ban time length can now be set more flexibly
IMPROVEMENT) "Watching" and "Watched by" lists now show more entries
IMPROVEMENT) Detailed story list now shows more entries
IMPROVEMENT) Confirmation dialogs added to submission deletion, deletions on the PM list page, etc.
IMPROVEMENT) New BBCode parser with proper nested quote support
IMPROVEMENT) Preview hover now shows title and artist name
IMPROVEMENT) Disabled pagination in submission comments
IMPROVEMENT) Performance improvements on all browsing pages
IMPROVEMENT) Users can now recover half-uploaded submissions
IMPROVEMENT) Viewcounter on submissions now refreshes more frequently
IMPROVEMENT) Better watchlist/search layout
IMPROVEMENT) Added an "Add to group' fallback for non-javascript users
IMPROVEMENT) Added proper filename to preview files
IMPROVEMENT) Journals no longer need tags
IMPROVEMENT) Sexual orientations are now shown in textual form in forum and chat
mentioned while away
IMPROVEMENT) "add to folder" button on edit page is now more visible
IMPROVEMENT) Lots of other chat improvements and fixes

FIXED) Loads of bugfixes related to user subdomains (
FIXED) Fixed group PM permissions preventing group admins from using that function
FIXED) Shouts and comments can no longer be posted if the user has blocked you
FIXED) Fixed nuke function
FIXED) Fixed delete confirmation on "all notifications" page coming up multiple times
FIXED) Fixed notification settings not saving correctly
FIXED) Fixed notifications sending emails despite you disabling this in your settings.
FIXED) Fixed tag filtering not working in detail story lists and search results.
FIXED) Private submissions now don't pop up in everyone's watchlist anymore
FIXED) Watchlist now honors content level setting
FIXED) Fixed RSS feeds only showing clean content
FIXED) Fixed folder visibility bug
FIXED) Fixed forum signatures being cached indefinitely

FIXED) Deleted submissions no longer stay visible when editing a folder
FIXED) Fixed issues with clicking on friend request links from notification emails while logged in as a different user.
FIXED) Fixed friends-only submissions being invisible to the uploader himself

Top comments:

Damien Voda 2 years ago 2
I must admit that the original homepage made me very sketchy about 2.0. But after changing it to the browsing option I had a change of heart. It is much more organized than version 1.0. The watchlist is nice, but I like the watchlist of 1.0 better. Is there any way we can have that while still having the the watchlist show us when there is a new submission?

All comments:

ArcticWolf451 2 years ago 1
Sweet's everything I ever wanted. e,...,e
Zc456 2 years ago 0
Excellent update, Toumal! SoFurry 2.0 is off to a great start.
Revresbo 2 years ago 1
Yay for change! Great job with 2.0.
Rega256 2 years ago 0
icon_biggrin.gif wow looking good ^_^
Nocturnal Lupus 2 years ago 0
Holy Haleakala, me gusta. :3
Silvervampirewolf 2 years ago 0
JayriAvieock 2 years ago 0
Damien Voda 2 years ago 2
I must admit that the original homepage made me very sketchy about 2.0. But after changing it to the browsing option I had a change of heart. It is much more organized than version 1.0. The watchlist is nice, but I like the watchlist of 1.0 better. Is there any way we can have that while still having the the watchlist show us when there is a new submission?
Jayce M 2 years ago 0
Just keeps getting better.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
You and the rest of the SF staff have done amazing work big guy. Saying thank you seems so small a thing to do, but thank you guys! (heh and I found it cool I just so happened to be in the search screen shot :p )
Dasher Cheetah 2 years ago 0
Sweetness! *smiles* You guys rock! All this work and you people do NOT get the props you deserve for it. I thank you for providing the place that keeps my little shut-in life sane.
aaronn97 2 years ago 0
Maybe it's just me but when I click something in search and then go back, it goes back to the first page of the search. Will that issue be addressed?
Toumal 2 years ago 0
Yes, that's a known issue. We'll get to it!
Eric and Kimahri 2 years ago 0
Finally, now I can give the human characters in my story series, including myself, a little spotlight with the human-only change. Thanks Toumal, for I now can bring both my furry AND human characters onto separate pictures. Again, thank you. ^^
Fiad Dinenanu 2 years ago 0
You could actually do that before as well, human only submissions were fine as long as they were related to something furry you had posted.
Eric and Kimahri 2 years ago 0
I've actually tried doing it a couple of times before because they were related, but they were reported and removed due to "not being furry enough."
suicidal ewok 2 years ago 0
That is odd, did you make it clear that they were associated? But oh well, is a moot point now.
Eric and Kimahri 2 years ago 0
I'm pretty sure I did, in fact in one of them I clearly stated it in the description, but it was removed anyway. I managed to get Toumal to resolve that issue at least, and have not had any problems since.
Zelnyair 2 years ago 0
It's pretty nice, isn't it?
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago 0
Good to see you have a crackerjack team of programners and tech support for this site Toumal. Hope to see more good things from you in the future! Perhaps one day this site will best FA: ^_^
RuthofPern 2 years ago 0
Still having trouble with the watchlists. Tank Jaeger's new journal came up on my SF2.0 list, but not the chapter it refers to...had to come to Old SF for that to in my watchlist. Same thing happenned last week as well with someone elses.

Just a niggle that needs solving before Old SF gets shut down.
RedWhiteFeather 2 years ago 0
Mikrae 2 years ago 0
This is awesome. &lt;3
Mikrae 2 years ago 0
... well I do believe that that is another problem that needs to be looked at... it exploded my heart. D:
Toumal 2 years ago 0
Yes that's an annoying bug and we'll fix that, no worries!
Forge 2 years ago 0
Oh my god this is all sane and competent D8
EbonySilver 2 years ago 0
x3 i just wants to say to your sofurry staff try not to work themselves to hard an same goes for ya toumal as ya already given us such a wonder site to come to
Apalanic 2 years ago 0
I don't buy those figure for a second because of an interpretation problem. I prefer 1.0 and use it but have to logon to 2.0 as well because I know some comments and PM's don't get through to 1.0 mailbox/PM/Comments for some reason. So I'd halve the numbers if you want to be somewhat accurate.
Darrell Lane 2 years ago 0
Its off to an amazing start Toumal. Just wait to see what happens when you get a chat system functioning on here.... the user spike you saw already will be higher which is always a good thing!
silverback21 2 years ago 0
Love the preview hover. So many times the thumnail would look so interesting and then I'd get disapointed when I clicked on it. One tiny complaint: Why is it that I can't go past page 4 in stories/images when I type in something specific? It will say that I have something like 215 results but won't let me go past page 4.
scalia 2 years ago 0
Salaav Onitrex 2 years ago 0
One thing I've noticed, as a new author, is that when I import text for a story or a journal, I lose some of the formatting that I had while typing on my word processor. I can change the document back to the way I had saved it on my computer as, but I have to proofread my document before I upload it, and make changes as needed.

IE: loss of "Italic" text, "center-aligned" lines reverted back to "left-aligned."

Is this an issue that will be addressed? Is it something that I will just have to deal with? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you guys for all the hard work you've been doing! I'm certain that we all appreciate it!
KateTheMarten 2 years ago 0
I have also had this problem. All of my paragraph spaces go away, leaving me with an awful block of text. :(
Foxyfellowuk 2 years ago 0
Two things:

When does the new AUP go live, so to speak? Cos I can't wait for it to. :D

Is there a way to re-order submissions within a folder, so for example a series is in order? There seems to be the option when editing a submission, but it doesn't appear to work...

ETA: on the AUP note, what do you consider constitutes decent nudity?
Nyar 2 years ago 0
Not invited to the chat beta. Hurts my eSoul.
danath 2 years ago 0
Awesome sauce.
iwasphone 2 years ago 0
This is amazing! Just when I thought SoFurry was awesome already, you do THIS! O:<
Epicness! You did a magnificent job, and I am really glad for sticking around on this wonderful site. Keep up the awesomeness, can't wait to see those new screenshots! c:
hunkyhusky 2 years ago 0
awesome job guys keep it up ^.^
techfox 2 years ago 0
Will the artist donations be back?
DoggyStyle57 2 years ago 0
Lots of great stuff there. When do these go live?
Toumal 2 years ago 0
They are live!
a bald cat 2 years ago 0
cant wait for the chat
Zagin 2 years ago 0
Awesome! \;A;/ You guys rock /throws flowers and rolls away/ <3
Zekay 2 years ago 0
wow, it's really coming together. ^-^
KajitoraTaotsu 2 years ago 0
Incredible work, Toumal. You guys are in a definite need and deserving of a good break after you get the site fully functional :3 cheers to you and your team! -hugs-
Oryonhunter 2 years ago 0
Yesh! Awesome new stuff! Great work everyone and thank ya! Now...I'm gonna go use some of it! *heads out to folder management*

Thanks agin everyone!
Misty Maiko 2 years ago 0
SF 2.0 is absolutely amazing...

However, it might be helpful if you could post at least an estimation of when the chat will be back up. The chat was a major part of SF, and I know a lot of furs are checking every day.... Just giving us a general idea might be helpful, and greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time; looking forward to even greater aspects from a great site!
Toumal 2 years ago 0
The new chat is basically working but there's two major issues right now:

1) The event streaming code has a bug that disconnects users and/or thinks they disconnected when they have not. Reloading the page fixes this temporarily but this really needs to be fixed first. I hope avatar?user=53837&character=0&clevel=0 MJTF has time this weekend to look into this.

2) The userlist is sometimes out of whack when logging in, and also the user details (name and avatar work fine, just the profile details like species etc) aren't loaded correctly when a new user joins. I'm gonna look into that one over the next days.

These are the two main bugs right now. There's also some design improvements to be done, but aside from that, the chat should be available for the public in the not-too-far future.
Misty Maiko 2 years ago 0
Glad to hear it; thank you!
Toumal 2 years ago 0
Update for today: The userlist issues have been fixed. The chat now reconnects correctly too, but it currently sends you the last 10 minutes worth of messages again when it does. We're improving that right now.
Misty Maiko 2 years ago 0
Awesome! Though, isn't that minor enough to where it can be open now? It doesn't sound like too much of a problem.
Torben 2 years ago 0
That is so nice *it makes me sweat all over ;)
dmfalk 2 years ago 0
Hope more is done to improve the epub compiling and reading experience.

Toumal 2 years ago 0
What particular improvements are you missing?
Salaav Onitrex 2 years ago 0
I'm only posting this here because I can't think of where else I can post it so everyone (hopefully) can see it. It will also be posted as a journal for those that care to look.

As many of you (especially Dragons!) know, the Chinese New Year recently happened. This is the Year of the Dragon (Wooooooo! ^_^)! This Sunday, February 19, the San Francisco Chinatown YMCA will be holding their annual New Years 5K and 10K run. As they do every time, there will be a contest for the best-dressed dragon. I probably won't be dressing up, but I will be running in the 10K. I thought that some of the people/furs here might be interested in this.

If you do participate, good luck and have a good time! If not, I'm sorry that you're missin' out, it's a really fun run!
octamous 2 years ago 0
Could SoFurry serve 120px images for thumbnails instead of scaling down 250px images? Each search page would consume roughly 0.7 MB less bandwidth without degrading image quality.

My mobile broadband would be very happy. For comparison, a search on FurAffinity costs 430 KB (690 KB with ads) for 60 images, on SoFurry the same costs 1.5 MB (2.1 MB with ads).
Tiran 2 years ago 0
It has been quite a ride from the days of yiffstar; and so far the changes have made me look forward to the final completion. Cant wait for more and thank you for your hard work!
kornfreakpeaches 2 years ago 0
I don't mean to sound impatient, so I would like to apologize but...Is there an estimate when the chat will be up in running? Or is it still being Beta tested?
Toumal 2 years ago 0
Probably gonna open it up this sunday! At least for an initial public test.
kornfreakpeaches 2 years ago 0
Cool. ^v^ <3
Calla 2 years ago 0
You guys have done an amazing job with it. :)
anthony stuart 2 years ago 0
If only we could sort search results... Then it would be perfect