05 Feb 2012

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Posted 05 Feb 2012 19:20
Last edited 05 Feb 2012 19:33
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Illumanati's Diary 7

#7 of Illumanati's Diary


Illumanati tells of hir time in the village.



This Diary belongs to Illumanati Blackpaw.










Dear Diary



Boy do I have a lot to tell you. :)



The trip into the village was awesome.



Lots and lots of foxtaurs, and a few strange taurs as well.



They look feline.



And they all had big busts. icon_redface.gif



Bigger than momma's



And they had long tails, which they seem to use as limbs.






Momma told me that they're called Chakats. (Momma typed the word in)



Some spoke to me with their minds. :D



I was so overwhelmed, I just stood and babbled.



I got a lot of hugs from these chakats, and something else too.


Before, I was scared, shy. Nervous about leaving my new home.



But I seem to feel better, calmer.



Excited and playful.



I was running everywhere, looking at things and touching them.



Momma had a hard time keeping up.  *giggles*



I saw a few hunter vixens. They seem so mean and cross, but momma said that they are trained for survival.



There was a place momma took me to eat.



It was called the Steak and Shake.



The owner was a wolftaur.



I have heard of them, they are mean and vicious.



But this male wolftaur was kind and friendly.



His name is Polokatea, and he has a young daughter.



Her name is Gavina.



She is 12.



Polokatea brings out some food for us, for free.



I ask him why the food is free.



He looks at me for a moment, startled.



He told me that my momma and daddy took him and his daughter in for awhile when they arrived.



I looked at momma and smiled.



She is the best momma in the world.  :D




We ate the food, which was steak and chips with a very yummy dark brown sauce.



With it we had milkshakes.  :D



Oh wow.




My tongue was alive with excitement.




I was so full, even momma looked like she was pregnant.




The day was full of good times, and bad.




You can't have good without the bad.




Some foxtaur's yelled abuse at Polokatea, told him too leave.



But he ignored them and offered them a drink instead.



I was scared, because these vixens looked like they could hurt me.



Momma put her arm around me and told them to go away.


Then they picked on momma, said that she was a human lover and that she should leave as well.




When one of the vixens moved closer to hurt momma, I cried and held onto her tightly.



Then the vixen just stopped where she was, frozen like a statue.



Even her friends stopped their ranting.



One of the chakats stood up from hir table, and with a wave of hir hand, shi pushed the foxtaur bully out of the building.



I was stunned, and confused.



The chakat was different, shi had little tuffs of hair on hir ears.



And shi had a paw pattern on hir breast.  It was blue.



Shi came over to us and sat down.



Hir name was Sunset.



I asked hir how shi moved that vixen like that.




Shi told me shi used hir mind.



Just like how I use my mind to speak, shi uses hir mind to move things.




Then shi said something to me in private that really surprised me, and made my eyes go wide.




I remember hir words very clearly.



 "I saved you and Stephan from the fire last year little one. "

And then shi smiled and gave me a hug.



I could do nothing but hug back, tightly.









More stuff later Diary.





Dasher Cheetah 2 years ago 0
Continue? I like seeing the world thru her young eyes. *smiles*
Solarblaze 2 years ago 0
Thank you. *nuzzle*
Please Please finish part 9 of Rabbit Test... been waiting for it. :)
Solarblaze 7 months ago 0
I have added a line, which this site seemed to have omitted from the first publish.
It seems anything that is print between < and > is removed.
Dasher Cheetah 7 months ago 0
*chuckles* Rabbit Test is up a couple chapters from nine now and another one will go up this week.