06 Feb 2012

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Rules and TOS for Commissions

I will post the price guide in a bit. This is a MUST read if you want to have a commission done. Follow the the rules and steps to commission me EXACTLY or you will not get a commission. This is to make sure you read the rules and at least have an idea of what to do

What I draw the best

*Anthropomorphic creatures
*Fantasy Creatures

What I can sort of draw

*Human - Anime style
         I am not greatly practiced in this but I'm always willing to give it a shot
            Again not greatly practiced but with reference and time I can get them
                 No transformers or zoids
*Transformation sequences (will be priced as multiple characters)

What I will NOT draw

*Erotic (Porn)
    This will stand until I am more sure of NOT getting kicked out of College for     drawing mature artwork
    Nudity if fine but there must NOT be any sexual arousal and most of the time there will be some sort of "natural censor" (like a body part covering or some other object obscuring sexual parts)
            I will draw the moment before but not actual intercourse.

*Fetish Art
*Fan Art
      Ex: characters form TV shows, movies or books
*Extreme Gore
      Blood and a few body parts lost is ok
      Fights are also fine
      Impalement can be iffy
      NO disembowelment
*Extreme Vore
        In a comical sense its ok
        No swallowing
        No digestion
Pixel art or sprites

*If you are unsure whether or not I will or will not draw something then just ask me

Terms of Service

*I reserve the right to refuse commissions and halt the commission at any time (Halting meaning that I can take a break and draw my own wants but I WILL get the picture finished .though I will always do my best not to.)
*I do not have to accept due dates on commissions. I have a life in college and will most likely be working on the weekends or on breaks.
*I reserve the right to post the picture on any of my art sites. Exceptions can be made if the commissioner really does not want the picture posted.  But if the art contains any of my own characters there is no exception.
*I am not required to draw in a certain style.
(I can change a position requested if it makes the picture more artistically sound (like if an arm is in an awkward position, I have the right to change it to make the picture look better)
*I do not have to send the picture to you as a print

*Follow them or you won't get the commission.              

Rights of the Commissioner

*This is YOUR art too, you paid for it so you may post it anywhere you liked, print, reference or post anywhere or however you want.
*Though, I request that posted images keep the watermark and signature I place on the artwork remains on the picture and a link going back to any of my art sites.  
    *The pic I post will also have the watermark on it.
    * You will receive a personal image without the watermark that is for your use only.
*You can ask me (almost) at any time about the progress of your commission
        Please keep in mind that most of the time these commissions will be worked on during the weekend due to my life in college.
       * I may also be working on other commissions at the time so keep that in mind too
       * If you need a commission by a certain time (ex: as a birthday present) then talk to me about it and we will work something out
*I will not EVER make prints to sale of your commissions. They are what you paid for and I will not sell them elsewhere
            But I can still use them as a price reference for others to look at

Cancellations and Refunds

*Depending on how far I am on your commission I can offer a partial or full refund on your picture
    *If I have finished your picture, no refund will be made and you will still receive the picture
    *If you cancel when I am still working on your picture and you get your refund (partial or full), I will hold rights to the picture as mine and mine alone, the character WILL BE CHANGED to be mine and I can post the picture where I wish to.

Steps to Commission me

*Send me a Private Message with: your username, what website you are asking from (FurAffinity, InkBunny, SoFurry, or Deviant Art), and a basic idea of what you want.
    *I will then decide if it is abiding to what I Will draw.
        *If it goes against what I Will not draw, then I will reject the commission
        *Most likely if you follow the rules you will get the commission
        *If I accept the commission then please EMAIL me with the details on what you want.
           * More detail the better
            *If you don't know what to say that's ok
            *Please give a ref of  the character you  want

                  *Pictures or description
*Post a link from your page (on SoFurry, InkBunny, FurAffinity, or DeviantArt) in the Private Message
*We will discuss the price(s) of the commission(s) you want
        *Note, price may change depending on the difficulty or detail on the character and/or his/her markings
         I decide on the final price, I will do my best to be fair on the prices but try to understand that some things may be difficult and take more of my time than other. But once we decide on a price that will be final and I will not change it.


*I only accept payments through PayPal and only in US currency
    When paying , please accept "PERSONAL" and check the "other" option.
       * This avoids PayPal fees.
        *If this is done incorrectly, I will cancel the payment and require you to resubmit again.

General Information

*Do NOT say anything explicit while sending me payment on Paypal, I do NOT want to get banned or in trouble there. (selling pornography on Paypal is against site rules)
*Do NOT put anything about Furaffinity when paying me. I have been told that simply the mention of Furaffinity on Paypal could get me banned because most art sold from FA with pornography.
*If you must message me on the progress of your commission, please give me time to answer your message, do NOT swamp me with messages.

Getting your Commission

When this commission is complete you will receive and email with the full sized version without a watermark to your email address

At this time all my commissions are digital and I will not offer service of printing and sending the picture(s) by mail. It will be up to you to print it yourself. This will save us both the cost of shipping and handling.