06 Feb 2012

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Posted 06 Feb 2012 20:55
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Seclude Part 1

Despite the pack code; stating love relationships consisting of two wolves of the same gender is unlawful, two male wolves fall in love and meet in secret. But suspicions rise, and it gets harder to keep this concealed. Can they pull it off?

Random Yappings Of Frezzy Frezzbutt!


Heya, readers! I actually wrote this story based off of a dream. Of course I changed it a bit, you know how crazy dreams can get. X3 So yeah, the plot and most of the events that occur in the story happened in my dream! Crazy, huh? You probably don't care. Let's get on with the real story. Enjoy! :3


-Frezzy! <3




The scent of rabbit creeps up into my nose. I sneak into the bushes quickly. My eyes darting from left to right as I search for the smell. I finally catch sight of the rabbit, who is just munching away on some plants. I get ready to pounce, and with one swift leap, I send my body flying towards it. My claws spread, my mouth wide open, ready to kill. The rabbit notices me, but too late to react. And I pin it to the ground using one paw, and with one quick slice at the neck, its body goes limp and lifeless.


I pick up the body in my mouth, and pad towards the direction of the pack's clearing. I'm a hunter for the TimberWolfPack. It's my job to hunt for food like this, and bring it back to the killpile for everywolf to share.


But I never seem to be able to catch anything big, I'm so clumsy and weak.


I see the entrance to the clearing, and I quicken my pace a bit. The entrance is concealed by bushes. There is a small patch, cleared of leaves. I sneak through it, and a few paw steps later, I arrive in the pack clearing.


I keep the dead rabbit clenched tightly in my jaws, as I pad through the clearing towards the fresh kill pile. Other wolves nod a quick thanks as I walk by. A thank you for adding food to the pile.

"Hey, Chris." My best friend Luke says, clearly in a rush.

"Umm, hey Luke!" I turn my head towards him.


Suddenly, I bump into something, and I fall onto my back.

"Oww." I whimper quietly.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" says a wolf I don't recall seeing before.


He holds out his paw, to try and help me up. I grab it, and use it to pick myself off the cold, dirt ground. But after I'm up, I can't seem to let it go. His gentle touch soothes me, and I feel my body relax.


I notice his muzzle, now a bright red.

"I-it's alright." I say, staring into his beautiful hazel coloured eyes.

"Cool." He says, a drop of sweat trickling down the fur on his face. "Why don't you go put that rabbit in the pile, and we can go for a lil' walk." He suggests. I nod, not finding the breath to speak.


I find myself running over to the pile. I fling the rabbit onto the pile when I'm just a foot or two away from it, and hastily make my way back to him.

"What's your name?" I ask as soon as I get back to him. "I've never seen you before."

"Damien." He says.

"That's a nice name." I feel myself blush. He giggles.

"Thankyou. What's yours?"


"Cool... You're cute." He smiles, warmly.

"Cute?" I wonder if I've heard him correctly. No one's ever called me cute before. And I didn't expect a guy to be the first to say it, especially since it is against the pack code for two of the same gender to fall in love


"Wow, heh. Thanks!" I say despite the strangeness of his complement.

"No problem!" He smiles at me. I have no idea what to think! I think I might be falling for him. Another guy! But there's nothing I can do about it, I know, he knows, it's against the pack code.


I decide to go walking with him anyway. He leads me outside the clearing, and into the woods in which I had just returned from. We venture further than I have ever been before.

"Where are we going?" I ask, curiously.

"It's a surprise." He smiles. "But we have to hurry, we don't want to miss it."

"Miss what?" Damien says nothing to me in return, and winks. I continue to follow him.


After about another ten minutes of walking, we come across a cliff. The view consists of a seemingly never-ending meadow filled with colourful flowers. We sit down, and stare at the view together.

"Look at the sunset." He points. A smear of warm colours spreads across the sky. The light from the sunset reflecting off of the flower pedals make it seem like the flowers are glowing. It was truly an amazing sight. And there's no one else I would rather be seeing this with, than Damien.


I sit on the edge of the green grassy cliff, taking in all of the magnificent sight, when suddenly I feel Damien's arms gently wrap around me. We both blush as I turn my head toward him, and we stare into each other's eyes. Suddenly, he leans in and kisses me right on the lips. I gasp in shock. If someone saw this, we'd be dead meat.


I wrap my arms around him, as we continue to kiss. We remain this way for a few minutes, before we desperately gasp for air. Then, we just stare at each other, both our muzzles a deep shade of red.

"I- I love you." He says. The pack code creeps into my head again, but I just ignore it.

"I love you too." I say, and we remain silent, staring into each other's eyes until the sun sets, and we're engulfed by a dark blue sky.


"Do you think anyone saw us?" I ask, worriedly.

"Nah, we're far from the clearing." He says.

"Oh, okay. Can we meet here again?"

"Of course! How about tomorrow? Same time, same place."

"Okay." I stand up, and walk back towards the clearing with Damien following close by.


This is so insane. I'm risking so much here, for one guy. So many problems itch inside my head, but I look over at Damien. And when he smiles back, I know exactly why I'm doing this.