06 Feb 2012

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Posted 06 Feb 2012 21:03
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Seclude Part 2



I awake the next morning, and stumble onto my paws. I can't wait until sunset, when I can see Damien again. But I have to get through another day of hunting before then.


I attempt to leave the den, but I sleepily trip over my own paw on the way, and tumble out. All the wolves eye me, clearly trying hard not to laugh.

"Hee hee. Oops." I say, and shake it off like it was nothing. My cheeks blush red with embarrassment as I walk towards the killpile with my head down. It was time for the pre-hunt meal.


I grab my meal, and sit next to Lucas.

"Hey, Chris." He says.

"Hi." I say.

"Where'd you go last night? You weren't at the post-hunt meal."

"Oh, umm... I just went for a little stroll." By the sounds of it, he didn't see me leave. He just noticed I was missing. Thank gosh. "Wasn't hungry, anyway." Lucas stares at me.

"Okay." He dismisses the topic.


I finish my meal.

"See ya!" I nod a goodbye, and pad through the path leading outside the clearing. I stay as silent as possible, as I creep through the forest searching for prey. There's a faint chill in the air, but I don't think it's cold enough to stop prey from coming out. Yet, I've barely found anything. I keep searching for a long time, but with no luck.


I come across a small body of water. Now's a good time to take a little drink. I dip down my head, and lap up a few drinks of the water.


Suddenly, I hear movement coming from behind me. I keep drinking, but as I do, I prepare myself. Then I quickly turn around, leaping into the air with my claws drawn. My expression turns to horror, as the big, long fur of a full-grown bear comes into sight. But it's too late. I've already dug my claws into it. The bear sends me flying with a single movement. I land hard on the ground.


A drop of sweat runs down my head, picking up the dirt that had stuck to my fur from the attack. I look down to find my left leg bleeding. It had been sliced on a sharp rock.


I need to run away, but the bear is hovering over my hurt body with an angry expression. 'Oh no. I'm screwed.' I think. The bear raises his big, strong paw, ready to swing. I close my eyes and brace myself for the attack.


He claws me powerfully right on my face. The pad on my nose is split right open, and my right eye is being forced closed. I stumble away as fast as I can, disregarding the gaping cut on my leg.


I don't turn my head, but I can hear the bear giving chase. I quicken my pace, my heart beating faster than ever. I jump into a bush. I can't find the strength to move on. If he saw me, he saw me. There's nothing more I can do, but except my death. I shut my eyes tight, clenching my paws together with all my might.


But thankfully, I can hear the bear pass by. I sigh in relief. But I still can't find the energy to move. I try to get up, but I am immediately forced back down due to the unbearable pain. I call out for help as loud as I can. There's no answer. I wait a minute, then call out again. I hear a faint response howl in the distance, but the next thing I know, I pass out in the bushes.