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What is Love? - Part 4: Living?

#4 of What is Love?

Daniel had a fun time getting away from his house without being seen. Now just imagine trying to go to school unnoticed.

Daniel was walking on his horribly paved driveway that seems to never end.  He could feel the un-even patterns in the cracked asphalt. It was covered in dew from the moist morning. Daniel couldn't help but smile as he watched a rough sketch of paw prints push away the dew, leaving a rugged paw print behind him. Now that I can think straight, I can argue against myself on why this can be good, Daniel thought to himself.

Crossing the little stream that ran under the ugly driveway, Daniel bolted into the patch of trees beside the curving driveway.  He instantly noticed instincts kicking in. He wasn't just a Daniel now, he was the wolf that he wished was himself for years. The intensity made him fall onto his handpaws as the world shifted views on him. Every article of clothing was uncomfortable. Every instinct was roaring. The reality hit him once again. He was this beautiful wolf. He had completed every goal in his life.

The door of his house screeched open. The screech seemed deafening to Daniels finely-tuned ears. He bolted on all fours as quietly as possible beside the driveway while still well hidden in the trees.
He heard the scariest yell of his father.


His father's voice was very concerned. He was more concerned than he had been in years. Daniel wanted to run up to hum and never let go of him. Daniel wanted to cry in his arms, but he knew the consequences of doing that at a moment like this.

Daniel stopped and sat down. He had to think about what to do. If I go back now, my idiotic plans will be in ruins. If I keep going, I will kill dad. Daniel was torn apart. Hearing one last yell from his father, Daniel continued on his way but on two legs this time. It was the hardest decision of his life to date.

Daniel continued his walking on his weird driveway as it bent into a turn.  Now was the time he would argue with himself to put himself down for all that's happened within the past hour and a half. Only I can screw up something so important that fast. Why does life itself hate me? I just hurt my father beyond repair, I'm a mutt, I'm a social outcast, I'm going insane and I'm even talking to myself. And the weird part is, I like it. I don't just like it, I love it. That's not good for anything or anybody. I know what I have to do. Even if I wanted to, it's too late to turn back. Keeping those last words in his head, Daniel trudged to the end of his driveway.

Cars sped past his face every few seconds. They were driving horrifically reckless around the 25mph turns. It was more of an interstate than it was a residential road. Yet he was still there and alive somehow.

Daniel jumped on all fours. He knew it would be faster. He was going to get looks no matter what, and he could keep some of those looks from happening if he ran faster.  Yet again, stronger instincts kicked in as his mind changed ever so slightly. This made is harder for him to run on the road while feeling safe instinct wise. His instincts only said one word: HIDE. But his mind knew he couldn't do that. He had to hurry and get to the store and to school before the traffic rush started.

He started out on the lethal road. He ran like he had never even dreamed of before. The wind whistled in his ears. His fur was being rustled in every which way from the speed at which he ran. He ran around the somewhat sharp turn while leaning in a bit. He was getting used to the balance on four legs extremely fast and effortlessly.

What am I going to do, Daniel? He asked himself sternly. I'm part wolf, I don't know who or what I truly am right now, I don't even know what else may happen, I don't know what I can and can't do, I don't know my limits and I don't have anybody or anything to ask for help. He was deep into conversation with himself. He straightened up as he finished going around the turn. He was staring more at the road than he was ahead. He knew the road and how it bent. He's only been on it a million times. He thought he could get around it without having to look up.

Headlights appeared out of nowhere. Daniel's head jerked up. He was too full of his own thoughts to hear it, but now he saw it. He would be road-kill if he didn't move. He'd be seen if he didn't move. His instincts were too powerful. He dove into the bushes as the horn of the red car squealed. It was almost dramatic.

As the car passed, he turned around in his spot in the bushes to see what type of car it was. The one thing that made it worse was that he recognized it. It's MOM'S CAR!!! He screamed emotionally inside. She's seen me! What will I do? ...But does she know it was me? She doesn't know about this. She wouldn't know it was me. There is no way she COULD know.

Daniel jumped out of the bushes as the cherry red Kia faded out of his view. His whole body was shaking like there was no tomorrow, which was probably true. He slowly walked out of the bushes while watching to see if any more metal death traps were coming his way. Seeing that he was in the clear, his strong, muscular legs sent him flying on his way. He hit the next turn with ease. Within the next five seconds, Daniel ran down the hill and started his way back up on the other side. He heard cars rumble on the road above him.

He hit the red light. The hill was conquered easily. Now Daniel only had to make the last mile to school. A few cars passed here and there. Daniel's heart was beating faster than his endless thoughts. I'm dead, Daniel thought.

Daniel was out of his spot in a flash. The chill of the morning hit his wet nose as he made a right turn towards the grocery store. He didn't stop or move for anything, not even a car. Some cars even honked at this strange, unknown being. They'd swerve around him like he was road kill. Daniel let out a weak howl out of nervousness mixed with adrenaline. He could smell his emotions, too. They were strong. He wondered how he never noticed them when he was human. They were as plain as the fur on his body and the ears and muzzle on his head. His tail swayed with him to keep his balance on the cracked asphalt. He felt every ridge on the surface by his shockingly sensitive, leathery pawpads. The feeling was annoying after so long, but it didn't matter at this point. Daniel had already made it to the store.

The store was a short distance from Daniel's house and from school; it was about halfway in-between the buildings. It would have been about a two minute drive, but it took Daniel almost twice as long, as he did not run full blast. He didn't need to burn any more energy than needed for he would need it later.

He ran through the doors of the store on two legs. People were staring at him before he could even think. Thankfully, he knew what he wanted and where he could find it. Running to the back of the store, he found the coldest section in the store: the milk section. He always remembered this section being the coldest section, other than the freezers when they were open. Finding the right product and size, he grabbed the bottle of Nesquik Chocolate Milk. He decided to get a doughnut for "breakfast."

Daniel turned around and started jogging right into another person. He ran into the poor man, making him drop his nearly empty basket.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Daniel said apologetically. "I didn't notice you there. My head's too full of thoughts."

Daniel watched the expression on the man's face. Daniel saw the puzzlement of the man as he smelled the confusion and fear coming off of this man's body. Daniel didn't know what to do, so he leaned down and picked up the man's grocery items and basket.

"No no, it's fine," the man replied nervously. "It looks like you have a lot on your mind, too."

"I'm sorry if I damaged anything, but I really have to run. If you ever need help, come find me. I owe you."

The man's face now showed compassion as his mood shifted. "Oh, that's alright. You look stressed enough, no offense. Thanks!"

With those words, Daniel was off. He was shaking from the adrenaline pumping through him. It was as if an earthquake was hitting him and only him. It was uncontrollable.

Following the isles, Daniel found the bakery. He could smell fresh dough being mixed and baked. He watched the bakers load the shelves with steaming doughnuts. He ran up to the shelves and watched the man line the doughnuts and cookies up. He grabbed a doughnut as the man stood in shock from looking at the big human-wolf thing standing in front of him getting a doughnut. There's something unexpected, Daniel mused.

He stuffed the doughnut into a plastic fruit-bag and continued his never-ending journey back to the front of the store. He had one more task to complete here: he had to check out.

He found the emptiest line there. This register belonged to a lovely lady somewhere in her mid-thirties. She had a warm shade of brown wavy hair. Her eyes showed love on top of her slender yet sturdy structure.

"Can I help you?" She asked in a motherly voice. Her eyes showed a hint of nervousness, but she had more love and acceptation radiating off of her.

"Yeah," Daniel replied, "I need to pay for these."

"Okay, dear; let me see whachya got." She took the items as Daniel handed them to her. His mouth started drooling at the sight of the doughnut fogging up the plastic bag. Seeing the woman's look of puzzlement, Daniel decided to explain.

"That's my breakfast. It's a long story, but ever since this morning when all of THIS," he pointed to his body, "happened I had to get away from the family. I was scared. I don't know what to do."

Her sweet voice soothed his aching soul. "Don't worry, dear; I'm sure they'd love you no matter what."

"I certainly hope so."

The cash register beeped. It was time to pay.

"They do, I promise. Now then, your total this morning will be two dollars and forty-three cents, please."

Daniel reached into his pocket and gasped. In the rush of the morning, he forgot to grab his wallet!

"Aww. Crap!" Daniel yelled. He was internally kicking himself for doing such a stupid thing.

"What's wrong, dear?" the cashier asked. Her voice made Daniel's eyes start to well up.

"Out of my stupidity, I forgot my wallet. I can't believe I forgot it."

"Well honey," the woman replied, "I guess you'll just have to... let me get that for you." She smiled as she said this.

"Really?" Daniel asked, sniffling.

"It seems as if you've been through enough stress today to last longer than a lifetime. This little thing won't hurt me or you."

Daniel couldn't help but smile. "Thank you so much. You are awesome. If you ever need me, come find me. I will help you," Daniel said as he took the bag and the drink the woman was handing him.

"I'll keep that in mind. Now have a good day, Chow."

Daniel couldn't help but give a toothy smile. He had totally forgotten his collar around his neck. It felt natural there.

He chuckled. "Okay, I'll try. You too!" And with that, he was off to find himself a table.

He sat down at the little setup of tables in the store to eat his doughnut. He ate it faster than he ever had. It had at least a million new flavors now that his sense of taste and smell were stronger. He drank his chocolate milk within a few gulps and sat a minute or two to let it settle before he had to run back out on the street. I know that wasn't the best meal for a dog, but it'll have to do, He thought.

He threw his trash away in the trashcan outside the store. He felt happier knowing that not everybody would reject him. He got a few more looks as he walked back to the road and jogged on the sidewalk the last bit to school. He cut across traffic with ease. Taking his last few steps, he realized that this was the point of no return.

He was at school.

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chromowolf 2 years ago 0
Sorry this is so late, but it's a new record for me at just over 2,000 words on 4 pages. I hope y'all enjoy :)
Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago 0
and enjoy i have!!! will there be more?
chromowolf 2 years ago 0
Oh there will be more :)
But swing as I obviously fail at keeping this on a schedule, I cannot tell you when. But there will be more within a week or two. :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
HatoThePuppy 2 years ago 0
Exciting ^^ I can't wait until the next chapter!
chromowolf 2 years ago 0
Haha Thanks. :) I'm glad you liked it. :D
Kausn_Husky 2 years ago 0
Good job hon. I enjoyed it. Quite a bit. I'll be patiently waiting for moar. :P :D
chromowolf 2 years ago 0
Silly :P
Kausn_Husky 2 years ago 0
I is the silly one? :P
chromowolf 2 years ago 0
Haha yes. Yes you are :P