07 Feb 2012

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Another Way/Changing Paths Chapter 12: It comes it goes…

#12 of Another way/Changing paths...

Let's keep this party train rolling with moar plot!

Another Way/Changing Paths

Chapter 12: It comes it goes...


(Brian's POV)

The feeling in my arms suddenly went numb from what felt like over exertion. I was just sleeping peacefully and then suddenly waken rudely with shake and vibration of an explosion which caused me jump out of my bed.

Hitting the floor roughly I rolled over to face the ceiling. My nose began to bleed profusely for no reason; I could hear a loud noise coming from outside the window. But for some reason I was in no shape to just leap up to my feet.

I could hear Kelly across the room who was sleeping peaceful just a few moments suddenly jump from her bed. She looked out of the window and asked, "What the hell was that?"

"Not sure." I grunted as I tried to lift myself off the floor.

I then heard some scratching coming from the window where Kelly was making her way over to. Glancing over myself I saw Diamond staring outside the window with one of her paws on the glass.

Suddenly I could feel a horrible strain bearing down on my bearing down on my arms even though I wasn't holding anything. I let out loud grunt just as Kelly was about to reach the window. She turned around to look at me on the ground.

"What's wrong with you? Why haven't you got off the ground yet?" She asked, but I was now in enough pain to not answer any of them.

She made her way over to where I was lying and got down on both knee to examine me closer. "Oh god! What happened to your face?" She reached up on to my bed grabbed the sheets off of it and slowly wipe the blood off my face.

Diamond then made her way over to Kelly and me, and looked at me with a rare concerned look on her face. I was slowly able to set up on my nerveless elbows; I then gave a slow nod to Kelly to signal her to stop wiping my face. She complied by was showing a great deal of concern.

"Brian what's going on?"

"There's nothing wrong with me, but Brandon on the other hand may be in trouble." I said trying to vague as possible.

Looking towards Diamond I could tell she was waiting for my blessing. I have no idea what kind of trouble Brandon was in right now, but to put my body in this great deal of pain he must be in a lot. Diamond must already know what's going on and just waiting on my word to go.

Turning my attention back to Kelly I then said, "Kelly I need you to do something for me."

"What's that and what happened to Brandon?" She said obviously her patience wearing thin.

"I need you to follow Diamond here. I'm pretty sure she knows where he is." I was finally able to sit up and hoist myself on to my bed. "I need to rest for a bit, please hurry."

She nodded to me as I then nodded to Diamond and like that in a blink of an eye they both quickly dashed out the door.

Finally alone with myself I decided to see how far this little power of mine that linked the two of us together went. Closing my eyes I could feel myself being pulled into a tunnel, but then suddenly stopped.  

When my eyes opened I could see Kelly looming over me with a great concerned look in her face. I could immediately tell that I was in Brandon's shoes because of this. I actually felt the warm embrace of Kelly's tight hug. I could also feel a tear falling down my face, he must be so happy right now...

Looking over out the corner of my eye I could see Diamond resting her muzzle on top of Ruption.  She had both of her eyes closed and what looked to be a small but noticeable grin on her lips. 

Ruption on the other hand eyes were wide open with an angry look on his face. Grunting and grumbling something that Diamond could probably understand, but despite the way he's acting I could see that he enjoyed his position far too much to do anything.

That's when Kelly let go of Brandon and said, "Oh yeah Brian is hurt!"

If only she knew the truth...if only Brandon knew the truth.  My vision came crashing back to my own I think it was more a subconscious thing as I awakened.

Ten minutes passed by the time Brandon and Kelly came back inside. I didn't need to go inside my brother mind to tell that he checked Ruption into the center. The first thing Brandon did was came up to my bed said, "So, what happened to you?" His voice showed no concern in it, just a casual relax tone.

'The same thing happened to your ass...' I thought to myself, and then said, "Nothing just fell on the floor that's all."

Looking away from him I didn't feel that I need to bring up what happened to him. So I just decided that we could probably talk about all this in the morning. I could still feel him looking over me so I pulled the cover over my head.

I then fell into a deep slumber.

The next day I awakened to the feeling of something very cold on my face. I jumped up and out of my bed; landing on the floor roughly I could see that it was just Diamond. I had completely forgotten I that I had left her out her Pokéball last night. 'A thought I wish I hadn't forgotten.' I thought to myself as began to rub my back. "Damn as much as I keep falling on the floor, my ass should be getting used to it." I said chuckling to myself.

Standing up to take a nice long stretch I looked up to where Brandon and Kelly should be sleeping, but there was no one there. Their bed was completely made and tidy, and the room didn't smell like two Muk's rolling around each other in the sun. No, everything was completely calm and normal, though I'm not really sure if what is normal and not normal anymore.

Ten minutes went by the time I had finished getting dressed. I gazed over to where Diamond was to see that she was still sleeping. I notice that she had a slight smile on her typically dull and emotionless face. That when I decided to play a prank on her. The pillow that she had her head resting on was almost frozen solid, just what I need to 'get her'.

Stealthily making my way over to where she was, so that I was positioned right in front of her. Gathering my breath as I prepared myself for a deep roar, seeing her smile like that makes me worry.

Just as I was about to yell, suddenly the door came flying open. I quickly whipped my head around to see what/who it was. There stood Brandon with a smile his face. Diamond had quickly awakened from her sleep and was gazing up at me with now her signature dull look.

"Am I interrupting something?" Brandon said.

"Ugh..." I grunted looking at him then back to Diamond, now with I ruined plan I sighed dejectedly and added, "Oh nothing. So what's up, where's Kelly?"

"She's waiting down stairs in the front lobby for us."

The way he said that made me a little concern, just a bit though. It was as if he's planned on it, that's what my gut was telling me anyway, and thus far my gut haven't steered me wrong. "Let me guess you wanted to talk me alone?"

With a slight nod he continued, "Brian, have you notice something weird have been happening lately?"

"Weird what you mean?" I asked quizzically, though by this point I could half way guess what he was talking about.

"Weird like something keeps happening that shouldn't be happening." I could tell he was trying his best to explain it, and be vague at the same time.

"Like the visions?" I said finally pushing the point out there.

"Yeah you've been getting them as well?!"

I nodded and said, "I've been getting them for a while now." I then sighed and added, "I thought I was the only one of us getting them....guess not..."

"Same here...hehe." He replied as he rubbed the back of his neck. He straighten himself up and also added, "Brian how about for now on we don't keep anything from each other. I'm more than sure we could be stronger for it."

I nodded in agreement, and smiled at him. I could see that he was looking behind me towards Diamond. "What wrong?" I asked.

Squinting his eyes as he looked over at Diamond he said, "You know you have a very strange Pokémon."

Lightly giggling to myself I said, "What makes you think that?"

He stepped closer to me so that he could whisper in my ear. He said, "I think she may have fallen for Ruption."

Suddenly the door to the room had opened and there stood Kelly. She looked different not so much as she just had a change of clothing, but more like peaceful and calm. She stared at the two of us for a second before saying, "Am I interrupting something?"

That's when I notice what Brandon and I must be looking like in her eyes. We were face to face with each other with him grabbing me on the shoulder. Thinking quickly I shoved Brandon towards Kelly with a long push. I quickly turned my head in embarrassment looking down at Diamond.

"It's not what you think..." Brandon was able to stammer out as he approached her.

"Sure...anyway you two ready to go?"

"Yeah let's go." Brandon said in agreement.

"Okay I'll catch up to you two in the lobby I just need to pack something's first."

"Alright but don't be too long now." Kelly said smiling as she then turned back to walk down the hallway.

Looking back towards Brandon I could see him nodding at me, and then followed Kelly back down the hall.

Now that they were both gone I turned my attention toward Diamond. She finally jumped down from my bed and calmly walked over towards me. Not taking my eyes off her I just want to confirm that she is in love with Ruption. For as far as my knowledge goes towards knowing Diamond she doesn't really show any feeling or concern towards anything, and she never showed any interest in loving anything.

Though now that I think about it she has always been fighting with Ruption, I've notice that he was the only one of Brandon's team that was willing to play shield. I also saw that whenever the two of them would spar against each other, Ruption would always go beyond and more what was needed to try and defeat her. Although he could never defeat her I now see that he was trying to prove something to her in his own misguided way.

I guess after being with him for so long and after so long a small bond that was once rivalry between two opposites have manifested itself into something more. 

She continued looking at me confused; I quickly decided that I shouldn't bother her about it. I just hope that it doesn't affect her performance.  She is my crowning jewel and love or no love I needed her at her best. Though that could just be me being envious of her being in love or because Ruption took her heart from me, either way I'll just live with it. For the sake of allowing my Pokémon to be happy of course.

Sighing lightly to myself I knelt down then reached up and petted Diamond on the head. While smiling her I said, "As long as you're happy I'm happy." She gave me a confused look as I stood up and took another stretch and made my way out of the door. Diamond was trotting right behind me until she eventually caught up with me.

Now that all of that's out of the way time to focus on Brandon's training once again. This time seeing how Kelly wants to get in on the action I'll integrate her in the training as well. Though I want Diamond to fight against Ruption this time to make sure he or she haven't gone soft after their little love ordeal. And no it isn't jealousy...

Making my way into the front lobby I saw Brandon standing in the corner with Kelly talking with each other. Kelly was holding a Pokéball in her hands tossing it back and forwards as they carried on with their conversation.

Approaching them casually I asked, "You two ready?" They both looked to me and nodded.

The three of us made our way outside and continued walking until we reached the edge of town. The town today was bursting with life. People walking in all directions talking with each other and having fun. The day itself was a windy one but still somehow sunny and bright. Days like these make me feel as if I could do anything and couldn't be stopped and everything was going to go my way.

Kelly was looking down at Diamond and then back up to me and asked, "Brian I've been meaning to ask you, why is it that you keep your Pokémon out?"

Surprisingly enough I was actually quite confused by that question. I never really thought about it until she asked me, I mean Brandon never asked me that question before. And at this point it just seemed natural to have Diamond or Osha walk at my side; I guess that's what really caught me off guard on her question.

"Soooo..." Kelly said pleading me to answer her question.

"Brian just wants a girl to walk by his side." Brandon said teasing me though I didn't find anything funny about the comment.

"You know what just for that; you'll be giving your Pokémon an endurance workout including yourself." I said as an angry sigh. "I want you choose two of your Pokémon to play "Protect the V.I.P".

Both Kelly and Brandon looked at me as if they had no idea what it is I was talking about.

Sighing once again to myself I explained to them, "V.I.P is short for 'Very important person' basically what I want is for you to be the V.I.P and you have both of your Pokémon protect you from me. Well I'll be using both of my Pokémon as well so I shall be training with you." Looking over to Kelly I gave her a questioning look.

"Of course I'll be tagging along. Which role who you want me to play?" She asked.

I looked at her and smile then nodded, "Okay I want you to be a defender as well, again I think I could use the extra training. Well both my Pokémon and myself."

She gave a smile and nodded and added, "Do you want me to use two of my Pokémon as well?"

"Yeah go ahead that's fine. Be sure not to pull any of your punches."

Brandon just nodded as we continued to walk now approaching the edge of the city he said, "Yeah nobody wants to go easy on you, just because you look like me." Kelly let out a slight giggle.

"Whatever little brother! Let's get this show on the road!" I yelled pulling out Osha's Pokéball and gently tossing it into the air. Once Osha appeared I beckoned her and Diamond closer to me. "Ok I'll go first and set up for you guys. Give me ten minutes and then head out in that direction." I said pointing.

Kelly raised her hand up just before we took off walking and asked, "Should I use two Pokémon as well or Brandon and I use one each?"

"Nah go ahead and use both."

"I'm sure Diamond could handle it." Brandon interjected.

Just as I was about to leave I looked back to Brandon and said, "No cheating..." I'm sure he should understand the meaning behind those words.

Shaking my head, I started making my way into the woods. Started running into a jog with Osha and Diamond right on my heels.

After a good ten minutes went by I felt that we were far enough away that Kelly and Brandon would spend a good while before coming here. Scanning my surrounding area to see if I could find any vantage points I could use to my advantage. The area that I was standing in had a few tall trees a couple of shrubs and lots of tall grass.

Taking in the scenery I concocted a plan on how to ambush them both. Turning around and then looking down at both of my Pokémon I said, "Alright you two it's time to get to work."

Knowing that Osha would be best for dealing aerial damage. I instructed her to get into a tree and wait. She is to swoop down and break up their ranks, not only that she should be able to take on or out atleast two of the Pokémon. Not that she'll be alone or anything I will have Diamond only a few meters ahead to back her up just in case something start getting out of hand. The plan is to completely overwhelm the both of them without letting them breathe.

I told Diamond to stick close to me. So that we could find a suitable hiding spot for the both of us, and after a moment or two of looking we finally found a tree that was just tall and wide enough to conceal the two of us.

Waiting Patiently I could hear footsteps approaching they were coming from the direction that Osha was posted. A few moments later all I could hear was all hell breaking loose, peeking around the corner of the tree to look at what was happening.

I could see my brothers Pokémon Ruption (of course) and his other Poké wasn't Foo. It was his third Pokémon that I almost completely forgot about. It was his Pawniard Swipe, who was standing in front of Ruption with one arm dangling limply to his side.

Osha stood in front of him holding both of her shells that were stuck together with the Velcro that I've attached to them long ago. She was holding it with both her hands tucked down in form of fighting stance.  I've personally seen this stance before on several occasions; she only uses this form of fighting when she wants to end a battle quickly. The thing is I want to know is if Brandon knows about it as well and if so, will he be able to counter it?

The Pawniard stood there with its arm up not even budging to blinks its eyes. It kept its menacing gaze upon Osha waiting for her and what she was about to do. The blade on its hand stretch out further, I could tell that it was on its last stand.

In an instant Osha was gone quickly dashing to her right and making a zigzag back towards the Pawniard with blinding speeds. Using his one good arm as a guard to defend himself proved to be useless, as Osha glaive knocked his arm out of the way in one pass, and then back again to hit him across the face in the other.

Upon hitting the ground I could see that he was completely unconscious, without even so much as twitching to indicate that he was even remotely able. Taking a further peek from around the corner of the tree I could see Brandon sighing to himself. Pulling a Pokéball from his pocket he recalled Swipe back into its ball.

Osha stood only a meter or two away from him and Ruption. Ruption carried an angry facial expression on his face. Brandon walked closer to him and placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him down I guess.

Although for the most part everything seem to be going just as I planned, but something just seemed off somehow. I couldn't place my finger on it, it's like I'm missing something. It should be plain as day for me to see, but...

That's when it hit me like a large sack of Pokéballs... "Kelly!" I exclaimed to myself. I could see Diamond quickly spinning around and jumping backwards.  Knowing that should wouldn't be doing that for no reason I decided to take a dive forward, and do a summersault to soften my landing.

As I rolled to a stop I could a loud clanging noise coming from behind me. When I was finally able to get to my feet I turned to see that it was a large Haxorus. One of its claws were stuck in the tree that I was just standing under.

"What the hell!" I yelled to the top of my lungs, knowing that I just escaped death.

Looking around I couldn't find Kelly anywhere and I'm more than sure that the Haxorus belong to her. I wanted to know if she was about to let that damn thing kill me. But one thing at a time though and that Haxorus wasn't going anywhere.

"Diamond Ice Beam!" I yelled with an adrenaline fueled voice.

Taking a deep breath she released a very powerful beam of ice that fired directly at the Dragon Pokémon. Diamond was a Special Attack specialist one hit from one of her ice attacks usually end most if not all fights.

But the damn thing thought ahead and kicked up a log and intercepted the ice attack with it. I could hear Ruption and Osha going head to head from behind. When the beam finally stopped there was a huge pillar of ice that stood in front of me. It then shattered into piece with the Haxorus standing behind it letting out a mighty roar.

Now that all of this was going on that still left the question of, where the hell Kelly was hiding? She was nowhere to be found.

I could feel a powerful heat building up from behind me with a loud explosion. Usually that would have concerned me, but it was Osha what was doing the fighting so there was no worries there. If anything the explosion came from her rather than Ruption.

Right now I need to worry about this unknown variable that blocks my path. Though I've read plenty about these, I've never actually faced one before. And I'm never one to get the big head just because I hold the type advantage. The Pokémon before me seem to know how to handle its weakest quite well, so this will most likely be a battle based on experience.

The Haxorus quickly charge at Diamond with a purple aura emitting from its claws. Immediately I could tell that it was Dragon Claw.

"Diamond dodge it quick!"

It was too late though for the fraction of a second that it took me to identify what kind of move that it was using. It had already crossed the ground that separated Diamond from itself.

With a mighty swing of its claw sent Diamond flying straight pass me and into a tree. Hitting it roughly she bounced off of it and on the ground.

Spinning around I hurried over to Diamonds side and gave her a look over to see if she was ok. Just before I was able to finish she leapt back to her feet. But this time she had a look in her eye that sported a burning fire that I notice in Osha or Ruption whenever their battling.

Just like that it quickly faded into her dull stare once more. I sighed dejectedly and turned my gaze back over to the Haxorus.

"Alright Diamond end this...Blizzard." 

Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
hmmm, not all is as it seems now is it? Just who are Brian and Brandon? Is Diamond really in love with Ruption?
What part does Kelly have to play in all this? after all, this all started after she joined the two brothers.

So now I must wait. Wait, and watch. *hides in bushes while waiting and watching*

gotta love 0145 postings, don't ya? They always get so....random ^.^
Pod155 2 years ago 0
lol I know what ya mean.
well you see Brandon and Brian are both *Spoiler behind these words*
Also Kelly she has *Moar spoiler behind these words*
See then Diamond and Ruption relationship becomes *EVEN MOAR SPOILERS*
Hope that helps!

lol jk but you are asking all of the right question and I'll tell you this starting next week on all of them will be answered.
Like always thank you for reading my friend!