07 Feb 2012

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Posted 07 Feb 2012 19:47
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Looking for job.

Yure and Liontari need to find a job rather quickly.

Sáb 04 Fev 2012 14:21:21 BRT
    It was a boring afternoon. The sun light entered through the window, lightening up Liontari's documents. I was laying on a scratched couch, looking up at the ceiling while my left leg was hunging from the couch, my left footpaw almost touching the wooden floor. Liontari's pen kept dancing over the paper, writing a letter to someone somewhere. I closed my eyes, wanting to take my diaper off because of the heat. How good it would be to have a fan now. I could even picture the fan over the table, on, making the treehouse a little cooler.
    I was wearing nothing, but my diaper. My eyelids were tired, resting over my eyes in relaxation. I was a lazy cat-fox, almost nothing could get me motivated, even if I was a cub in a way. Liontari, though, needed a job to sustain us. He kept writing the letter, focused, not missing a word. He took some pauses to better word his sentences, paying attention to his etiquette.
    - Done - he said, getting the letter in his handpaws.
    I opened my left eye, looking at him without moving anything but my left eyelid and pupil.
    - So, what does it say? - I asked.
    - Dear employee - Liontari started. -, I, Liontari, the lion, would like to start working as hunter in exchange of supplies to guarantee my existence. I won't charge money for my services.
    I rolled on the couch and rubbed my diaperbutt. It crinkled and I purred a bit, not interested in Liontari's letter. I just kept thinking on how good it would be to ease the heat of that day and, after pondering all possibilities, I began untaping my diaper. When the padding fell to the floor, I smiled dumbly. Finally free, my butt started cooling some. I rolled, so my bits would also cool a bit. Liontari noticed what I was up to and stared, now used to the sight and not getting hard for seeing me naked as he used to get. Liontari's feelings were calm, now that we lived togehter and looked for relief in each other from time to time, though I still prefer to do it alone.
    - So, what do you think? - he asked.
    - I'm impressed that you took forty minutes to write two lines of text - I said, closing my eyes to feel the breeze than run inside the house through the open door and left the place through the window.
    - Well, but I needed to be polite and straight forward, so... - Liontari justified himself.
    - Well, then... - I rolled, now laying on my side, giving Liontari plain view of my front. - maybe the employee likes it. I hope we can work together.
    Liontari smiled and his tail wagged twice.
    - Me too - he said.
    - So, where will we go if we are hired? - I asked.
    - To the Lake - Liontari answered.
    I sat up and looked at him in disbelief.
    - Are you nuts? - I asked.
    The treehouse became quiet for a while. The Lake is probably the deepest place in Fenária, inhabited by strange species never seen in surfice or even in the sea. It also had an area where the water was poisoned, due to the degradation caused by the Factory. Even if the place was 100% clean and even if we were sure of what we would find there, I still hated water. I wondered what kind of creature they wanted us to hunt.
    - Well, Yure, your fear must be fought someday - said Liontari, quickly figuring why I didn't want to go.
    I sighed.
    - Maybe... - I said.
    - Then, get clothed; we are going to the City - Liontari said, already wearing shirt and pants.
    I walked to the closet and got a cloth diaper, as they are less hot. I got them on, pinned them, put a pad inside and pulled common pants over it. I skipped the shirt, because it was hot and, hey, I have fur. Liontari put me on his shoulder and we left the treehouse.
    The way to the City is long, we needed to cross the Jungle. Small trees colored our way there and the plants had divergent colors. We were walking on a sand trail and the City could be seen rising from the horizon line. Liontari got a fruit from a tree and handed it to me, figuring I could be hungry. I got it and started eating. Sounds of running water could be heard; the river was near. Once we reached the river, we moved to the wooden bridge.
    The sun was high, it was a painfully hot day. My tongue hung out of my muzzle, sweating. Plus, the normal warmth of the jungle made things hard to tolerate.
    We arrived at the City. Furries walked around, guided by the imposed needs of modern life. The buildings were tall, not exactly huge like the ones we see in Nova Iorque, for example. The tallest building had only three floors and it's where we were going. The City is surrounded by the jungle and it's small, serving mainly comercial link between Fenária and the continent.
    Sun kept mercilessly burning us, so we bought some water from street vendors. I drank happily from the water bottle, but Liontari kept his water for another time.
    We needed the job to improve our lives and hunting seemed to be the perfect option for us, felines. This time, though, I wanted to go with Liontari and, as long I could prove that I am an adult, it would be okay.