Selth Blackwings
07 Feb 2012

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Posted 07 Feb 2012 22:55
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badge for CF11

thanks Blue from FAfor the artwork!

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Toumal 2 years ago 1
That is fucking SWEET ^^
Selth Blackwings 2 years ago 0
thank you ^.=.^ and thanks to Blue as well! dunno if he's here too.
Toumal 2 years ago 1
If not, we should bribe him to come here ^^
TeraDyne 2 years ago 1
You look like you're going to eat the cards... or someone else. :3
Selth Blackwings 2 years ago 0
What can I say, when I have good cards I look like that! should stop playing for noms.
Surasshu 2 years ago 0
Best pokerface ever =D