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Ocean Depths part 18

#18 of Ocean Depths

Ocean Depths part 18

By Roofles


Lucas found himself getting an untimely tan, somehow winding up on the beach front. The weekend had come by and the sun had showed its golden head. The beach was flocked with humans and furs alike all trying to soak up the sun's rays while they had the chance. Lucas found himself in the blue and black print swim trunks; otters and fish swimming around the black pond like ink 'stains'. A treat Carlson had bought him for coming along. The otter had been on his knees asking for him to tag along; he loved his son but wanted him to come along just as much. Eventually he caved in after his last excuse was shot down when the otter showed him the shorts he had already bought.

Carlson was in the water playing some kind of game with his son. They'd throw a few rings all around in the shallows before each trying to collect more than the other. A game otter's loved to play Carlson had explained trying to get him to come along. Lucas flatly refused. The water only came up to his waist. He wouldn't be able to swim as smoothly or with such speed and agility as the otters could even in the shallows.

So here he was resting on the beach towel watching everyone around him. He was thankful the otter didn't have to get him one, though the otter had been more than happy to offer to share his. "There's more than enough room for the two of us," he had claimed, "You can lay on my belly." The beach umbrella didn't help shield him from the sun's rays, mostly covering the picnic basket and cans of soda he had brought along.

"Luke!" Justin shouted over to him. He could feel a flush looking over at the two otters. Justin had similar swim trunks as his dad.  The same color and print as his own except for the tail hole all the furs around him had, those that actually wore swim wear that was. It was a built in design. A hole that varied in size depending on the fur that needed them, a strap went over the top and buttoned on the other side serving as a makeshift belt. Several different buttons could be snapped on in order to change the size required.

Carlson seemed to glisten in the sunlight as water dripped off his silken fur. The otter looked over waving at him with that warm friendly smile as ever, making him feel a bit giddy inside as he walked over to join them. The warm sand crunched under his bare feet as he waded into the sea joining the two.

"Throw the rings." Justin said handing him the bundle of colorfully assorted rubber circles. "All directions," he waved out and about them. "Try not to hit anyone, like dad has." He added glaring at the larger male making the inner side of his ears turn a reddish hew with a blush.

"Fine, fine." Lucas took the rings, if he had to join him this would be the best way too. He could feel the teeth marks on them making him laugh a bit as he aim the first one. Flicking them with a great deal of force, one after another like Frisbees into the sea. The otters watched intently until the last ring hit the water before both simultaneously dipping under the surface without even breaking it. He could feel one of them dart by him before being lost under the sea and amongst the crowd.

Lucas looked around feeling a bit foolish. Though he had spied a few other humans family's it was clear that the beach was overrun with furs. The other families having taken a que from this and slowly one by one dispersed leaving behind him and a few strays alone in the throng of furs that crowded the beach. Furs, scales and feathers could be seen from every angle making him feel even more self-conscious as a rather large wilder beast bumped into him.

He wouldn't have minded so much if it weren't for the obvious stares. Coming along with Carlson and his boy had seemed casual enough. To have the otter kiss him as he got out of the car, hold his hand down to the beach before tackling him into the sand, cuddling on top of him had made things rather clear as to how close the two actually were. Lucas had been fine with it until he was alone. At least before he had his own rather large muscular otter at his side.

He was about to head back when a familiar brush against his leg made him jump. Justin popping up, wiggling his ears in a similar fashion as his dad did the next second. The boy was holding two rings in his muzzle and one with each hand. The defeated looking Carlson only had three in his muzzle.

"You throw better than dad." Justin spat the rings out handing them back to him, his eyes beaming. The otter really enjoyed the game; Carlson did to from the looks of it. The two otters watching him like dogs as if he were about to throw a ball for them.

"He's a better catcher than pitcher," Carlson grinned at the crude innuendo, a heavy overtone on each word. Lucas rolled his eyes taking the rings.

"I'm going to need some sunblock if I keep this up," he was about to throw the rings again before catching the otters puzzled expressions. "Sun block. Like the cream? Really? You guys, I guess, wouldn't need the stuff." He looked Carlson up and down that thick brown fur was as glossy as ever in the water; his thick coat covering every inch of him. The two otters still seemed to be puzzled.

"Lotion? Cream? Do you guys even know what that stuff is?" Carlson shook his head.

"Like burn ointment?" Justin asked scratching his chest, another trait he took after his father.

"Kind of, but you see," Lucas poked his arm. "The sun will leave a nasty burn if I stay out here for the next few hours. The sun block is a cover guard against it. Before I need burn ointment."

Carlson slapped his paws together beaming and rocking back on his heels, nearly bumping into a mouse behind him as he rested on that rudder like tail as an improvised kick stand. "I'll help!"

"I think I can manage." Lucas aimed a ring. "I'll throw them again before putting some on." He flicked the rings as far as he could, making sure not to hit anyone. The rings flew in every direction getting rather close to a pair of rhinos floating along in the largest inner tubes he'd ever seen. Justin vanished beneath the sea already swimming off after them.

Carlson stood his ground folding his arms across his chest. "I'm going to cream you up SO good!" The otter growled. Lucas rolled his eyes as he headed back to their beach spot.

They had three towels laid out for each of them. Carlson having moved his over next to Lucas's while Justin stayed close to the basket hidden amongst the sand. The umbrella had a slight tilt to it, shielding the top portions of the towels, basket and cooler. Carlson had snuck a few beers into the cooler with the Dr. Pepper cans Lucas had bought for them.

He scrounged around in his bag before yelping as Carlson slapped his ass with his paw. "Where is this mysterious cream?" He laughed leaning over him and peering into the bag he had brought with them. Several bags of chips, snack foods, homemade pasta and fried cod fish from the store were stockpiled inside.

"Here," Lucas said rubbing his ass showing him the yellow and brown topped bottle. "You just squirt and rub."

Carlson laid down motioning for him to follow. Lucas was feeling rather self-conscious as he sat next to him offering his arm. The otter shook his head, pulling one of his legs up in the air making him fall backwards. "Let's start with these?" He growled nose the tip of his big toe.

Lucas rolled his eyes. "We're in public you insatiable heathen."

"I just got a lot of love," Carlson laughed fumbling with the bottle. He squirted a bit onto his legs before rubbing it in. Stroking his leg up and down a bit more intimately than Lucas was comfortable with, at least in public anyways. Lucas jumped as a paw dipped into his loose swim trunks all the way down, brushing the inner side of his thigh, those blunt claws touching his sack ever so slightly.

"I don't think I'm going to get sunburned there," Lucas hissed glaring at the mischievous otter who had the look of pure innocence on his face. Carlson flipped him over onto his stomach as he began working on the other leg.

"Not if I have my way," the otter growled again. He massaged his other leg, making sure to spend a bit of extra time and care on his feet and toes. Carlson emptied half the bottle onto his back. He tossed the bottle to the side rubbing with both webbed paws along his back, massaging all the way. Staring with the crook in his lower back before working his way up to his shoulder blades. Rubbing with the flat of his palms, the soft pads serving perfectly for the rub down.

The yellow splurge from the container was cold and slimy and made Lucas feel like he was getting violated as the otter rubbed his back. Carlson worked his paws up to his shoulder and down his arms. Lucas sat up as the otter went around to his chest. The several hickies, and teeth mark, barely visible to the keenest of eyes. One reason why Lucas hadn't wanted to come along, afraid someone would notice that an otter had been gnawing on him a couple of days ago.

"You're lucky not having to deal with fur," the otter said as Lucas was evening things out.

"What do you mean?" Lucas asked rubbing his arms and legs trying to get rid of all the excess sunblock as well as to rub the rest of it in.

"I'd love if you rubbed lotion all over my body," the otter growled in no more than a whisper nuzzling his ear. Lucas laughed pushing the tickling whiskers away.

"At least you don't have to worry about being burned by the god forsaken sun," Lucas laughed wiping his forehead, cheeks and chin and along his neck with the extra he wiped off.

"Yeah but it's just so fun to lick you," the otter cooed nuzzling against his ear with his muzzle. "I can leave love marks visible to all," he pulled back laughing a bit eyeing the outlines of teeth marks on his shoulder. "A-and you can get tattoo's." He mumbled looking at his fur.

"Can't you guys dye your fur though?" Lucas asked looking at the otter. "And both of us can get piercings. So it's not like you can't do anything with it. Plus its so soft," Lucas laughed blushing a bit. "I love your fur."

Carlson ears dipped his whiskers drooping. "I guess I could dye my fur blue or something."

Lucas laughed as he thought of himself dating a giant blueberry. "Carl, you look fucking amazing. You don't need to change a damn thing about yourself. If you want to though, I'll support you a hundred percent. Though dating a smurf would be a bit odd."

The otter blushed again looking at him, he scooted a bit closer brushing his lips across his breathing out. "You wouldn't mind if I came out looking like a rainbow then?"

"As long as you leaked skittles," Lucas bumped noses. "You could walk in the front of the pride parade as the flag if you were a rainbow."

"What if I covered myself with piercings?" The otter cooed rubbing his nose back.

"Then I'd keep magnets away from you."

"And If I got a piercing down below?" The otter growled.

"I'd be extra gentle," Lucas teased pushing him back a bit. "I think you'd look good with a piercing or two, above waist. But," Lucas trailed his hands up his fur, feeling that thick warm under layer against his fingers. "I love the way you are now Carl, don't do something for me. Do it for yourself."

Carlson let out a deep growl kissing him, putting a paw on his shoulder and pushing him back against the blanket.

A ring flew over their heads clanking against the metal pole of the umbrella. Justin walking up the beach with all the rings in his paws.

"Dad, stop molesting Lucas." Justin practically shouted as he glared at the larger otter. "We were in a middle of a game," he whined. "That you were losing." The young otter placed his hands on his hips looking venomously at his father.

"He has a point, Carl." Lucas said looking at the otter that was pushing him down. Carlson looked between the two seemingly conflicted before prying himself away. "Here," Lucas picked up the ring before jogging over to Justin. He got down on one knee, facing his back to him. "Get on; I'll give you a lift."

Justin blinked a few times before crawling onto his back. Lucas got up jogging for the water. The otter wrapped his legs around his waist holding onto his shoulder with one paw waving the rings above his head with the other. Several furs watched them running into the water Carlson lagging behind, watching the two. Justin rocked back pulling Lucas into the water with him before bobbing his head up like a Bouie, wiggling his ears. The otter turned over floating on his back the next second holding the rings like ousters on his belly.

Carlson floated over, laying on his back in a similar otterly fashion, using his tail to navigating him through the furs around them. He offered a paw. "Need a lift?"

"Sure," Lucas laughed a bit. He angled himself over his belly before laying his back along Carlson as if he were a floating pool buddy. The otter floated along the other otter in tow as he navigated through the people splashing and playing around. "Thanks for the lift," Lucas stretched lazing back against him able to feel the muscles under the fur.

"My pleasure," the otter chirped floating along.

"You guys look ridiculous," Justin popped his head up from his dive, floating on his back along with them, the rings still tightly in his paws.

Carlson swatted playfully at him sending a splash of water everywhere, soaking Lucas who had been happily drying in the sun. "Hey!" He was about to twist over off the otter but Carlson laced an arm tightly around him.

"This'll only take a second." Carlson growled as Justin splashed the two before vanishing under the water again.

Carlson waited for the right moment before lifting his tail and smacking it against the water as Justin's head popped up again.  Water going everywhere around them.

"Civilian casualty!" Lucas protested getting soaked again. "Friendly fire."

Justin popped up next to them grabbing Lucas's side and pulling spinning them over into the water. The mischievous otter kept his distance after watching the two. He gasped quickly swimming away as the larger otter sped after him.

Lucas broke the surface. He laughed nervously apologizing to an angry pair of lionesses. He floated on his back quickly making distance between the two. He bumped into another fur, "how's it going?" He asked as casually as he could before floating off trying to spy the otters. It was impossible to spy the two with all the furs around him. He kept bumping into others making him feel even more uncomfortable after being abandoned.

A jet of brown reddish fur leapt over him from the water making him jump sinking into the water as he jumped in surprise. He broke the surface glaring at the otter that popped up next to him. "Very funny."

Carlson popped up behind Justin shoving his head back under the water before swimming over to Lucas and bumping noses. "Sorry about him, he can get a bit rowdy sometimes."

"He's a kid; I'd be surprised if he wasn't." Lucas nosed back. "He's defiantly yours, though."

"Why's that?" Carlson breathed back rubbing his paws along his side.

"Cause he's stealing all the food." Lucas nodded over the where their beach spot was.

"Justin!" Carlson shouted making Lucas wince.

The two headed back the otters tackling and rolling about as they wrestled. Lucas set up the picnic as neatly as he could with the otters thrashing about. He set out the assortment of chips and pasta. Getting out the disposable plates, forks and cups. "Dr. Pepper good with you, Justin?" He asked the smaller otter who was in a head lock getting his hair scratched.

The otter squeaked as he ducked out head butting his dad in the stomach before climbing over next to him. "Love one," he breathed panting as he looked at the food. "You set this all up?"

"And the main course," he pulled out the tin foiled wrapped plate opening the edge of it to him. "Fried cod fish. I hope you like it."

A large paw grabbed Justin's drooling muzzle and pulled him aside. "What do you say?" Carlson growled his nose bumping Justin's.

"Thank you, Lucas." Justin rolled his eyes as his dad let him go quickly sitting next to him again and the food. Carlson took the spot next to Lucas, pulling him over as Justin pulled the food closer to himself.

"It was nothing really," Lucas said rolling his neck as Carlson began to massage his shoulders. "You're damn good at that."

"Language," Carlson nosed the back of his neck. Lucas blushed at the stern tone he gave him; Justin was still his son after all.

"Dad, damn isn't a curse word anymore." Justin rolled his eyes as he served himself up a large plate of food. "A curse word is something like cu-."

"Shit, Justin!" Carlson growled leaning over Lucas, still rubbing his shoulders. "Language!"

"Oh for fuck sake." Justin took a large bite of one of the battered deep fried cod pieces.

"Justin!" Carlson whined letting Lucas go and pulling his own ears down not wanting to hear anymore.

"Here you go," Lucas offered a plate up to the otter. The otter took it in his muzzle.

"We'll talk about this later," Carlson said finally taking his plate in paw and scooping up a large portion of pasta. Taking a bite he continued, "This is really good."

"Its pasta, it's kind of hard to mess up at it." Lucas took a few pieces of fish, some pasta and chips.

Justin scooted a bit closer taking another bite of fish and waving the other half at him. "The pasta's damn good."

Lucas rolled his eyes. "Now you're just teasing me."

"No," Carlson poked his side making him jump. "This is teasing." He poked his other side making him jump. And again.

"H-hey! I'm trying to eat." Lucas jumped again as another blunt claw pocked his side.

"Ticklish are we?" Carlson grinned, Lucas quickly shook his head.

"Don't you dare!" Lucas voice cracked as he began laughing as the otter relentlessly began tickling his sides. Lucas kicked his feet trying to keep his food from falling to the side. Carlson set his food aside, straddled his hips and continued to tickling without mercy.

Justin rolled his eyes continuing to eat his lunch.


"Ok, ok, ok. What about flowers then? What's your favorite?" Carlson grip tightened on Lucas's hand as he walked beside him slowly on the beach, the sun beginning to descend in the sky falling back over the horizon for the night to take its turn.

"A rare blood orchid in the Tibetan Mountains." Lucas rubbed a finger against the side of the paw in his hand. The pads were as soft as ever, the fur just as thick and just holding his hand seemed like so much more than it was to him. The three found themselves practically alone as the day was coming to an end.

"Ok, so you love Italian food, your favorite color is blue, you like to dine at late hours and watch the sunset. You've spent two years studying to become a Bot-o-nist." Carlson slurred the word. "Originally you lived in Illinoi but moved here after your family outcast you, that explains the small accent you have. And you like some rare flower in the Tibetan Mountains," Carlson repeated turning towards him to bump noses, get a quick kiss before continue to walk along the beachfront.

Lucas nudged the man next to him. "You love any kind of seafood, your favorite color changes from green to lavender depending on your mood. You hate tropical punch with a passion after someone spiked your high school prom," Lucas laughed a bit at that. "Let's see what else..."

Carlson looked at him with a smile on his muzzle as they continued along.

"You've always lived here, growing up in a small house with your three brothers and two sisters. You had Justin," Lucas said trailing off a few seconds to watch the young otter run ahead of them collecting seashells. "When you were 17?"


"Aaand, although you regretted it he was the best mistake in your life." Lucas said softly looking at the otter run on over with a large con shell.

"You can hear the ocean." Justin smiled offering him the shell.

"I can hear the ocean because it's right there."  Lucas nudged against Carlson. "But thanks."

Justin beamed before running along again. He had acted like a kid sense they reached the beach. The sandy sea must have a special effect for otters. Carlson hadn't stopped smiling sense they took their first step onto it. The sand was cool and soft between his webbed toes, long sense abandoning the sandals he tended to wear in the city. He had pulled Lucas's shoes off after tackling him on the beach.

The large otter had run on all fours with his shoes in muzzle as Lucas chased after him. He had only ever seen ferrets 'dook' before but the large otter made an excellent candidate for one. If ferrets held an election he was sure Carlson would be in the top five. If it wasn't for that big rudder like tail slowing him down Lucas doubted he would've been able to catch him, surprised at the speed he could make on the sandy beach. He found it difficult to walk as it was, each step he took seeping into the sand.

"Thanks for coming along," Carlson gripped his paw a bit tighter, squeezing it reassuringly. "I haven't seen Justin so...excepting of one of my boyfriend's sense....well ever." The large otter look down at his webbed paws as the sea washed over them. He looked over at Lucas's bare feet, his pant legs rolled up, the edges still damp. And the otter couldn't help but smile. "The days just don't get better than this," he mumbled looking up again.

Lucas shrugged not really noticing the otter next to him as he was busy watching Justin run around on all fours rolling about. "He's a damn good kid. One thing I've always had wanted was..." he trailed off his eyes getting a bit somber. Lucas was gay, a fact he had known sense he was young. A fact that had destroyed all connections with his family and most his friends back home, he moved because of it. But the one and only thing he really regretted was the fact he wouldn't be able to 'have' kids. "He's an amazing kid." Lucas repeated from the previous day.

"You are too," Carlson said a bit goofily, scratching his chest with his other paw. His ears were flushed and tail was rigid, the tip had a slight curve to it.

"What's the deal with, if you don't mind me asking?" Lucas pulled his eyes away from one otter to the other.

"She has a lot of...issues, let's say just say." Carlson looked out across the sea watching the sun beginning to dip behind it. "Don't judge her too harshly. She's been through a lot in her day. Besides," Carlson turned to him with a growl. "I rather talk about you."

Carlson let his paw slip free before jumping him, wrapping an arm under his knees and back, picking him up and spinning around in the waves. Lucas laughed as the large otter tumbled over his own tail falling on his back in the sand Lucas on top of him.

"Oof," Carlson groaned a bit. "I need to work out more." He whined faking an injury.

"I'm just fat, you can say it." Lucas laughed getting off him after kissing his chest. A paw grabbed his wrist pulling him back against him.

"I love every inch of you rather if you 'blimped' up or shrunk down to the size of a toothpick." Carlson laughed nosing his neck.

"Toothpick, huh?" Lucas joined in, laughing at the ridiculousness of it as he wrapped his arms around his neck.

"Sure, I'd carry you around in my pocket then." Carlson offered with a goofy grin on his muzzle, he nosed his chin and cheek exhaling a long breath against it. "Love you, Lucas."

Lucas rested back on the beach looking up at the sky. The horizon was ablaze with red clouds that stretch across the sky like a painting. The red slowly fading into pink and purple at the end. He couldn't ask for a better setting or a better day than this had been.

The otter crawled on top of him, keeping his paws on either side of his head as he bent down to kiss him softly on the lips.

"Carl," Lucas sighed, scratching the otter's broad chest with both hands. "I'm in love with you...too." He flushed laughing a bit at the way it came out.

Carlson ears perked up before folding back, the insides of his ears turning a bright rusty red. He bent down brushing his lips across his chin before kissing him deeply. He held one hand above his head tightly with a paw squeezing it every couple of seconds as he opened his muzzle a bit more, kissing him passionately.  Lucas returned tenfold, wrapping his other hand around the back of his neck and scratching it a bit.

The otter kissed on him one more time before pulling back and nosing his chest. He exhaled deeply again against it before collapsing on his side and looking up at the sky with him, holding his hand as tightly as ever.

"Yes!" Carlson shouted after several seconds of blissful silence. He tossed both paws in the air before letting them fall back over his head laughing. "I fucking knew it!"

Lucas laughed as he cuddled against him, resting the back of his head in his armpit. "Well I think it was kind of obvious." He took a steadying breath before continuing. "I haven't been this a very long time, and it's all thanks to you Carl. You're kind of sort of like," he mumbled. "The best thing that's happened to me sense I've moved here."

The large male next to him let out a hearty growl, a chirp escaping his lips.

"Dad?" Justin asked walking up, several more shells in paw. "Can Lucas spend the night?"

"I think he'll be spending the night a lot more." Carlson sat up grinning from ear to ear like a kid during Christmas.

"Good! I just got a new game he needs to help me with." Justin showered Lucas in shells. "I got these for you."

Lucas shielded his face before smiling looking at the sheer number of shells. "Thanks, I think." He picked up a couple. "I'm going to need a bag to carry these in."

"Don't worry; I saw one up the beach! Be right back." Justin said taking off, half sprinting before going on all fours and bouncing on his paws the rest of the way. It was an interesting sight, seeing the otter his animal drive kicking in.

"What's with the shells?" Lucas picked up a few more looking at them. They were actually rather nice. Not just a bunch of random ones but shells that had been well examined and picked out.

Carlson didn't catch his eye as he hid a paw behind his back. "You don't like them?"

"No. I lived in Illinoi; we just don't have 'em there. I love 'em, I'm just a bit confused as to why he keeps giving them to me."

"So you do like them?" A hint of a smile crossing Carlson's muzzle.

"Of course." Lucas stated. "Why? What are you hiding?" He eyed the otter suspiciously.

Carlson ears folded back as he pulled a rather large shell from behind him, something he had grabbed when Lucas was busy watching Justin, tucking it in the back pocket of his shorts. He was glad it didn't break when he was rolling about. "I feesh you?" Carlson smiled offering it to him.

"Thanks?" Lucas took it still not really getting it. It was larger than all the others and if he hadn't been so distracted with the moment he would've easily noticed the shell. It was curved in on itself, flakes of red and silver were intermeshed along it, dipping into a pink lined opening where a crab had once made its home.

"It's an otter thing," Carlson mumbled embarrassed about it. He fumbled with his paws not looking at him but eyeing the shell in his hands trying to judge if he liked it or not.

He kissed the side of his muzzle. "Well thank you, I love it. I'll keep it right next to my bed. Thank you Carl. And them." He added to Justin as he ran back up with an old plastic bag in hand.

The young otter began collecting all the shells around him before spying the large one in his hand. "Hey! I got him shells first."

"But mines bigger and better." Carlson stuck his tongue out immaturely before smiling largely. "He likes mine best."

"No he doesn't!" Justin puffed up his shoulders his fur standing on end. "Luke, whose shells do you like more?"

Lucas was busy brushing himself off. "I'm not getting involved in this." He waved them off as he headed back down the beach, the two otters bickering behind him. He kept the large shell Carlson gave him, looking at it in the dimming light. It was really was something else, he didn't fully understand the notion behind it but he knew it held great sentimental value to the otter.

"Told you he liked mine better," Carlson growled playfully.

"You're dating him; it's not exactly a fair competition." Justin grumbled collecting the shells and bringing them along.

"Quit bickering you two." Lucas called back to them rolling his eyes, feeling ten years older. "If you keep it up I'm turning this car around!" He laughed.

"Good job, you got us in trouble." Justin frowned. He picked up his pace catching up to Lucas.

Lucas got back down on a knee as Justin crawled onto his back. He gave him a lift as they headed towards where they had made camp, the beach practically empty of life except for them. Carlson joined up with the two, smiling at his boys. "You never wanted a ride from me." He teased.

"It doesn't work with you." Justin said rather coldly as if it was a sore subject. "Lucas is better at it then you'll ever be."

"He does give pretty damn good piggy back rides," Carlson mumbled a sly grin on his face.

The sun set as they packed up camp, Lucas having to track down his shoes that the otter had stolen. One half buried the other hidden away in a sand castle, for 'safe keeping' Carlson had said. The two otters were soon snoozing in the back as Lucas drove them home, the pile of shells in the passenger seat, the largest one right next to him.

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"I haven't seen Justin so...excepting of one of my boyfriend's sense....well ever."
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