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School Crush : Chapter 4

#4 of School Crush

Chapter 4 of the series "School Crush." Jack and Sky finally go out on there "date" Sorry for such a long delay on this chapter. Life has been annoying to say the least. Anyways thank you everyone.

Upon opening the car door, I was greeted with a rather large smile from a rather cute guy. Jack was sitting in the drivers seat, one paw on the wheel and the other on the center console that separated the two front seats of the hot rod. His fingers were tapping on the steering wheel to the beat of Lil Wayne's "Six Foot Seven Foot." Usually listening to any kind of rap would bother me, but hey, if that's the price I have to pay to spend time with a sexy hunk like Jack, then I would suffer every damn day.

Jack was wearing a very tight-fitting, dark-grey and white Hollister Co. flannel. This tight fitting shirt showed me every muscle in his arm, and I thanked the heavens for that. Underneath his shirt, which was only buttoned up 3/4ths of the way, was a very clean white t-shirt that showed off his sexy pecks. His pants were a very dark blue and had a few tears near the pocket area, which is in style. The little holes in his pants exposed his thick black fur and was the final nail in the sexy boy coffin. He was with out a doubt the sexiest guy in the school, which made me wonder, 'Why would he want to hang out with someone like me, he's popular?' but I dismissed this thought immediately.

I stood with the door open for a few seconds, dumbfounded by the cute dog that was in front of me, and then snapped out of it. I gave him a rather toothy smile as I quickly slid into his car and closed the door behind me. The cool air had gave me a chill, but the appealing dog next to me sure did warm me back up.

"Hey Sky!" Jack said to me with a very eager tone in his voice. "You ready to have some fun?"

Oh god how I wanted to have some "fun" with him. "Of course I'm ready!" I said with a cheerful smooth tone, trying not to seem too excited, though my heart was racing.

Jack's smile grew a bit larger as he put his car into gear and began to ease off the clutch. His paw that had been on the center console was now gripping the shift knob. The car roared its familiar, loud, roar as we sped off down the street. 'This is going to be such a great night,' I thought to myself as we drove toward the end of the block. 'Maybe... maybe I should come out to him. I mean, I feel bad that I'm crushing on him, and he thinks that we're just friends.' A frown came across my face for a moment and I looked out the window. The snow was falling very softly, and the sky was that same pale grey that I had came to know and love. As I listened to the sounds of Lil Wayne rapping, which I couldn't really understand, I thought about what to do with Jack.

After a rather silent car ride, Jack and I arrived at the movie theater. We shared some small talk, but nothing very substantial or important. Just little things like "How have you been?" and "Aren't you glad it's Friday?" My mind was cluttered with the thought of possibly coming out to Jack. If I did, there could be a million different reactions. He could tell me he accepts me, and still wants to be friends. He could kick the living shit out of me and throw me out of his car. And if he did that, then I'm sure he would tell the whole damn school of what a "fag" I am and my secret would be out. Once we arrived however, I tried to get all of that off of my mind, and just enjoy the time I had with Jack. For all I know this could be the last time we hang out, that is if I were to tell him my secret.

The movie theater parking lot was very busy and it was almost impossible to find a parking spot anywhere remotely close to the entrance, due to the fact that it was indeed Friday. Our parking spot was rather far, but I didn't really mind. Jack put the car into park, and turned his head to me and tilted it, in a cliche questioning puppy kind of look.

"You seem quiet, something wrong?" Jack asked me.

"N-no," I began, "Sorry, just a lot on my mind." I managed to say, not wanting to be too detailed.

Jack smiled at this little comment, "Well, I hope it's nothing serious. I don't want to take you to the mental ward," he said as then followed with a smirk.

I chuckled and look at Jack. He was so perfect, I don't know why I was neglecting him. The way he sat as he looked to me, his tongue kept in his muzzle, which showed he was serious. His ears were nice and perked up, just the way I liked them. And his smile was pearly white and seemed flawless. His eyes were the most beautiful shade of brown that lit up from the brightness of the snow from outside of the car. He was so seductive, and I don't think he was trying to be, but he sure as hell could did a number on me.

"Ha ha ha, very funny! You ready to go?" I said as I shook my head for a moment, snapping out of my gay-boy dreams.

"Yup, lets go," he said in a warm tone, that help to melt away these problems I had.

The walk to the theater entrance was a lot longer than I thought. My small peacoat offered very little resistance to the rather harsh winds that were present that day. I was sure glad that I had brought gloves for my paws were still cold, even with them on. The snow fell at a faster pace now, and it blew against Jack and I as we walked down the sidewalk toward the theater. The cold wind was a razor that cut my face and gave me a very irritating burning sensation. It was just flat out cold, and I was used to this kind of weather.

After finally completing what seemed like an epic journey through the parking lot, we arrived at the entrance. Jack grabbed one of the many doors to enter, and held it open for me. I gave him a smile and walked into the warmth of the cinema. Jack followed closely behind me, and was sure adamant about not wanting to leave my side. It was almost like he was my little guard; well, big guard dog, seeing as he was 3 or 4 inches taller than me, standing at around 6 feet. It was very cute.

I looked up at the large electronic black board that hung over the ticket booths. The numbers and letters were red, and in a digital font that resembled an alarm clock. I went through the lists of movies and times, until I found the movie. "Immortals : 7:30" the sign read. I quickly reached into my coat pocket to fish out my wallet. Although there were a lot of people at the theater, there were never any long lines for ticket, due to the fact that there were 8 different ticket booths.

I felt a paw grab my wrist as I was grabbing a twenty from my wallet. I looked up to see Jack. "What do you think you're doing?" he said in a stern voice. "I'm paying for us."

"Jack, no I..." I began

Jack brought his paw up, and placed one finger gently over my lips. "Shhhh, I insist."

I felt the warmth from his soft finger against my lips and it was amazing. I really wasn't sure why he insisted so strongly that he paid for us, but it was very generous and kind of him. 'Maybe this really is a date, and he's just assuming I'm gay.' I thought to myself as Jack's paw receded from my face.

"Fine, fine. But I'm paying for our snacks," I said in a pouty tone.

"Hah, ya sure you are," Jack replied as he turned and approached the counter.

Jacks rather long black tail was wagging happily as he walked, which meant he was having a great time, as was I. He sure did know how to make me smile, and by now my cheeks were sore from how much he made me blush. I watched as the sexy dog walked up to the counter, mostly looking at his tail and butt. As I watched Jack strut his way to the counter, I noticed he was approaching a rather familiar face.

Standing in front of Jack was a rather tall , grey wolf, I'm guessing he was about 6' 4". He was wearing a red vest with a black undershirt and black pants. His name tag on his chest read "Kevin". Kevin and I had met during the summer. He was a very nice guy, and always seemed to cheer me up when I would see him at the movies. He worked there obviously, but you could tell he was sincere with his words.

During the summer, I had came to the movie a lot, by myself. I had a lot of friendship issues and just needed to get away, which is why I came to the movies roughly once a week during break. I always came on either Thursday or Friday, which were the days I knew Kevin worked. I guess you could say I was stalking him, but it was just nice to see a friendly face. He would often give me discounts when I bought my tickets and he would always have a smart-ass comment to say when I bought one. Once he even joined me to watch a movie, for he had just gotten off of work.

Kevin was a few years older than me, he had graduated this past year. He was the only openly gay guy in his entire graduating class, though I suspected a few others to be. He was quite flamboyant, to say the least. He had that very distinct gay lisp and his mannerisms showed he was gay, but he was very cute. He was rather skinny for his height, but the muscle that he did have helped to pull away from the fact that he was basically a twig. He had tall, dark-grey that stood perked up all the time. His fur always looked perfect and smooth with just the right amount of volume. His paws were black which matched his long, sweeping head fur, which gave him that emo-boy look. He also had the basic blonde tipped hair that a lot of gays like to sport. His eyes were a beautiful ocean blue with a a small ring of flared gold around his pupils. They were incredibly deep and I must say I had gotten lost in them before.

Kevin spotted me as he glanced past Jack momentarily, and smiled at me. I felt myself blush a bit and I returned with a small grin. I watched as Jack and Kevin talked for a moment or two before Jack handed Kevin a crumpled-up twenty dollar bill and was returned two tickets and two single dollar bills. I guess you could say that the local movie theater was a rip off, but Jack sure was a gentleman for buying my ticket. After finishing his purchase, Jack looked back to me and waved me to come on. I quickly scurried my way over to the patient black dog. While walking to Jack, I passed Kevin's booth, and gave him another smile.

"Hey, you ready?" Jack asked me when I arrived to his side.

"Yes, of course!" I said cheerfully. "Don't forget, I'm paying for our snacks."

"Mmhhmmm, sure you are," Jack replied with a cute smile.

Jack and I took a short stroll to the fur who collected our tickets, ripping the stubs off before returning us with the halved tickets. Once that pointless task was complete, we walked over to the concession stand. I walked somewhat behind Jack and watched as his tail swooped back and forth in a calm yet happy manor. It made me smile because I knew he was having just as much fun as I was, although we weren't actually doing anything fun. We got in line at the concession, and of course the lines were long due to the fact that it was Friday, and it was peak hours.

"Is that ticket clerk gay?" I asked Jack, playing dumb because I wanted to know his feeling about being gay.

"Ya, I think so, but he's a really nice guy. He tutored me in algebra freshman year, so he's okay in my book," Jack said with a smile as he reminisced a bit.

"Ya, he's a cool guy. I've seen him here a few times over the summer, I was just never sure," I replied carefully, not wanting to seem too relieved that Jack didn't bash him or anything like that.

"I have him to thank for me being on the football team. If he wouldn't had helped me, I probably wouldn't be quarterback," Jack said as his smile died into a grin.

After a few minutes filled with small talk about football, which I was clueless on, we were called to the stand. I smiled at the small tigress that stood behind the counter, her wearing the same red vest as Kevin. She gave me a smile .

"Hello, what can I get for you?" the tigress chimed as she stood, ready to punch in our "order".

I turned to Jack, "What would you like?"

Jack scanned the hanging menu on the back wall, and then turned to the tiger, "I'll just have a bottle of water please."

"Jack are you sure?" I questioned him, "You can order more than that."

"No, I just ate dinner before I came and got you, but thanks."

I shrugged and turned back to the cashier, "I'll have a bottle of water as well, and a small popcorn please."

The cashier punched the order into the computer and then looked back to me. "That will be $10.50 please."

I dug my wallet out of my coat pocket and opened it up, grabbing a ten dollar bill and a single. I quickly handed the money to the rather small tiger, trying not to hold up the line. Plus I didn't want to look dumb in front of Jack. I don't know how that would make me seem dumb, but it just made me nervous is all. She put the money in the register and returned me with fifty cents. We stood off to the side and I watched as she grabbed one of the pre-scooped bags of popcorn and two bottles of water from the refrigerator, and then walked back to us with the food.

"Thank you!" I said to her as she set down the snacks on the counter.

"You're very welcome, have a great night!" The tiger said as she resumed her position at her register.

Jack and I grabbed our food and headed off down the hallway, searching for our theater. The cinema in our city was rather large, and had eighteen different theaters inside it. We were in theater 17, which was one of the smaller theaters, due to the fact that the movie had been out for a few weeks. Once we found it, we walked in. I looked up into the seats, seeing how many furs were here, when I noticed that the theater was completely empty. Jack did the same as I, his head scanning the seats and looking for a suitable place for us to sit.

"Wow, empty theater, nice!" Jack said as he began up the stairs toward the top of the theater.

I followed closely behind him, his wagging tail practically hit me in the face, which definitely wasn't a bad thing. "Wow... I'm kind of surprised that it's empty... This movie looks awesome!" I said, trying to sound somewhat cool, which it didn't seem like I was doing a good job.

Jack looked back and smiled, "Calm down there Sky, don't get too excited! The movie hasn't even started yet."

After we got to our seats, which were in the top row middle column of the theater, I took my peacoat off. It felt good to let my fur breath, and I liked showing a little skin to Jack, even though he probably wasn't looking. I laid my coat on the chair next to me and resumed to sit down and place the back of popcorn I bought on my knee, holding it with one paw.

"Jack, you sure you don't want any popcorn?" I asked as I turned to him.

"Well.... Maybe just a little," he said with a smile as he reached his left paw into the bag and grabbed a few pieces of popcorn; Jack was seated to my right.

I smiled to the dog and caught a glimpse of the screen as the previews continued to play loudly as I sat looking at Jack. The movie was about to start soon, which was good. I knew that the lights would dim, and I would get a bit of a break and be able to watch the sexy guy next to me with little chance of being caught. As I took my quick glance at Jack, those dark thoughts of coming out to him cluttered my mind once more. 'God, I know that I shouldn't come out to him. The consequences could never be good, but I feel like a perv oogling over a guy I can't have. He doesn't even see me like that. I'm just a damn friend and that's all I'll ever be,' I thought to myself as I could feel my throat start to get dry and it became hard to swallow. The thought of coming out to someone that could potentially kill me sent shivers down my spine, but it was the right thing to do. Now I just needed to find the right time.

I tried to snap out of my stupid thoughts and just enjoy myself, but it wasn't the easiest thing to do. I knew I was being impulsive in my decision, but I needed to do it. I felt guilty for fantasizing about Jack, and I needed to tell him. As the movie began, I started to relax as the lights became dim and I set my popcorn by my feet, on the ground, making sure I wouldn't kick it over. I leaned on my right arm rest, and surprisingly, Jack leaned up against the same one. I was a bit confused to his antics but just ignored it. I was sure he was just attempting to get comfortable.

The movie started off quite boring. I found myself staring at the sexy shepherd next to me, rather than the giant screen in front of me. Though as the movie progressed, my shell shock of being with Jack began to ware off. I found myself getting more and more used to being with him, not worrying about my actions as much as I usually do, which probably wasn't the best idea, but it didn't matter to me at the time. I just wanted to enjoy my night with a guy that deserved to have a good time out with me, his friend, though I longed to be so much more than that. As we watched a the movie, I would take short glances at the dog, making sure he was still even there. He was very into the movie apparently, for his maw was open and his long tongue hung out like the happy doggy that he was. He was leaned forward, on the edge of his seat during the battle scenes, and I occasionally heard his tail thump off of the vacant seat next him. It was very cute, to say the least.

In the final scene of the movie, the most epic of battles, the evil villian in the movie took the mystic bow, from which was forged by the gods, and shot an arrow into the main gate of the heavily guarded city. I admired the special effects of the movie, my favorite being the way that the arrows of the bow seemed to materialize together as you pulled the godly string of the bow back. It seemed very cool to a nerdy guy like me, though I'm sure I could probably do something just as good with a few hours of my time and a pirated copy of Adobe After Effects. But, as the villian did this, the familiar thumping of Jack's tail started again, this time more rapidly than the others. As his tail swung, it gave my leg a very noticable thump against my shin.

"Shit, sorry Sky," he said, half paying attention to what he was actually doing, as he quickly went back to watching the movie.

I silently chuckled to myself at the antics from this cute pup, "It's okay Jack. So how you liking the movie?"

"Shhh...." I heard from someone a few rows up, and I quickly sat back, feeling my face flare up a bit with embarrasement.

I didn't want to make myself look any more stupid in front of Jack. I already knew he was enjoying the movie and I didn't really want to bother him. So I just sat back and watched as the excited puppy's face lit up with every punch and kick in the climatic action scene. Don't get me wrong the movie was awesome, but being so close to this guy I've been crushing on forever now was a lot better in my book. It was rather amusing to see just how happy he was as he watched the main characters stomp some titan skulls into the ground.

As I watched the sexy dog enjoy his movie, I felt my tummy begin to rumble. I remembered the half eaten bag of popcorn that was sitting by my feet, and quickly sat up and reached into the darkness for it. I grabbed it, though I almost knocked it over onto Jack's shoes, which would have been just my luck. I brought it back up to me and began to take small handfuls of popcorn and one by one, I popped them into my muzzle, chewing the small buttery treats with a joyful smile on my face. I began to watch the final scene of the movie, not really paying any attention to what I was doing. As I reached my paw into the bag of popcorn, I felt a paw already semi in the bag and quickly retreated my paw in embarrassment. 'Fucking movie theater cliches,' I though to myself as my face turned red. I looked to Jack to see what he though, but he didn't really seem phased by our paws accidentally touching.

After the overly-dramatic ending scene, the credits began to roll and the light became bright enough to see the theater once again. Jack and I stood up, stretched our backs and legs a little, and began to make the descent down the stairs toward the exit of the theater. There was little movement in the theater due to the lack of furs, only being four or five. I didn't really bother to count, all of my attention was focused on the shmexy piece of fur that led the way out of the cinema as I followed.



I felt the car come to a slow stop as we arrived back at my house. I could feel the tension in the air as we sat in silence. The entire ride home, I was quiet for the most part. I had been thinking of when to tell Jack about myself. I wasn't sure when the right moment would come, so I decided I would wait till we were outside of my house. That way I could at least run in side if he began to cuss me out. I could feel my heart, it was beating slow, almost as if I wasn't breathing. I wasn't calm, I was more along the lines of about to pass out from being so damn nervous.

"Hey... What's wrong?" I heard Jack's voice break the silence as we sat parked in front of my house. It was now 10:00 o'clock, dark, yet the snow fell so peacefully onto the ground below. I gazed out of the window as I thought of what to say to Jack.

"J-Jack... I... I have to tell you something." My heart now began to pick up the pace as I felt my body start to shake. It became increasingly heard to breath as I sat, still looking out of the window to avoid eye contact with him.

"What is it Sky?" he said in a very serious tone. His deep voice seemed to sooth away the fear a little. His pitch just sounded so considerate, caring.

I took a deep breath, and as my lungs filled with air, I closed my eyes and let out a very large exhale. I could feel shivers going down my spine at the thought of telling him. There were so many things that could go wrong, I wasn't really sure if this was even worth it. What could I possibly gain out of telling him? Nothing.

"I...." I could barely get out as I sat in his car, my head down. "I'm...... gay...."

I tried to gulp as I said this, but was unable to do so. I had a lump in my throat, and I was almost unable to breath. My ears sat flat against my skull, no longer the perky playful ears that stood tall. I opened my eyes, and faced in front of me, my head still down as I stared blankly at the floor mats, the silence in Jack's car was virtually killing me. Each second that passed seemed like an eternity all in its own.

I suddenly heard movement. It was very soft, but I could hear Jack next to me moving. I didn't bother to look at him for I could not stand to see the look of disgust that I was sure fashioned his face. I felt something then, it was Jack's paw, though it wasn't the damaging strike that I had imagined him delivering. His paw touched my cheek softly, his thumb stroked my fur back and forth. I felt a tear begin to accumulate as I finally had that sense of relief, and it trickled down my cheek until it was stopped by Jack's paw. His paw began to move down my cheek and ended at my chin, where he seemed to cup my lower jaw in his fingers.

Then, without warning, I felt his paw begin to turn my head to face toward him. I closed my eyes, as I felt another tear beginning to form, for I wanted to appear strong. His paw slowly moved my head until it was now turned completely toward him, my eyes still closed tightly. I wasn't sure if he was going to tell me he supported me, or if he was happy for me, or "Shhh... it's okay," but I was still scared. Then, out of nowhere, I felt something that I had never felt before. I felt Jack's lips softly plant themselves onto mine, his nose touched mine. The warmest sensation I could ever imagine.... Jack had kissed me.

Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago 0
good work mate , you did a stellar job!!
PoeticFox 2 years ago 0
hehe why thank you kind sir :)
Chuuey 2 years ago 0
This was and amazing story, I wish something like that happened in my life.
PoeticFox 2 years ago 0
It's not over yet silly :3 there's still a whole lot of drama, plot twists, emotions, highschool stuff, hurt, pain and love to come <3
Chuuey 2 years ago 0
I can't wait ;)
FurrFreak 2 years ago 0
YAY!!! You are so good at describing emotions and feelings in a way that I can totally relate to the characters. Great job and can't wait for more :)
PoeticFox 2 years ago 0
mostly because this is exactly how I felt when I came out 3 months ago to my mother.
FurrFreak 2 years ago 0
I got the sense of that. I felt the same when coming out to my parents a few weeks ago. Definitely one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.
dancerinthedusk 2 years ago 0
bolfistan 2 years ago 0
great story - finally they know how they feel about each other.
the story felt absolutely real, brilliant writing!
PoeticFox 2 years ago 0
thank you very much <3 glad you enjoyed it
catlove 2 years ago 0
Woop Woop
* I do the party dance *
PoeticFox 2 years ago 0
don't get too excited just yet :O
catlove 2 years ago 0
Why not?
PoeticFox 2 years ago 0
:D :] :) :I :( :[ D:
catlove 2 years ago 1
*head blows up*
Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
Score one for sky sure has the guts to tell someone that!! :3
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Well I finally see this up and getting the attention it deserves, you are such a good writer babe. *grins and wraps my arms and tail around you possessively* Hmmmmm like to tease the audience a little and let them speculate ;)
PoeticFox 2 years ago 0
*smiles and leans back into your arms, looking up into your eyes as I plant a very subtle kiss on your cheek* thank you baby
furryfang 2 years ago 1
mooooooore :3
Castro Talon 2 years ago 0
Loving these stories! Keep up the great work! :D
Captain Markus 2 years ago 0
I'm really getting into this story. It seems reasonably paced, not too fast nor slow, and the plot is quite believable. You're a good writer and I hope that after this series you continue to write stuff at this level or higher. About the chapter being delayed, make sure you take time. Don't feel like you have to bring out a new chapter just because it's been a while since the previous one. Take your time and make sure to re-read. I don't know how but whenever I re-read something I've written, I end up re-writing it and it ends up twice as long and much better. On the whole, these stories are enjoyable and you've earned a watch from me.
tora gonzalez 2 years ago 0
increíble historia tienes una manera extraordinaria de escribir espero que la continúes...
KawaiiFox 2 years ago 0
C'mon, I want more already :D x
PoeticFox 2 years ago 0
hehe, might be a little while. Schools been killing me lately. I'll try to get chapter 5 out asap.
Yuki the Fennec Fox 2 years ago 0
Aaaagh! Sugoi!!! XD
jb83 2 years ago 0
wow this story is so similiar to my life its kinda scary. im gay and in HS. no one know im gay except my dad. im always lonely and i have a huge crush on a guy in my school. im the nerdy guy, not very good looking, and hes the really nice, super sexy jock.

one of my faves ive ever read cause i can relate and its very well written. cant wait for more!
PoeticFox 1 year ago 0
well this is awkward... This is how i met you.
DireBlackWings 1 year ago 0
cant wait for more.
AlexTheWusky 11 months ago 0
When is part 5 coming out?
PoeticFox 11 months ago 0
at this moment in time, the series is discontinued indefinitely.