08 Feb 2012

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Posted 08 Feb 2012 22:03
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Yo Mama so Furry...

Yo mama so furry she salivates whenever she hears a bell.


Yo mama so furry she has a subscription to the Daily Growl.


Yo mama so furry when she went to Disney World everyone wanted to get their picture taken with her.


Yo mama so furry when she got hit by a car it was classified as "road kill".


Yo mama so furry she can't leave the house without being on a leash.


Yo mama so furry she sleeps in a pokeball.

Yo mama so furry she was kicked out of girl scouts when she tried to earn her knot tying badge.

Onyxheart 2 years ago 0
Ohh Damn! That knot tying one is sweet! The pokeball one is awesome too. I would definitely like to see more of these. encore,encore!
3Timer 2 years ago 0
The knot tying one is my favorite. If I think of more I'll post em.
Darrell Lane 2 years ago 0
They made me laugh.... I like them :P
doggiestijlo 2 years ago 0
agree also with the knotting badge ^^
s p 2 years ago 0
Very funny.
JhJ 2 years ago 0
XD haha that made me laugh. Exactly what i needed before starting into the hard workday ; )

3Timer 2 years ago 0
Glad I could bring a little sunshine into your day.
octamous 2 years ago 0
You know you're a furry when you get a knot tying joke.
3Timer 2 years ago 0
Tru dat.
Revresbo 5 months ago 0
Just wanted to say that I still come back to this journal once in a while for a laugh.