09 Feb 2012

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Posted 09 Feb 2012 13:20
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Miss Jupiter - Raggiana Bird-Of-Paradise

More 100% traditional art for possible exhibit/sale at Confuzzled, if I can get the time off work to go. Watercolour paint, watercolour pencils and waterproof black ink. A4 sized.

Here we have an anthro female raggiana bird of paradise with male plumage. I'm not sure if she's a hermaphrodite or a bit of a cross-dressing tomboy or a lesbian who likes to wear dude plumage. I just thought it would look pretty :)

Once I'd coloured it, it reminded me of the Miss Jupiter pin-up painting on the side of the US bomber from 'The Watchmen' film's intro. And then Train's 'Drops of Jupiter' song. I was going to call her 'Madam Butterfly' because of how she is holding her wings, but the jupiter reference goes with her colours and her larger-than-life, bold and balshy 'I'mma dress like a dude and work it like a boss' personality. So Miss Jupiter it is. Obviously I am not Alan Moore, I don't own the character Miss Jupiter from The Watchmen graphic novel or film adaptation, nor would I pretend to. I'm just borrowing the name for a painting.

Also, I remember why I've been doing digital colouring on my commissions previously. Trying to clean up this digital image to get it to look like the real original hard copy has been a nightmare. I don't know what the colour yellow did to scanners to warrant this kind of mutilation!

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Inhandra 2 years ago 0
No point in fretting the male plumage. I haven't met a female bird yet who actually uses the female colors of their species. :>

It looks very nice, and I'm glad it turned out so well! I love the detail in the feathers and her body!
zeminor 2 years ago 0
Aww, now I want to draw a female with female plumage! Representing the girls!

I'm sure there's got to be some striking female birds out there. Well, birds where the sexual dimorphism goes in favour of the females being more brightly coloured than the males. There's plenty of species where they both look pretty much identical to each other :/
Inhandra 2 years ago 0
Honestly, the only ones that are "as striking or more" than the males are the ones with the exact same color configuration. I can't, off the top of my head, think of a single female that is different that isn't drab in some way. Even peafowl lose a bit of the "wow" factor in the fact they lack the big, vibrant tails.

Not to mention, following the female color scheme for a lot of birds can put the species under ambiguity. It's easier to sport the male colors so people can look at it and go, "Oh, that's a Goldfinch, cute!" rather than go, "Oh, that's cute, but what is it?" (Googling a bird isn't necessarily helpful when the primary color is brown, either.)
zeminor 2 years ago 0
There are a few; polyandrous birds have pretty much swapped the roles over. In jacanas/lillytrotters, the female is larger, more brightly coloured and fights for territories whilst the male looks after the eggs. I know there's probably a fair few more but I can't remember thier names or what thet look like :/
zeminor 2 years ago 0
I do love the art from Magic: The Gathering, there's some really fabulous stuff for card art.
Kohaku Nightfang 2 years ago 0
I decided to look up some beautiful females since you would like to draw some. The Belted Kingfisher, the Red-necked Phalarope, the Red Phalarope, Wison's Pharalope, I kind of like the female Yellow-headed Blackbirds, and though not exactly more colorful I enjoy all the female's colors more than the male's for the three kinds of blue bird.
zeminor 2 years ago 0
I have a personal art list as long as my arm, but I'll add this pretty lady birds idea to the growing pile! God knows when I'll be able to get around to it though! I love the name 'phalarope', it sounds so cool.
Kohaku Nightfang 2 years ago 0
Yeah I agree :P Unique names are just too fun. I plan on naming my kid Amethyst. I just love the name and it goes with the fact that my name is a stone as well :)
zeminor 2 years ago 0
If I ever end up with a kid, I'd picked out Rowan as a strong contender for a lad and I'm pretty keen on Violet for a girl (my name is plant-based). Though I have to say I don't like the recent trend over here for giving kids stupid names. I think people should keep this in mind; would you ever hire a lawyer or take a boardroom executive with that name seriously? If the answer is no, and you still give the poor kid the rubbish name anyway, are you not just falling at the first hurdle as a parent? I mean, if you don't care wether you're pushing a stumbling block in front of your kid's path to success from the outset on the basis of your own amusement, what the hell does that bode for the future?

I know of a boy&girl pair of twins who were born in the 60's and were named Space (the lad) and Time (the girl). The girl changed the spelling to Thyme and the lad had his name completely changed. I mean really! Space!?
Kohaku Nightfang 2 years ago 0
Yeah I agree, that is just stupid. I think names should be unique or at the ger least normal. Things like calling them names for fun just cause problems for their future. My boy I plan to name Jacob. I think it's a sweet name, but I would name him something like Cuddlebug just because that sounds cute
Hraefn 1 year ago 0
I'd say she could be a shemale but she's too pretty...although there are some shockingly pretty shemales as well... O.O ...*Ehem* Well I really like it. It definately makes me think of 1930's - 1940's pin up girls for sure. She's a classical beauty. ;)
zeminor 1 year ago 0
Thanks! I loved doing her tail and wings. I should do more birds I think :D
Hraefn 1 year ago 0
Definately! We are huggable and snuggable! Maybe a Corvid next time? =3
zeminor 1 year ago 0
Perhaps... but not one of the plain black ones, that would be a bit boring. I do love Eurasian Jays though, so maybe... ^_^
Hraefn 1 year ago 0
Understandable, though it would be impressive if you could achieve an iridescent effect. (Blue for ravens and green for crows.) I'm quite fond of bluejays myself and I think you could do them amazingly well. Or (just an idea) maybe a spirit raven or a spirit crow? With solid white plumage but with a sparkling iridescent a google search on "spirit raven" or "spirit crow if you're curious." =3
zeminor 1 year ago 0
I could do. The spirit ones sound pretty cool. There used to be an albino magpie near where I used to live; where the black should have been it was a caramel colour, the white patches were still white. It looked like a willy-wonka bird!
Hraefn 1 year ago 0
That's wild! I love albino critters! I must point out though that "true" spirit ravens/crows are not albino. They have a color morph and are even MORE rare. icon_razz.gif