09 Feb 2012

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Posted 09 Feb 2012 18:35
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Beauty and the Wolf Chapter 1

#1 of BatW

A/N Okay this is my first story here... I hope you guys like it... Sorry if it's a bit short though... MAjor thanks for Ruthofpern for editing =)

Beauty and the Wolf


Chapter 1: Moving Day.


Madison was sitting in her room, ruing the fact it was the last time she was going to see it.  Her Father had gotten a job in Denver so the whole family was leaving the family home to be with him.  It upset her...her whole life had been spent living in this town and now she was being forced to leave it, 'It isn't fair!' she thought as her mum's shout sounded from downstairs.


"Madi!  Come-on girl!  We gotta go!"


Madi only sighed and got up looking at her bare room, "Coming mom!" she called, grabbing the last box left in the room before running downstairs.  It held her pictures of her friends, friends that she had known all her life.  Many of them had written her good luck letters she would cherish those forever.  After exiting the house she gave it one last look and sighed, "I'll miss you too, house."


She climbed into the car sitting beside her baby brother Alex, "Move over brat!"  She ordered, but the twelve year old only stuck his tongue out.  She laughed a bit.  She had just turned seventeen herself, and was in her junior year of High-School.


"You two ready for the trip?"  Her father asked.  Terry Stone was a jolly man always looking towards the bright side of things.  He thought this opportunity would help the family get closer.  "You'll love Denver Madi!  The scenery is beautiful and it's always something going on!" he continued enthusiastically as he put the car into drive.


Madi only sighed as she put her iPod in her ears and started to listen to one of her favorite bands.




'Another day at school.' Damon thought annoyed.  He had been a bit grouchy lately.  Things had not been going well for him... He had been let off by the team because his grades weren't very good.  He was starting to feel sick and he hadn't changed in a very long time... it was making him restless, and the full-moon was this week also.  There was a rumor that a new kid was transferring to their school.  'Probably some nerd or something...'  After waiting for the bell to ring for an hour, it finally rang, bringing him out of his despondent musings.


He whooped in relief like the rest of the Class.  Today was Friday and he was ready for the weekend.  He and his brother were planning on running in the woods for a few days as he really needed to change before the full-moon.  It always hurt worse when you hadn't changed in a while.  He quickly jogged to his locker, throwing his stuff in it and then shut it with a bang.  He managed to catch up with Mathew just as they got out of the door, "Hey man!  Ready to do some running?" he asked eagerly.  Mathew was a year older than him, a senior.


"Yeah I guess... did you hear?  The new family is supposed to be our neighbors.  They bought the old Wilson House."


"Really?  That's cool.  Know anything about 'em?" Damon asked, as he was somewhat curious about the new blood.  They hadn't had many new faces here in this suburb of Denver in a long time.


"Well... I know they have two kids.  One is twelve, and the other is the same age as you."


"Is the kid a boy or girl?"  He asked interested.


"A girl I think... heard her name was Madison or something..."


'Madison huh? That's a pretty name...' Damon was the only male in his family not to have found a mate... he had dated several girls but they never lasted long...  "Awesome!  I wonder what she's like?" he mused out loud.


His brother only shrugged, grinning secretly at his younger sibling's curiosity as they made their way home.  After putting the stuff that didn't stay in the schools lockers away, the boys ran to the edge of the forest and stripped naked before they changed.  Their appearance shifted from two normal teenage boys into two bipedal wolf men at least seven foot tall and all muscle.  They then ran into the forest yipping at each other and enjoying the freedom of being in wolf form for a while.


A few days later.


Damon had just gotten out of the shower when he heard a knock on the door.  Surprised he slipped on the wet floor and struggled to get dressed... everybody else was out leaving him behind.  After running down the stairs and almost falling down again he reached the door.  He was a bit annoyed and was about to curse the person out before he saw her... She was tiny, maybe 5'3 at the most and her hair was short. ..She was the most beautiful woman he had ever met...




Madi stood on the porch of her neighbor's new house... It was a decent sized place, a lot bigger than her new one.  Her father had insisted on her getting acquainted with them after they had unpacked the basics.  She was a tiny bit nervous as she knocked on the door only to hear a crash.  After a few minutes of silence she started to get worried she hoped nobody had gotten hurt.  Just as she was about to knock again a giant of a man opened the door.  He looked a bit pissed as he looked down to her...but he was a good looking boy she admitted.  That look of semi-anger scared her somewhat though... "Um... I'm Madison... I um... just moved here..." she stuttered, wondering if she should back away.


The boy had calmed down a bit, blushing a little, "Oh erm... My name is Damon!  Damon Garcia... Nice to meet you Madison," he said, greeting her as they shook hands.


The girl looked at him a bit weird but she smiled.  "Nice to meet you as well, Damon.  I gotta go though... I have to get ready for school.  I guess I'll see you there..." She said as she ran off.


Damon was left in a stupor.  'I think I might have found my mate...'

darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
loved it a lot can't waht to see the next chapter . howl you then ......
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
Thanks for the review =) I have the first 5 chapter already in editing right now but I might do a once a week thing. What do you think of the characters?
RuthofPern 2 years ago 0
Mmm...some format issues showing that beta still has. You have lost all the italics in the upload. Suggest you go to your edit button and re-highlight the italics mate. Makes the thought parts stand out better from the speech.

Other than that...A good start, as I mentioned when I returned it to you.

Yours R.o.P.
burnblade 2 years ago 0
please... please update this as soon as you can... this is an amazing story, and i wanna see just what's gonna happen...
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
Than you =) I might update in a few days I got the first 6 chapters written and R.o.P is helping with editing =)
Shadow Man 2 years ago 0
its nice but a little short dont you think
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
It's the first chapter.. al the others are a bit logner trust me =)
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
loved the characters damon is a good one but your storie need a bad wolf/ guy. some one to put damon on the spot a nemesis.... it will make your storie batter. howl you later oh i thank jason or markes wood be a good name for a bad guy/bad wolf.....
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
Damon will gain a nemesis eventually but he won't appear until much later.... all I'll say is that he's connected to Madi in some way =)
strikeforce4 2 years ago 0
cool lol
Shirochi Snowpaw 2 years ago 0
I thought the sexy werewolf was supposed to be with boys only?