09 Feb 2012

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Posted 09 Feb 2012 23:35
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O grande roubo da nepeta 4.

In every 4th page, I'll translate the contents of the pages:

Everything started in a rainy night.
- My catnip! - I exclaimed, seeing my closet almost empty.
I would have panicked if it wasn't for my neigborns. What is worse, I told everyone I "stopped doing" catnip, therefore I couldn't count with someone's help to find it. But... maybe... maybe I don't need help at all...
I knew who did it. He and I like to compete in thief arts. I stole his things and he stole mine. It's like this since I moved to the treehouse. And I know where he lives! Oh, I do. It's in a cabin in the woods... but I need to be ready to fight.

I had help from a friend to correct some mistakes I commited. It's the first commenter on this page.x3

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geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
The great catnip robbery! How exciting! Please post more!
Yure16 2 years ago 1
Thank you, Gene.^^ Will try.:3
geneseepaws 2 years ago 0
I love the little tree lizard! He's cute!
Yure16 2 years ago 1
Thanks.x3 I could have done a better work on him, but still...