10 Feb 2012

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Beauty and the Wolf Chapter 2

#2 of BatW

A/N: Here is chapter 2 hope people like it =)

Chapter 2: Mate?


Damon was pacing hopelessly, wearing a path in the thick carpet.  'Why now?' he thought, sliding his fingers through his dark hair. 'Of all times to find a mate, why now?'  He felt torn... His wolf side was elated to find a mate. 'He had to talk to her, had to know her... had to claim her as his.'  He had never thought he'd find a mate... it was rare for werewolves to find their true mate... most did fall in love, but the mated pair was different... they were bound physically and were matched by the spirits.  A Mate was the Wolf's Soul-Mate.  His family was one of the few to find their mates.  'I never wanted to mate... I was happy by myself... I bet she's one of those clingy jealous types...'


After a few hours of pacing he heard his brother pull in the drive-way.  He had gone out with his Mate Tyler... It had kinda shocked him first when he'd found out his brothers mate was another man, but he made Matt was so 'happy.'


Walking in, Matt noticed his brothers face... he looked nervous.  "You okay bro?" he asked, putting an arm around his baby-brother.


"I think I might have found my mate... it's the new neighboring girl, Madison..."


Matt looked at his bro in shock.  He never thought his brother would ever find a mate or settle down.  Damon wasn't really the type for long term relationships he usually only dated a girl for a month before he broke up with her.  Hearing he'd found his mate was shocking.  "You don't seem happy..."


Matt didn't get it.  How couldn't a wolf be happy?  He himself was surprised that his future mate was male, but he never regretted finding Tyler... he was the light of his life. "Well, at least it's a girl right?" Matt joked.


Damon only gave a grunt in reply.


"What's wrong Dame?  You should be happy... It's not every day you find a soul mate."


"I never wanted a soul mate though!  I was happy before... having a mate will only complicate things.  I'm not ready to settle down," Damon protested, "I mean sure, you and dad were both happy when you found Mom and Tyler... but you guys were ready for it.  I'm not.  Speaking of Tyler... when are you going to turn him?"


Matt looked down.  He hadn't thought about that... A werewolf was either born or made.  The council was very strict about how much humans could know... A regular human was forbidden to now.  Mates however were different.  Most mates were females who couldn't be turned.  The few times a male mate was found, they were eventually turned to werewolves themselves.


"I'm working on it... he just found out what we were... I'm afraid if I change him right off the back it would make him resent me... Besides he has to be removed from his parents' custody before I can change him.  We can't have his family living with a freshly-bitten werewolf."


Damon only gave a small laugh and clapped his brother on the back.  "It'll be okay... have you told him about the turning?"


Matt nodded, of course he told Tyler about it.  But the boy wanted to finish school before he was turned... "Now back to you; so the Neighbor girl is your mate?  What does she look like?"


"She was really pretty... she was a tiny thing.  Thin and had the creamiest skin I ever saw...Her eyes are pale green and her hair is in some kind of bob-cut."


"Hmm... she seems different anyway.  I think tomorrow you should try and get acquainted with her.  You know get to know her and her family..."


Damon sighed his brother was right...




Madi was slowly getting out of bed.


It had been a very bad Columbus Day... Her mother had gotten worse, so she had to stay up with her until she fell back into a restless slumber.  Her brother had started throwing up to.  Turns out he had a stomach bug and was taking the day off of school.  Dad had worked overtime again, so she'd had to stay up and make him something to eat before bed... It had been almost two AM when she went to sleep; only getting a few hours' sleep before her alarm had gone off... and that was where she was now.


She got up and was getting her clothes ready, hoping to be the first in the shower.  She was ironically it seemed, the first one up.  After she'd finished her shower, she started breakfast just as the others got up.  Her mother was the first one down.  Mary Stone was once a beautiful woman before the cancer had taken her youth and health.  Her Chemo had managed to keep it in check, but there were no signs of a total remission.  She used to be an artist, and she was the inspiration where Madi had gotten her love of painting from.


"You don't have to do that dear... let me do it."  Her mother hated seeing her do all the stuff she used to do.  She had tried to take her jobs back but Madi refused.  Her mother was much too ill do even the general the household chores...even making food or dusting the shelves leaving her breathless and exhausted.  Plus it wasn't as if Madi minded it...She loved helping people.


"I got it mom, just go sit down at the table.  I'll go get Alex and Dad."  Madi hardly saw her dad much these days, he was always working overtime to try and pay his wife's medical bills.  As soon as she reached the stairs her dad and brother were both walking down.  "It's about time! Come-on breakfast is ready."


The Stone family ate in silence and after the food was done, the dishes were washed before Madi decided to walk to school.  It was a nice day and her new school was very close after all.  She grabbed her bag and jacket and walked out.  As she stepped onto the side-walk, outside her gate, she heard someone yell for her.


Turning around she saw the boy from next door... 'Damon,' she thought his name was.  He was yelling at her to wait up.  Once he caught her up, he took a moment to catch his breath.


"Hey!  I don't think we got off on the right foot yesterday... May I join you?  I'd give you a ride but my truck his messed up..."


Damon had an intense looked about him and Madi doubted he would 'just not walk' with her if she declined.  "Oh okay but I doubt I'd take a ride with you... I just met you yesterday..."


Damon only gave a cocky smile, "I would've kept bugging you until you'd said yes then," he laughed out cheekily. "So... how's your family?  From what I heard your mum is real sick..."


"Yeah she is..." Was all that Madi would say about that for the time being...he was effectively a stranger after all... The boy was also kinda forceful as well.  It seemed he wanted to demand her attention at all times.  'Bet he's one of those meat heads,' she thought to herself as they managed to walk to the gates of the school without any further verbal sparring with each other.

darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
loved it it is geting batter keep it up and we need that bad bad wolf/guy bt a thank madi is doing a good job at keeping damon on the edges as it is lol...... i give you a 9/10 keep it up my frainde. hooowwwwllllll you later...
strikeforce4 2 years ago 0
oo not bad