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Jayden, Chapter 2

#2 of The Halfblood

So here is Chapter 2 of Jayden's Travels, a full 5,213 words long.

Comments and votes are always appreciated, as they help me figure out what I need to improve on.

Without further ado, here you go.....

(Author's Note)

=Character thought=

"Human Speech" 

'Telepathy between characters'

{Pokemon Speech} 

example: "Ni nine tai tales ninetales ine?" is what a human would hear.

{What do you mean you can't understand me?} is what other Pokemon, and certain humans would hear. 

|| * * * | | | * * * ||= End Chapter 

* * * = Scene Change 

// // = Major Scene/Time Change

Chapter 2:

The military base was abustle with activity now that the sun was starting to rise. The eastern horizon awash with wondrous purples, bright oranges, vivid blood-reds, even a glimmer of a light jade-green.

Jayden stood outside of a tent that was remarkably similar to the command-and-control tent he had the meeting with the general in, observing it for a moment through slightly narrowed eyes. Only one man, leaning back in a chair so that only the two back legs were touching, seemed to be on guard. To a casual observer the man, dressed in black cargo-pants and wearing a Kevlar vest, was fast asleep. 

To Jayden though, it was obvious that the man was highly trained and armed. In his mind, several scenarios ran on how best to take the guard out. All the while Jayden slowly walked towards the entrance.

As Jayden approached, the guard picked up his head from his chest, and glanced Jayden over from over the rim of his sunglasses. Giving a noncommittal grunt, he shrugged and pointed with his thumb towards the door. Jayden nodded cooly and opened the door.

A blast of cold air hit him as soon as the door opened; a sharp contrast to the growing heat from the early morning sun. Inside, several men were sitting around, chatting, all of them wearing Kevlar vests and black sunglasses covering their eyes. All conversation stopped when they saw Jayden.

They all stared at Jayden as he strode by them, some of them giving him sneers. One tapped the guy next to him whispering something, making the other give a small laugh. Jayden ignored all of them as he walked to the back of the building. Opening a door, Jayden took a short breath and walked in, leaving the door ajar as he entered.

A single man sat at a desk, scribbling something on the papers before him. Without looking up, "Close the door would you?" He spoke in a high tenor, low alto, voice that was very crisp. Jayden did so, cutting off the view for the others in the building. All the while, the man behind the desk continued to write, sometimes looking at his computer screen, but otherwise ignored Jayden, who continued to stand there.

Several tense minutes passed until, finally, the man behind the desk spoke. "So, I have heard you want to leave the Agency." His head stayed down the whole time, never looking up at Jayden. "And not only do you want to leave, you want to be payed to leave." His voice, filled with incredulity.

Stopping his writing, and setting down his pen down, he looked up at Jayden for the first time, "What in hell's name do you think gives you the right to demand this?"

Jayden stood there, staring the suit down. The man's left eye twitched with the suppressed rage he had. A deep sigh suddenly escaped him, and his voice became softer, "what the hell you doing Jay? You're making a target of yourself."

Jayden closed his eyes, remembering all the arguments he had. When he opened them again, he spoke, "The reason I want to leave is personal. I just can't do this anymore."

"Ohhh, well isn't that great," the man interrupted, sarcasm lacing his voice, "our greatest blade has decided to grow a soul." The man pushed his chair back, papers rustling to the ground. He circled  around the desk, standing in front of Jayden. "You belong to the Agency," The man now had a finger in Jayden's face, "and nothing can change that." As he said that, the finger pressed Jayden's chest.

Faster than a blink of an eye, the man's arm was twisted behind him as he was pushed to his knees. Jayden bent the suit's arm further, causing the man to grunt in pain. Calmly leaning down to speak into the man's ear, Jayden hissed, "I don't belong to anyone, Agent Johnson." Johnson struggled to break the grasp, but it was as if his captor's hands were made of steel. 

"Stop and listen before you hurt yourself." Jayden growled into the man's ear. The effect was immediate as the man, fear in his eyes, looked behind his shoulder as much as he could. "Good." Jayden said as he released the agent. "This is a taste of what I can do. So here is what you are going to do." Jayden reached into a pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper, holding it in his hand while speaking. "You will sign me as released of all obligations to the Agency. You will sign the amount I told before over to the accounts that are on here." He leaned in close to the agent, who was now backed against the wall as Jayden had been stalking forward with each word. "But most importantly, you will sign me as untouchable."

The man started sputtering, "Bu-bu-but, wh-why should I?" 

Jayden gave a cool smile and knelt down to see the man eye-to-eye. "Because I have it in place that your base of operations will burn and all of your funds will disappear. I know your bosses wouldn't like that, now would they?" 

Johnson's eyes grew wide in terror as the realization of what he had been in control of dawned on him, and just how easily this weapon could, would, turn on its former masters. He just nodded dumbly, wobbling over to the computer. When he reached his seat, he slumped down and started clacking on the keyboard until a form came up. Entering his password, Jhonson soon gained access to the Agency's database.

Jayden was hovering over his shoulder as the agent entered the search parameters, -Jayden, Afghanistan- Johnson clacked a few more keys, and the symbol next to his name went from -active- to -decommissioned- Jayden smiled as the agent's fingers trembled over the keys.

Entering a few more keywords, a confirmation message came up -transfer funds? Y/N- Johnson's hands shook as he hit -Y- A second later, lines of data rolled onto the screen, until the message -transfer complete- came up.

Jayden gave the agent a pat on the shoulder. "You did the Agency proud today. And you saved it from a horrible demise." He turned as the printer spat out a paper. Grabbing it, he walked out of the room, leaving a shaken Agent Johnson sitting there.

He gave a cordial nod to the others in the first room as he walked out. The others glared at him, muttering amongst themselves.

Stepping out into the sunlight, he paused. He held his arms out and breathed deep the sandy air. He smiled as he took his first breaths as a free man, a sweeter breath he had never taken before. With a renewed jump in his step, he headed to his quarters. 

 * * * 

Aura was waiting for Jayden to return, siting on the steps just outside of their quarters. Bouncing with barely contained excitement, she kept peering down the road of the base.

As she sat there, a couple of soldiers walked by, chatting about what they planned on doing when they got home. When Aura saw them, she jumped up and bounded over to them.

The two stopped in midstride, one of them going down to a knee as he gave her head a rub. She smiled up at them, almsot barking, "Hi Kriss," her tail wagging hard and still bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Haha, hey Aura," the soldier said, now scratching behind her ears. "What are you up to out here?" He asked, looking around, pausing in his scratching.

Aura gave a giggle, and while looking up at him with her round, red eyes, "I'm waiting for Jay to get back." 

Right as she said that, the second spoke, "Well speak of the devil." Taking a step towards Jayden, he grasped his arm and gave him a short man-hug. "How ya doing Jay?"

Jayden gave a laugh as he returned the gesture, "Not half bad, Ramieraz." Taking a half-step back, "What about you two? You guys usually aren't on this side of base."

The two soldiers glanced at each other. Kriss spoke while standing up, "We heard from the motor pool that some guy got a lucky ticket. We figured, that there is only one guy on base who could get a deal like that." 

Jayden gave a small sigh, "Yeah, that would be me." He gave a laugh, "I forgot how fast scuttlebutt travels on base."

Ramieraz spoke in a stern voice, "Scuttlebutt is a Marine term. We're the Army." His brown eyes were filled with humor, "But I suppose we can forgive you... this time."

"Well, we have to get back, otherwise our C-O 'ill have our heads," Kriss said. Bending back down, Aura gave him a hug and the soldier returned the hug, "We're gonna miss you girl." Aura giggled and gave him a small kiss on the check.

Standing up again, Kriss gave Jayden a firm handshake. Turning to Ramieraz, he gestured with his head back the way they had came, and they walked away. Before they got out of range, Jayden hollered, "You two keep out of trouble! I don't feel like coming back here to bail you guys out!" Kriss just raised his hand in a wave, shoulders moving from his laughter.

Jayden chuckled to himself before turning to the Riolu. She beamed up at him, growling playfully as she jumped into his arms again. Jayden closed his arms around her, holding her tight.

Suddenly a bright light flooded the area, the weight in Jayden's arms growing. Despite this, he never released her, ignoring his instinct to drop her and back up. A couple of nearby soldiers stopped what they were doing to watch the spectacle, murmering to each other. As the light dimmed, the sun didn't seem quite so bad as it did before.

Jayden finally let up on his hug, and took a half-step back. Strong, yet soft arms released him as well. Looking at him, now standing at chest level to Jayden, two crimson eyes glimmered in the late-morning sun. The now distinctly jackal face had a shy smile on it, the silvery knobs on her hands were now full-grown spikes, and the gold ring around her neck was gone, in its place light-golder fur now covered her torso, surrounding a single spike that covered her heart. Her long, fox-like ears twitched slightly as her body adapted to the new sensations: her hightened hearing, sensative sense of smell, and even the aura around here all becoming more acute. 

To Jayden, her light-blue fur was more captivating than the finest sapphire, her eyes more valuable than any ruby. When she spoke, her voice was still feminine, but it was more mature sounding. Much more soothing to Jayden, "I just evolved, didn't I?" She asked in a quiet voice. 

Jayden beamed, and scooped her up in a hug, twirling her around before setting her back down. "haha! Yes you did, Aura. Yes you did!" He said jubilantly. 

A couple of the soldiers gave cheers and small whistles, some even taking a picture or two. The small crowd soon dispersed, leaving the two standing there. Jayden gave her a look, "Everything is done, and I think you deserve something for evolving."

She just smiled and shook her head a little. Jayden looked at her quizzically, but before he could speak, "All I want," her smile grew even softer, "is to be with you." With those words, Jayden, for the first time in years, let a single tear drop out of his eye. Aura smiled, and brought a paw up to wipe the tear away.

With that, Jayden and Aura left Afghanistan. They made a brief stopover in Alexandria before continuing onto Dublin. From there, it was a straight shot to the United States and a chance to begin their lives anew.

// //

It took almost a full week of plan hopping and transfers, delays, and the general chaos that is travel. But, they had made it.

New York City. The Big Apple. A city of a thousand-and-one dreams. It was here that Jayden and Aura had decided to stay for the time being, as they figured what to do with themselves. 

The second, perhaps more important, reason they were in New York was so Jayden could move the money he had gotten into some more secure assets. Just in case the Agency decided to go back on its promise and try to bring back into the fold.

Jayden wasn't going to do that until they were at the hotel, and Aura was fast asleep. He didn't want to worry her.

As Jayden watched her, he could feel the peace and happiness she was exuding as it came over their bond. She was staring in wonder at the world around her, never having seen such a large city before. Her eyes were wide and her mouth hung open as she stared up at the towing skyscrapers and the throngs of people and Pokemon.

"How do like the city?" Jayden asked with a smirk on his face. Aura was dumbfounded, and could only nod enthusiastically with a goofy grin on her face. Jayden gave a laugh, rubbing her shoulder as he walked next to her. She leaned into the hug a touch, before she caught a nigh-heavenly scent. Sniffing the air, Aura suddenly broke off down the street, weaving in and out of the pedestrian traffic, leaving Jayden to yelp and head off after her.

She stopped in front of a hot dog cart, sniffing it intently. Jayden came up a few seconds later, and laughed when he saw the bit of drool coming out of her mouth. Turning to the vendor, he held up two fingers, "Two please."

"Yep, you got it. Two dogs coming right up." The vendor said, grabbing two buns with one hand while maneuvering the tongs with the other. Handing both to Jayden, he and the vendor exchanged glances as Aura took hers and ate it, seeming to melt with pleasure.

"Ah, first time?" The Indian vendor asked. Jayden nodded, and the vendor laughed again, dishing out another dog. When Jayden made to pay him though, the vendor waved him off, "This one's on the house." He handed the second hot dog to Aura, who just gave a broad grin as she dug into it.

The two walked down the road, hugging the buildings to avoid the worst of the traffic. Although Aura drew a couple of glances, they were generally ignored as people went about their lives. Soon enough, they came upon Times Square.

Aura was once again dumbstruck as her head pivoted in every direction. The electronic billboards, the hardly controlled chaos, the sheer number of people, all of these played to her sense of wonder. She fixed her gaze on Jayden who was laughing along with her.

Scooting through the crowds, they made their way into one of the large stores. Inside, there was everything a Pokemon trainer would ever need. Tents of all sizes, sleeping bags of every shape, home gyms ranging from a simple dumbbell set up to a massive whole room set, summer clothing, winter clothing, fishing poles, knives of all kinds. There were beauty sets for every type and kind of Pokemon, oils for scales and fur, brushes, and cosmetics, all ranged on one side of the store. Jayden scoffed, as this was just the first floor.

Jayden took into account that there were four other levels. He gave a low whistle, and Aura looked at him. He motioned to the store, "Five levels in total. Everyday goods here on the first floor." Pointing to a sign, "The rest scattered over the remaining floors." Jayden gave a short laugh, "This place makes Goldenrod's department store look like a mom-and-pop place."

Jayden took a glance at the watch on his right wrist. Taking his eyes off of the watch, he looked to Aura. "Well," he grabbed a satchel, the kind that goes over the shoulder and hangs by the waist, and a bag; a small toss later and they were both in Aura's hands. She looked quizzically at him, and Jayden explained. "I'll get the essentials of what we'll need. You go and get whatever you want, as long as they fit into those bags." 

Aura's mouth hung open in disbelief for a moment. Snapping it shut, she gave a vigorous nod. " 'Kay. When are we meeting back up?" 

Jayden closed his eyes, and tipped his head to the side a touch, making Aura geve a small chuckle at the odd habit. "How about twenty minutes?" Aura nodded and Jayden continued speaking, "Alright, stay out of trouble." With that, Aura went off to explore the store.

Jayden watched her go off, when he felt someone watching him. Snapping around, he saw a man dressed in blue-jeans and a simple grey tee walking towards him, a Houndoom trotting next to him. Jayden gave the man a quick glance, and determined he wasn't a threat, despite the knife the man had strapped to his belt, yet hidden under the hem of his shirt.

As Jayden made to walk on, the man called out to him. Reluctantly, Jayden turned to face him. The man spoke with a slight New Zealand accent, " 'ey, was that your Lucario?" He stopped two steps away, and the Houndoom had an embarrassed look on his face.

Jayden gave a slow nod, and the man's face light up. "Well, I guess that...." he paused when he saw the slightly disapproving look on Jayden's face. He cracked up at this, before turning to his Houndoom, "Well, Feral, guess you won't be getting any today." The man laughed as the Houndoom tried to bury his head in between his paws. The man turned back, an ear-to-ear smile on his face, "Thanks bro, we needed a good laugh. C'mon Feral, let's get some food." 

With that, the Houndoom eagerly ran ahead while his trainer started, soon running behind him, "Oi! Feral! Wait up ya bugger!" They left behind a slightly confused Jayden, who just stared after them.

Jayden just shook his head, mumbling "Damned New Zealanders, they're crazy. Throw New York into the mix...." The thought was so much, it just made him whistle. Sighing, he picked up a decent sized backpack and slung it over his shoulder, "Well, time to get a move on." The incident soon left his mind as he went around gathering various items he thought he and Aura would need.

He got several boxes and canned goods, things that wouldn't spoil quickly. Then he grabbed a collapsable fishing pole, and a pocket sized tackle box. A compass, maps, flashlights, batteries: things that he would need if anything ever happened. Jayden sighed as he looked over what he had gotten, "guess it's going to take awhile for habits to die," he whispered to himself.

As he walked down the escalator, fifteen minutes already having passed by, he spotted a jewelry counter. An idea popped into his head, and he gave a smile as he thought at what Aura's reaction would be. Standing by the counter, the bag over his shoulder, he looked at the goods within the glass case. 

A young woman came over, a pleasant smile on her face, "Can I help you find anything?" 

Jayden nodded, "uhm, yes actually," he looked at her name tag, "Trish." He pointed at the necklaces, "Can these be made so they can survive a Pokemon battle?"

Trish smiled, "Of course they can." She fondled with her keys, "what setting would you like?"

Jayden thought for a moment, as he looked over the various settings. "This one," pointing to a silver setting, that had two arms delicately draping around where a gem would sit.

"Okay," she made a mark on a note pad. "And what kind of gem would you like?" She handed him a catalogue filled with pictures and prices of various precious stones.

He looked over the pictures, flipping from page to page. Soon he was flipping between pictures of ruby's and the sapphire's. He settled on a page and pointed, "this one please."

The clerk smiled and said, "ah, yes. A crimson ruby. A beautiful choice." She glanced down as she made a second mark. She looked back at Jayden and asked, "Is there a specific time frame you need it by?"

Jayden thought before asking, "What is the soonest it can be ready?"

"An hour. Although it will be somewhat expensive." Trish said, sounding like she was trying to convince him to wait some.

"Alright, I'll see you in an hour than." Jayden smiled as the clerk handed him his receipt. He turned and walked away, a small skip in his step. The clerk gave herself a small chuckle and moved on to her next customer. 

* * * 

All the while, Aura was marveling at the size and sheer variety available in the store. She was lucky that many people were used to Pokemon being sent on errands, or someone might have attempted to capture her.

She was looking over various products, wondering at what they did. Her eyes glanced over the labels, and she gave a small thanks that Jayden had thought to teach her to read. 

She felt something bonk her on the back of the head, and she turned around quickly while dropping into a battle stance. In front of her stood a young boy, no more than 10 or 11, arm outstretched. He had a look on his face that shouted determination, and he yelled, "You're mine Lucario!"

Aura sighed, remembering what Jayden had said.


(flashback to just after Aura had evolved) 

Jayden was kneeling, a odd baseball looking device in his hands. It had a red top and white bottom, with two buttons in the center.

"Now that you've evolved, and I'm free to leave, I don't want to lose you." Jayden was saying, while Aura cocked her head inquisitively. She she sniffed at the odd contraption, while he continued, "All you have to do is press this button and wait a couple of seconds." He smiled softly, "It will only last a moment. But we do this, and no one else can capture you, and separate us."

That was all the motivation she needed. Aura reached towards the device and pressed the center button. Out rushed a beam of red light, engulfing her. She struggled for a moment before she remembered what Jayden had said. She calmed herself, using something she had learned from her....=no=....she closed that memory off, refusing to go back down that path. 

A sudden rush came over her, and the red light returned. Just a few seconds later and her vision was back. She glanced around with a confused look before she spotted Jayden. He smiled and picked her up in an affectionate hug. She nuzzled him back as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jayden, whispering, "now nothing can separate us, little one."

(end flashback)


"Boy, stop." Aura said in a firm tone. With that, she turned back to the shelf, thinking it was settled.

The boy was not only undeterred, but encouraged as he shouted "Oh yeah! He can talk to!" 

Aura's eye twitched at the use of the wrong gender, but she took several deep breaths to calm herself. Turning back, she saw him reaching for his waistband. She caught a glimmer of a miniaturized Pokeball on his belt. "Now boy," she was starting to get aggravated, "I already have a partner. Now run along before you, or your team gets hurt."

The boy ignored her as he clicked the ball and shouted, "Come on out.... HEY!" A hand grabbed him by the wrist, and Aura smiled as she saw who it was that stopped the boy.

Jayden lifted his arm, picking up the boy by the wrist. When the boy was eye to eye with him, "What do you think you're doing?" The boy was squirming in the unrelenting gasp as he tried to free himself. "Well? Explain why you were about to, very obviously, attempt to capture an already captured Pokemon?" 

The boy stopped squirming as he stared into the strange blue coming out Jayden's brown eyes. A shout came from behind the two, and all three looked. "What are you doing to my son?" Jayden quickly dropped the boy and took a step back. The boy's mother came up and was checking her boy franticly before turning an accusatory glare to Jayden. Standing up, she got right in his face, "Well? Explain yourself, you ass!"

Jayden didn't respond to her, instead looking at the boy. "Next time, think before attempting to capture a Pokemon that isn't obviously wild." Turning around, ignoring the sputtering woman, "Aura, you okay?" Aura gave a small nod, and Jayden gave a sigh of relief, "good. Now than, you hungry?" Aura nodded enthusiastically causing Jayden to laugh. "Well than, let's get some food," and gestured with his head towards the direction of the food court.

The two walked off, leaving a now crying boy while his mother tried to soothe him.

The two jumped into an elevator, catching a ride to the top floor. As they stepped out, Aura's eyes once again almost fell out of her head. Her nose was filled with smells, her ears assaulted by the sounds of the top floor.

Jayden started walking, pausing for half a moment for Aura to follow. When she did, he started explaining, "This food court connects to half-a-dozen other stores." He pointed to a causeway, "That leads over Times Square to the other side of the road. It's helpful in preventing traffic jams and a general reduction of foot traffic."  =And makes a good escape route he thought to himself,= but he shook his head again. He was no longer that man, if he could help it.

All the while they were still walking, and that's when Aura noticed a large pink-and-white entrance on the far side of the food court. Pointing, "Is that a Pokemon Center?" she asked curiously. She was surprised at how quickly she was getting used to the throngs of people and Pokemon, and the general chaos that is the city.

Jayden nodded, "Yep. As little as I doubt my medical skills, I want to make sure that there is nothing physically wrong with you." She looked down at herself as Jayden continued, "Plus I need a couple of things. A Pokedex, a room for a night or two." He looked at her and saw her looking at herself. Jayden started laughing, and Aura looked up at him. He wiped a tear from his eye, "I highly doubt anything is wrong. If anything, things will be to right." 

She cocked her head at this, trying to puzzle it out. She just sighed and shook her head, "English is such a strange language at times."

The doors to the Pokemon Center opened as Jayden said, "That it is, Aura. That it is."

"Hello there, and welcome to the Times Square Pokemon Center," said the Nurse Joy behind the counter, giving a small bow. Aura glanced at Jayden, who just shrugged his shoulders. "How can I help you this day," her pleasant smile was odd for a reason that Jayden just couldn't place.

"ummm, yeeahh," Jayden cleared his throat, "I need to register for a Pokedex."

"Very well sir," she clacked on her computer's keyboard a couple of times. Looking at him, "Do you have one reserved?"

"Yes," Jayden said as he leaned in an almost imperceptible amount, "under 'Jayden,' J-A-Y-D-E-N." 

The nurse clacked her keyboard as she entered his name. "Last name?" She asked without looking up. Before Jayden could say anything, her computer went ding! and she clicked a few more times. "odd," she mumbled. Shaking her head, she raised her voice back to normal, "Well, Jayden. It looks like there is already a Pokedex here registered in your name." She gave a small curtsy, "If you'll excuse me for a few minutes." 

As she walked off into a back room, she stopped a Chansey, "Chansey watch the front desk for five?"

"Chan," the pink egg-shaped Pokemon said, saluting.

Aura sat down on one of the benches while Jayden looked over the maps and brochures that covered one of the walls. Aura decided to watch the people as they came and went out of the Pokemon Center. Most only had one or two Pokemon that needed treatment, some had whole teams. 

A few minutes later, just like she had said, Nurse Joy came out and beckoned to Jayden. She went over some of the workings of the Pokedex, some of its more important functions, and how to bring up is trainer ID.

"So, now that that is settled, how about I give your Lucario a check-up?" the Nurse asked. 

Jayden agreed, and turned to Aura, "Now this, hopefully won't take to long. She's just going to give you a look-over, make sure everything is where it should be and all that." He gave her a quick hug and a peck on her forehead, "I'll be here, and you'll be out in ten, fifteen minutes. Kay?" Aura nodded, took a deep breath, and walked into the back with Nurse Joy. 

* * * 

Jayden had to move quick. Looking  at his watch, mumbling, "Jeez. This is why I don't like New York. Takes five minutes just to get to the second floor from the fifth." Now, though, he once again found himself in front of the jewelry counter.

The same clerk was there manning the counter. She smiled when she saw Jayden, "You have an amazing sense of timing." She reached under the counter, pulling out a small box. She placed it on the counter, opening it to show her customer. Jayden had seen the Crown Jewels of the British, handled the finest gems from the worst parts of Africa, and had enough gold in his possession at one time to make Fort Knox jealous. 

Yet this necklace, a simple silver chain with a blood-crimson ruby set in it, was more beautiful to him than all of those. The clerk pointed to the setting, "The setting and chain are made with a special coating of Moon Stone dust. It gives the chain two very," she whispered, leaning in, "unique...." she blinked three times. Three, very deliberate, slow, blinks. ""

Jayden raised an eyebrow, "Okay, I'll bite."

Trish leaned back, an amused look in her eyes, "First off, the Moon-dust protects and hardens the chain. Not the hottest of a Charizard's flame, nor the strongest of Aggron's can melt or break this chain. Plus," she held up a finger, "it has this wonderful ability to shine in the dark. But not so much that it'll draw....unwanted....attention."

Jayden nodded as he looked at the necklace. The female clerk continued, "Since you paid for this in advance, just show me the receipt and you can take this home." Jayden reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. He took the receipt out and handed it to her. She gave it a cursory glance, scanned it with the bar-code reader, and handed it back. "There you go. I hope whoever the lucky person is realizes how lucky they are." She said with a smile.

He tipped two finger to his forehead in a semblance of a salute and walked away. He held the box containing the necklace close to his chest as he walked back up to the top floor. =I can't wait to see the look on her face,= he thought to himself, striding confidently across the food court towards the Pokemon Center.



|| * * * | | | * * * ||

So you made it to the end, *hands favorite drink* congratulations.

Comments on how I'm doing and votes are always appreciated ^.^


legal: Pokemon isn't mine, it belongs to those who own it. This is for entertainment purposes.

Original Characters, Aura, Jayden and others, belong to me. Please ask before using them.

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Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
In between classes, when it's raining out. When it's cold as hell out.

And this is short compared to the chapter I have coming up for the Steelheart series ;)
502nickster 2 years ago 0
My goodness! Here in Singapore there is no such thing as free time. This place is a world of rushing and stress. Man, you sure are living a nice life.
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
and that is one of the reason's I don't like huge cities. Maybe to visit for a week or two, but I don't think I could live in one for any length of time.
502nickster 2 years ago 0
So whats it like not living in the bustling city? I'm not really exposed to these kinds of things. Well, you don't get to fall off tall mighty buildings and crash into a small one that's for sure *wink*
Salaav Onitrex 2 years ago 0
Thanks for the complementary Cherry Coke!

*slurps loudly and obnoxiously*
Terraphage 1 year ago 0
ALL RIGHT! I finally Copied 1-15 to documents! Now to start reading...
Daunting much... : )
See you next week with my comment