11 Feb 2012

2012 Artwork
FF2 PR - Cere'Qul

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Posted 11 Feb 2012 10:47
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FF2 PR - Cere'Qul

#1 of 2012 Artwork

I've been pretty bad about keeping my galleries updated with the promotional and raffle images from Frisky Ferals. So I'll be trying to catch up this week!

From the current on-going period, December's Prize Raffle; Cere'Qul belongs to KeeperSeen.

Larger image, and more information about the current on-going period of Frisky Ferals at:

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Annoth 2 years ago 0
That is so cool! O.O
VEER 2 years ago 0
really cool! love the shading and the flame/lava-ish detail you put into it