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Beauty and the Wolf Chapter 3

#3 of BatW


Chapter 3: First Day.


Going into the school the first time was a... interesting experience for Madi.  She had never seen so many people in one place before.  Managing to get rid of Damon, she went in search of the principal's office to get her schedule for her classes.  After around ten minutes of searching aimlessly, she gave and asked, receiving direction from a friendly young junior she collared in the corridor.  Knocking, she entered and told the sectary whom she was and got what she came for quickly and efficiently of the woman, without actually meeting the principal himself.


Just as she walked out she heard a chuckle.  Glancing behind her, she saw Damon again. "You again, I thought I'd ditched you back at the entrance?"


He only laughed louder before he decided to speak.  "I knew you would come here, so I just hung out by the office to catch you.  Besides I can help you find your classes," he answered as he swiped her schedule from her hands before she could grab at it.


"Hey, give that back!"  She yelled, trying to get it back from the brute but he just held it out of her reach as he read it over.  He gave a small smile while she was cursing him under her breath. 'Stupid asshole!'


He eventually did give her schedule back before he exclaimed, "Looks like we have almost every class together... except for Art and Music I guess..."


Madi gave an annoyed grunt, 'This brute isn't going to leave me alone is he?' she thought to herself.  "Well then, come-on!  I'm not going to be late for my first class!"


Chuckling at the annoyed tone in the girl's voice, "As you wish...grumpy," he agreed and he escorted her to their first class...English.


"Now class, we have a new student joining us... Ms. Stone please, introduce yourself."


Madi blanched a little.  Did the teacher really expect her to really go up in front of those people?  He had to be joking right?


"Ms. Stone, I do believe I asked you to introduce yourself."


'He wasn't.' After taking a breath she got up and did as he told her to.  "I'm Madison Stone; I'm originally from Newcastle, Wyoming.  I'm seventeen and well... I'm new," she said before collapsing back into a seat and making herself as small as she could.   Damon parked his ass right next to her with a cocky grin.  She just grunted and her eyes before deliberately making a point to look only at the teacher by the board.




'I don't get it!' Damon thought to himself.  You'd think with as much Mesmer as he put into his smile, she'd be all over him; but she just upped and ignored him.  That had never happened before.  Could she be immune?  He had heard certain humans were resistant to the Mesmer.  Tyler himself was somewhat resistant to it, but not even he could've resisted the amount of Mesmer, Damon was using.  Noticing a lot of people were starting to look at him he quickly toned it down a bit.  'Everybody else is affected and I'm not even focused on them... why isn't she affected?'


He was snapped out of his thoughts when the teacher mentioned a team project.  Two students were to work together and their partner would be the person beside them. 'SCORE!!' he thought to himself.  Madison happened to be next to him making her his partner for the project.  Usually he'd just leave it on the other guy but maybe she would like him some if he helped out?  He briefly looked towards the girl.  She just looked more than a bit irritated at the thought of them working together.




'Why me?' Was all Madi, could think to herself.  'Of all people, why him?'


It seemed fate was hell-bent on having him near her.  He was gorgeous, of course, but he was such a stuck up ass.  He gave her another one of those damn smiles, and she was half tempted to knock that damn thing off.  "Stop smiling, at me!" she snarled at him quietly.  That only made him smile oh so much wider.


"Am I annoying you?" he asked in an amused tone as she nodded.  "Good, I like annoying you."


"Asshole!" she muttered and he only chuckled.  'He was enjoying this... what a jerk!'


"Looks like we'll be working close together for the rest of the semester ma'am..." he taunted.


'That damn smile!' Madi swore she was going to wipe that damn smile right off his face soon.  Mercifully the class ended and she quickly got her stuff and ran hoping to get away from the jerk for a few minutes.


Sadly he caught up with her five seconds later.  "Why the rush; we have plenty of time to make it to class?"


Madi turned around and was grateful he wasn't smiling anymore.  'Mission accomplished!' she thought to herself smugly before he ruined her triumph by smiling again.  'Never mind, Dammit!'  She chose to play silent, hoping to discourage him a little.


They began walking to the class, Madi studiously ignoring him as Damon tried to start conversations...but she was ever resistant.




Damon was amazed!  No matter how much Mesmer he put into his smile it just, didn't work... If anything it made her more annoyed at him.  He couldn't imagine how lucky he was he got to see her all the time.  He'd be sure to try and sit beside her all the time... maybe he could try and let her eat lunch at his table?  "Hey, Madison, do you think you can sit next to me at lunch?  You don't really know anybody and I have to be better than sitting alone right?"


Madison just shook her head and began to think.  He did have a point, as much as she hated to admit it.  She knew nobody and nobody knew her... and even Damon was better than eating lunch alone... "Yeah, sure I guess... but only because I have nowhere else to sit..."


She accelerated her pace, walking ahead of him, seemingly to completely ignore him after her grudging acceptance of his proposal. 'This mating thing is harder than I thought...' was all that was going through Damon's head.  This girl hated him.  He never had as much trouble getting into a girl's pants before... just one smile and the panties flew off usually... But then again, maybe that's why he'd never got interested in another girl after they had sex...They were way too easy to control and he had to admit he always loved a challenge.  He would make her like him if it was the last thing he did. 'She had to like him, for his own sanity...'


The rest of the day went uneventfully until lunch, but as soon as he sat down he was swarmed by random girls as usual.  Sometimes he wondered why he'd even need to use the Mesmer.  The girls just threw themselves at him without him even trying.  Not Madi though... he needed her, needed to touch her.  But she'd probably hit him or something if he tried.


He managed to shoo the bimbo's away just as Madison sat down. "Looks, like you have quite a fan-club," she muttered coldly.


"Apologies, I do tend to be rather popular with the fairer sex...I am sorry if that offends or angers you," he replied, trying his smile again, to be only met with a stone wall of a gaze from her.  Sincerity was never Damon's strong point.  He was used to smiling and mesmerizing people to get what he wanted...Though he didn't use it much though.  He might have been an asshole but at least he had some standards like not going after another guy's girl...or effectively using it to rape someone who in their heart was unwilling.  "So, maybe we can go to each other's houses," he suggested when nothing further was forthcoming from her.


Madi looked at him and shock, "Pardon?" she asked...not quite believing that he might be suggesting what she thought he might be...


"I meant for the project... maybe we can switch between our houses?" Damon backtracked as he read her expression, holding his hands up in submission before she said something that others might hear.


Madi pondered that for a bit before backing down reluctantly, "Okay.. .It would be easier if we switch houses once in a while so we won't bug everybody...and my Mum couldn't put up with that."


 "Great, I'll see you later!"  Damon replied quickly, before he got up to throw away the rest of his food in the disposal bins. 'Well, at least she's willing to work with me... maybe I can change her mind and make her like me?  I need her to like me...'  This mating thing was making his head hurt...

Shadow Man 2 years ago 0
very good story but cant you make them a bit longer i go through them so fast.
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
The chapters are getting longer trust me =)
strikeforce4 2 years ago 0
hehe a challenge lol good for him
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
loved it she's puting him in and out the ringer and i thank he might go mad lollololololololololol
Shirochi Snowpaw 2 years ago 0
This reminds me of the straight version of Werewulf.