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Info on BatW...

  • Okay here are some things you might want to know...


  • The story takes place in the City Park Neighborhood of Denver, Co


  • The Stone family are from Newcastle, Wyoming


  • The Characters go to Denver East High school.


  • The Stone family and the Garcia Brothers live on E-17th Ave and Monroe St.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Garcia are visiting Spain.


  • Damon and Matt are Born werewolves. But their Father was bitten by a old friend.


  • Werewolves are all Male.


  • Werewolves have an abilty called Mesmer it's a kind of hypnotism. It allows them to infuance humans to a certian degree. However some humans are more resistant and a certian number are completly immune to it.


  • The Story starts on Friday, October 7th 2011. The Full Moon is on Wednesday October 12th to Thursday October 20th 2011...


  • Damon is of Hispanic descent and is 6'4 and 220lbs and is 17 years old and was born on December 10th 1993 He has short Dark brown hair in a cru-cut and light brown eyes (gold when he is in werewolf form)


  • Matt is also Hispanic and is 6'5 and 226lbs and is 18 years old and was born on November 20th 1992. Like his brother he wears his hair short and had brown eyes


  • Madi is 5'3 and 115lbs she's also 17 years old and her birthday is January 5th 1994.. she has Black hair styled in a bob-cut and has light green eyes


  • The Main Antagonist will be connected to Madi in some way...


  • Someone close to Madi will die and it will be linked to said antagonist


  • Madi's mother has Breast Cancer and it has spread throught her body.


That is all for now =)


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