12 Feb 2012

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Posted 12 Feb 2012 00:21
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Crazy Together

My lovely crazy vixen with her favorite plush hanging with another memeber of the local mental asylum. I have been drawing this vixen character alot lately, she is really fun to draw. Have no clue what i am going to name her though.

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Cederwyn Whitefurr 2 years ago 0
*giggles* thats so cute, I love it - thanks for sharing :)
bdever 2 years ago 0
Glad you liked it.
Sylvr 2 years ago 0
Even crazies gotta have friends...

For some reason, this makes me want to put my straightjacket on and listen to Metal Health by Quiet Riot, too
bdever 2 years ago 0
Yes they do.
vulpyfox 2 years ago 0
Welcome to the house of fun.... :D

How about holly vixen?
bdever 2 years ago 0
Hugh not bad but i already have a Holly.
vulpyfox 2 years ago 0
how about Ivy?
bdever 2 years ago 0
Will think about it.
1991ghostvuk 2 years ago 0
AAawww Isnt she cute?
bdever 2 years ago 0