12 Feb 2012

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Posted 12 Feb 2012 14:24
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New account! :D

It's a journal entry! Do I need to say more?

Hey all! Friendly neighborhood firelizard here, just saying hi! Some of you might know me from Furaffinity! Others /might/ know of me through a story account I have here already (but that's a secret, so sshhh :P).

Anyway, due to potential situations brewing at Furaffinity that may cause me problems, as well as just all around issues among the staff that I don't really agree with, I figured I'd best create an account here just in case things go south on FA. Expect to see stuff uploaded eventually! :D

EDIT: Ok so the reason I thought I'd have to abandon FA was more rumors gone wildly out of control so I don't have to worry yet. However, I am still making a move to here (and inkbunny) because eventually something's going to happen that is going to make me want to leave. Plus there's the whole fact that FurAffinity has failed to deliver on so many different promises of upgrades, slapping band-aids on problems without actually fixing them (commissions info tab is -still- closed after how many years due to vulnerability?), giving us minute changes here and there to keep us happy while ignoring the big ticket items they've been promising on and off (Ferrox is something like 3 years overdue now) and all kinds of administration drama that isn't getting a damn thing done. I'll still continue to use FA simply because most of the artists I watch are still using only that, but I will definitely make use of many of the features here

theviewer34 2 years ago 0
Welcome to the site! Don't worry, any problems on FA won't follow you here ^^
Kjorteo Kalante 2 years ago 0
This place is neat, especially after the 2.0 redesign. I'm with you in that I set up shop here in advance, just in case (because God knows "Kjorteo" is such a common name and I was sure to lose out if I didn't jump on that) and have been kind of hoping it picks up steam. I'm actually a little disappointed that the latest drama turned out to be a hoax; FA currently has unbeatable inertia (everyone knows it's awful, but it's the place where absolutely everyone is because it's the place where absolutely everyone is) and a mass exodus triggered by something along those lines is about the only thing that could shake that. Oh, well. Maybe next time!
Kilroy 2 years ago 0
Yeah, it is kind of disappointing that nobody wants to leave FA because everyone's there, and god forbid if a good artist actually leaves FA: It wouldn't be so bad if they'd at least have come out with all these fancy new options and stuff they'd been promising for years on time, but nope, they're dragging their heels on that for reasons I don't understand (if it's a coding problem, get some new coders! If one of the coders isn't playing nice and working with others, dump them! Even if they've been there from the beginning! It can't be a hardware issue with all the upgrades they've been doing.)
Kjorteo Kalante 2 years ago 0
From what I understand, they can't keep coders around because the *admins* don't play nice. Remember when they merged with Furocity and just about tripled their staff (since all the Furocity admins became FA admins) and then just about all of them quit in disgust like a month later?